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Power Rangers Movie Collectibles Revealed

Phat Mojo is bringing the heat with an entire slate of collectible Power Rangers movie products!

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All of Phat Mojo’s new Power Rangers products were unveiled at Toy Fair 2017, starting with collectible Power Rangers movie helmets. The helmets primarily give fans the option to serve as bookbag hangers, however, they can easily be converted to keychains or other hangable products! The helmet hangers will be released as all five Power Rangers Movie Rangers. Fans can check out the first photos above.

Phat Mojo will also be releasing the same style of collectible hangers, but as full-body versions of the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

The final addition to Phat Mojo’s lineup of Power Rangers collectibles will be Power Rangers movie themed dog tags – featuring the iconic Rangers of Lionsgate’s film in a multitude of different designs. Some designs will feature the entire team of Rangers, while others will give fans the chance to own dog tags based on their favorite individual Power Ranger.

All of Phat Mojo’s newest products will hit stores in March 2017 in time for the Power Rangers movie. Fans can check retailers such as FYE, Meijer’s, and Books-A-Million next month to pick up the newest slate of goods.

And get ready for Lionsgate’s Power Rangers movie, hitting theaters on March 24!

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    1. I’m not sure why but I got them all and the black ranger’s helmet is an actual black unlike this photo. It probably could be the flash of taking the pic that made it shine silver and there’s no word of a chase figure/helmet for these

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