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Power Rangers Movie Costumes Released

This Halloween, get ready to Go Go Power Rangers…movie!

Diguise, one of the world’s leading costume design companies, will be releasing brand new costumes based on the characters from Saban’s Power Rangers movie. Available in all sizes, for kids and adults, fans can pick up their favorite costume for Halloween or general year-long fun!

Fans can check out some official costume photos below, and click here to see even more on Design’s official website. Costumes will be made available for all five Power Rangers (Red, Blue, Black, Yellow, and Pink), as well as the team’s mighty Megazord.

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Head over to Design’s official website now, where full costumes, bodysuits, masks, gloves, and other accessories are all available for purchase – allowing fans to morph into the ultimate costume creation of their liking.

And be sure to own Saban’s Power Rangers movie – releasing June 27 on DVD and Blu-ray.


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