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Power Rangers Movie Alpha 5 Revealed

Alpha 5 from the Power Rangers Movie has been revealed!

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Posted by IGN’s Snapchat, the concept art gives fans their first look at Bill Hader’s version of Zordon’s bumbling sidekick who will assist the Power Rangers in their quest to defeat Rita Repulsa.

The Power Rangers Movie hits theaters on March 24, 2017. Be sure to follow Power Rangers NOW on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest Power Rangers Movie news.

6 thoughts on “Power Rangers Movie Alpha 5 Revealed

  1. This is not like alpha 5 in the series of power rangers. They need to redo the design and make it better. The way the design is now looks like ET. Alpha 5 never had lights on the side of his helmet, they need to really make different designs and post them on the news site for the power rangers for the movie. Please designs new pictures of alpha 5.

  2. Not a good design….the lights on the side of his head has to go. The pudgy stomach needs to go. Yall can do much better. Alot of us fans are really looking forward to this movie and march is right around the corner. We are yet to have a full blown trailer which gives me reason to worry. Please don’t let us down. This franchise means alot to us fans of the original show and we refuse to accept some cash grabbing, nostalgic seeking, and bad representation excuse of a movie. With that being said Good luck and please do the franchise justice.

  3. Lmao.. he’s supposed to be an “alien”.. so, of course he’s not going to look like a full blown robot.

  4. I love everything they are doing with this movie. Zordon, Alpha, Rita, The power coins/rangers are ALIEN and that’s exactly what everything looks like so far!

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