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Power Rangers Movie Cast Explains How They Morphed

Saban’s Power Rangers movie is now out on home video – on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital HD.

And one of the film’s most memorable scenes comes when the teens are finally able to morph – standing in a circle in Zordon’s Command Center as they tap into their Power Rangers armor for the first time.

It’s a moving scene filled with powerful lighting and sound effects, and one that culminates an entire movie of adventure, discovery, and heartbreak. And in an interview with YouTube personality Dang Matt Smith, actors RJ Cyler and Becky G. (who portrayed Billy the Blue Ranger and Trini the Yellow Ranger respectively) revealed exactly what it took to bring such an iconic scene to life.

 “We were all screaming, it was actually really intense. It was a really moving scene to shoot because the camera’s going in a full circle, there’s a bunch of fans blowing on us, and it’s really loud. And [our Director] Dean was yelling in a microphone ‘It’s coming out of your skin!’. And you just felt ‘Wow, I’m becoming a Power Ranger’”. – Becky G., actress who portrayed Trini the Yellow Ranger

The actors did a phenomenal job depicting what it may feel like to have extraterrestrial armor creeping out of their skin, all while experiencing the sensation of newfound power for the first time.

And while the forceful fans, sharp lights, and loud noises certainly helped put the actors in mental a state of transformation, it was ultimately the words of their Director, Dean Israelite, that brought the actors’ different expressions to life.

Sometimes Dean would yell ‘It’s hurting now! It feels really good now!’ It was kind of funny. – RJ Cyler, actor who portrayed Billy the Blue Ranger

This isn’t the first, or only time, that Director Dean Israelite went outside of the box in an attempt to evoke the emotions and intensity he sought from his young cast. The actors also piloted real-life NASA simulators to film their Zord sequences, forcing them to feel like they were truly piloting larger-than-life robotic beasts.

The extra mile paid off, as Saban’s Power Rangers movie was well-received by fans and moviegoers alike, receiving an A grade on CinemaScore among other positive fan-voted ratings.

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18 thoughts on “Power Rangers Movie Cast Explains How They Morphed

    1. agree, such a big effort from everyone involved for a movie with no certainty of success. Production was organic, raw and only used CGI when truly called for.

  1. Can’t wait for power rangers movie 2 i loved the first one and can’t wait to see the new Tommy Oliver the green ranger

  2. Movie was awful! The 1997 film is WAY better! Folk who keep saying it is either have bad taste or are delusional! The film bombed badly. Suits/Zords/Alpha/Rita/Goldar & story were poorly handled. Saban had a potential mega hit but dropped the ball. I took my nephew who is 4 and during the film he did not like it at all. He loves the 90s version but this reboot he didn’t like it at all. Don’t get me started on the horrendous mega zord!

    1. I think you mean the very first power rangers movie that came out in 1995, right?! The one that came out in 1997 was Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie. The one that introduced Justin, the first-ever kid blue ranger and Divatox?!

      Also, have you even Adi Shankar’s “Power/Rangers” short-film and he thinks he’s doing us a favor by making an R-rated animated Power Rangers netflix series?!

      I don’t think so.

      1. I’m sorry. You’re all welcome to like what you want. But Turbo was not good to me. Even as a kid the only thing I liked about it was Divatox’s thighs and Jason hanging Tommy over a pit of lava….

        Oh and Tanya’s kick.

        I thought I would like it when I got older and gave it another chance 10 years later. It still sucked.

  3. This movie was amazing!!!!!! Loved How character-driven it was. I’m going to take heat for this but this move was so much better then mmpr season 1. Season 1 really was not that good and that’s coming from a life long fan the 2017 movie was had better acting and story the only thing I did not like was goldar but I loved the movie and hope a sequel will be made

  4. I don’t care one bit about the mixed reviews as this was the chance for corrupt critics who give every disney movie a good review to remind us that they are critics, critics had already made their minds before seeing it because it was Power Rangers. They give good or bad reviews based on studios, people and brands involved. Just saw Spider- Man Homecoming which features one of the most underwhelming plots and climaxes you will ever see yet it has a 93% fresh score on rotten tomatoes.

    1. I agree there is a pro Disney agenda in the movie world that needs to be addressed. All of their movies aren’t good. Power Rangers deserved a way better score.

  5. This movie surpassed every expectation that I had for the film. I have watched each and every show, movie, and whatever else has to do with power rangers as I have been one of the greatest fans in the history of the franchise. This movie is tremendous and I watch it every other day especially the morphing scene it gives me goosebumps every time I watch it and will continue to do so.

  6. I loved the movie even though i knew it would be different from the original it was really good and it’s cool how Zordon was a ranger I liked the power rangers but wasn’t crazy about Zordon, Alpha 5, Rita, and Goldar I much prefer the old version of those guys I think what people expected was a remake of the 1995 version of the film only with different rangers I loved seeing Amy Jo Johnson and Jason David Frank at the end of the film

  7. The only time I felt like it was “coming out of the skin” was when Rita morphed in front of Trini. Their main morph sequence did not give that vibe at all, it totally seemed like it was just crystalizing on top of their skin. It didn’t look like it was growing out from within like Rita. It also helps Rita though that part of her helmet fragment that’s left is showing in her skin all the time after morphed.

    1. I just think the visual affects miss the mark though, the actors did great of course. Some of the morphing visuals should’ve also started earlier to be in sync with the acting. A lot of the facial expressions were happening with no visuals at all.

  8. OnionKid It’s critics that made people think the movie was bad. The movie received a 46% on rotten tomatoes.

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