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Power Rangers Movie Box Office Results


Saban’s Power Rangers movie has officially hit theaters, and fans can check out the current box office results below.

Opening Weekend
Midnight Opening – $3.6 million
Friday – $14.9 million
Saturday – $14.6 million
Sunday – $7.2 million

Second Week
Monday-Thursday – $10.3 million
Friday – $4.0 million
Saturday – $6.1 million
Sunday – $4.1 million

Third Week
Monday-Thursday – $4.1 million
Friday – $1.7 million
Saturday – $2.7 million
Sunday – $1.8 million

Current Domestic Total (Final) – $85.4 million
Current International Total (Through 6/18) – $54.9 million

Current Worldwide Total – $140.3 million

The movie opened in China on May 12, earning only $3.5 million on its opening weekend. It placed fifth in China’s weekend box office, falling behind Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, and two Asia-based films.

The number comes in as a massive disappointment, with recently released movies such as Smurfs: The Lost Village and Ghost In The Shell earning at least $19 million in their China debuts. The film’s performance in China unfortunately makes it hard to argue that Saban’s Power Rangers movie was anything short of a flop internationally.

Still, hopes for a potential sequel remain alive as Lionsgate has yet to issue any official word.

Japan remains the only country still to open these re-imagined Power Rangers on July 15, but despite being the home country of Power Rangers’ source footage, Super Sentai, Japan is not expected to save the movie’s overseas disaster.

The movie did cross the $100 million club worldwide, which matches the film’s budget, but does not guarantee a sequel due to a more complicated box office process. Although Saban’s Power Rangers pulled in a respectable $85 million in the United States, Lionsgate could find themselves hard pressed to convince foreign distributors to invest in a potential sequel due to the movie’s lackluster international performance.

In its second week in theaters, Saban’s Power Rangers saw a steep drop off, its first sign of future turbulence. While most studios hope for a 50% second week drop, Power Rangers suffered one the size of 64%. It fell to 4th place behind Beauty & the Beast, and theater newcomers Boss Baby and Ghost In The Shell.

However, with a $40.5 million domestic opening weekend, box office analysts had originally called Power Rangers’ opening weekend performance incredibly positive, with Hollywood Reporter claiming it “morphed into a bigger player than expected”, and Variety labeling it “the new superhero franchise on the block”.

The film came in second place at the domestic box office on its opening weekend, as it trailed Beauty & the Beast’s $89 million, but stayed far ahead of its opening weekend competitors in Life and CHIPs. Saban’s Power Rangers safely topped the analysts’ opening weekend projections, who only forecasted $38 million.

Saban’s Power Rangers nearly matched the midnight opening for Kong: Skull Island, which earned $3.7 million. Power Rangers also surged far ahead of Lego Batman, which opened to only $2.2 million in its midnight release. Life and CHIPs, both of which opened alongside Power Rangers, failed to meet even $1 million in their midnight openings.

Internationally, Saban’s Power Rangers has struggled mightily from the start, pulling in a weak $18.7 million opening weekend in over 62 countries.

The turnout for Power Rangers thus far has consisted of 65% male, and 49% millennials according to studies performed by CinemaScore.

Power Rangers fans will have to stay tuned for news on a potential sequel.

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  1. O MY GOD! MAKE IT REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Man, this movie was really good. Why is it failing everywhere so much? This situation really sucks. Hopefully it won’t fail in Japan though.

  4. I hope it does well on video for Lionsgate to warrant a sequel. The film showed some promise, but could’ve been better.

    If it doesn’t, I hope it gets rebooted and be like the Marvel films in tone.

  5. Sadly It had everything going against it, while it has done well overall in Asia, China just recently opened its territory to international brands, so there didn’t seem to be much interest as in Malaysia or Singapore. I’m sure if that hadn’t been the case, it’d have done good there as well. It all came down to Europe as Latin America. Asia and Australia delivered decent numbers.

  6. I believe the movie’s performance showed there’s a market for the franchise and the fanbase wpuld be pretty much locked for a sequel if it featured Tommy and the Green Ranger. For starters, the budget would have to be slashed some 30 to 40 million. It isn’t as expensive to do CGI action scenes today as it was some 10 years ago when a 200 million budget was pretty much guaranteed.

  7. I feel like they took too long to get the ball rolling on the film after they announced it. Not to mention, a match release with beauty and the beast as competition. It probably would’ve done better This past December/January.

    1. It opened better than expected, the past summer and 2017’s are incredibly crowded with blockbuster after blockbuster. I don’t think any particular movie had an effect on its performance, there just wasn’t much interest in Europe and China is practically a new, unpredictable market on which it would have done as good as the rest of Asia if it hadn’t been so isolated and closed in the 90’s, the decade of Power Rangers mania. If anything it shows what a strong market the female demographic has become lately and how you won’t get far without it.

  8. I think the issue is the day it came out! But more to the point power rangers makes people think ‘omg that crap’. When you tell people it’s a good movie they give you this look. Like really?! That is the issue. I myself am not a power rangers fan but I loved this movie. I went to see it with a number of people who know nothing about pr and they too loved the movie! So it’s not the movie it’s the perception of what power rangers is. The issue is getting people to go see a movie they think they are going to hate but end up loving it

  9. nothing has saddened me more than the lackluster performance of this movie. if i could understand it, it would be a lot easier.
    I am no die hard fan of PR in general, but this film from all stand points is near perfect. I have seen it 27 times and enjoy it more with each viewing. (sadly i will now have to wait till home media retail)
    I have taken people who think the tv show is ridiculous nonsense, yet they came out of the film loving it.
    I have to wonder if the fact it didn’t have a sameday world wide release if that is a factor?

  10. If the film’s budget had been around 30 million lower it would’ve made double its budget. Some of the decisions which seemed good at the time and were supposed to grant respectability turned out to be of zero help to the movie such as casting Bryan Cranston as Zordon and Bill Hader as Alpha. I feel literally sick to my stomach and so angry, people can go fuck themselves especially Europeans and the brain dead female demographic which makes the likes of Twilight and 50 shades of gray huge. 4 identical Transformers shit fests have been hits but Power Rangers is not good enough for them, go figure. If the movie lacked the casting of a hearthrob such as Zac Efron then I personally prefer this, the film may have underperformed but we got a decent movie. Kudos to the production for sticking to their approach and making a decent film, light years better than the 1995 film.

  11. Well Power Rangers 2 Could Happen Because Power Rangers Became The Best Selling Action Figure Brand (#1 Number One)

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