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Power Rangers Movie Brazil Comic-Con Recap


The Power Rangers Movie cast took to São Paulo Brazil today for media interviews and a panel at Brazil Comic-Con!

And while there was no new trailer or character reveals, fans were treated to the usual chemistry and interesting tidbits from the film’s cast.

Below, fans can find a recap of the highlights and photos from today’s action in São Paulo:

Naomi: “I originally auditioned for the role of Trini, but got the Pink Ranger role instead.”

RJ talked about how Elizabeth Banks plays an extremely evil, and tough, Rita Repulsa.

Naomi: “Fans of the original Power Rangers will receive everything they expect from this movie.”

Naomi: “Becky and I will show in this movie, how strong women can be when they come together.”

Ludi: “The tragedy of Chapecoense really touched me. This scarf (I wore) is to represent China and Brazil coming together in solidarity, one world.”

RJ: “I broke multiple house lamps playing Power Rangers as a kid.”

Naomi: “I love Bill Hader, and heard he’s bringing amazing things to this film as Alpha 5.”

Dacre: “Becky definitely got to work with Elizabeth Banks the most.”

Naomi: “It’s a reboot. It’s a re-imaginging. And it was exciting for me to start fresh with Kimberly.”

RJ: “This cast gets along so well because I’m a weirdo. And it’s like being with people as weird as me.”

Dacre: “We had to use NASA simulators to film the Zord cockpit scenes. I just got to see the finished Zord CGI last week, and it looks amazing.”

The cast had high praise for director Dean Israelite, and hopes fans see his hard work shine through.

Naomi said the new trailer will show fans so much more. The first one was simply a teaser.

RJ received a standing ovation from the electric crowd for yelling “It’s Morphin’ Time!” in Portuguese.

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