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Power Rangers Movie Coming To Cake Wars


It’s Morphin Time on The Food Network’s Cake Wars!

The popular show, which pits four contestants in a cake-baking contest centered around a specific theme, will be hosting an episode based on Lionsgate’s Power Rangers movie!

Becky G., who plays Trini the Yellow Ranger, will serve as a special celebrity guest judge to help determine a winner who will receive $10,000.

Fans can check out the official episode description below. Cake Wars airs every Monday at 9pm ET on The Food Network, with the Power Rangers movie’s episode to air on March 20.

Four master bakers need to power up for the baking showdown of their lives, as they create jaw-dropping cakes inspired by the film Saban’s Power Rangers. Only one will win their way to a party celebrating the movie and take home $10,000. The Yellow Ranger herself, singer and actress Becky G., serves as guest judge.

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