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Power Rangers Movie Cast Finding Success

While the Power Rangers movie doesn’t release until March 24, 2017, the cast is already finding early success following the film’s completion!

Red Ranger Dacre Montgomery was cast today as a series regular on the breakout Netflix Series ‘Stranger Things’. He’ll play a confident, but edgy older brother who hides a violent, unpredictable nature.

Meanwhile, Yellow Ranger Becky G has already been cast as the lead female in the upcoming movie ‘Miles’. ‘Miles’ is a modern contemporary that will re-vision the Steven Spielberg classic of E.T. Of course Becky also continues to work on her successful signing career alongside names like Pitbull and Yandel.

And last but not least, Pink Ranger Naomi Scott has been long rumored as a finalist for the lead female role in the upcoming Star Wars spinoff based on Hans Solo, as reported by The Hollywood Reporter.

Much like other Hollywood reboots including Marvel, many suspected the young actors of Power Rangers would be able to use the franchise as a springboard to other big projects. And it appears to be playing out exactly that way.

And while our main excitement remains to see these actors portray our beloved teenagers with attitude, we can’t help but feel ecstatic for each of them as their life long dreams to become Hollywood actors unfold in front of them.

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