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Power Rangers Movie Director Explains Taking So Long To Morph

Saban’s Power Rangers movie is out now on home video – on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital HD.

And while the majority of moviegoers left the theater happy, many have since questioned the premise of making a Power Rangers movie where the Rangers…can’t actually morph.

It was an interesting decision that some fans feel left too little time on the clock for enough morphed footage. Other fans felt impatient waiting to see the teenagers finally don their superhero armor.

But as Director Dean Israelite and Writer John Gatkins explained in the home video’s Audio Commentary, the decision was made primarily to help set Power Rangers apart from other popular superhero films. Not only that, but it was the premise of not being able to morph that initially even gravitated the duo towards the project.

“This story construct…definitely it was a bold decision to have it be based on the idea that they can’t morph, because I think nobody expected that.” – Writer John Gatkins

“This is what got me interested in the movie – this is a Power Rangers movie where the Power Rangers can’t morph. And I thought that was a very clever way in. Because you’re expecting, in the conventional trope of a superhero movie that they become superheroes, and get their armor, and sure they’ll have to train and figure it out, but that they get those tools.” – Director Dean Israelite

If one thing’s become clear, based on all of the comments made by Director Dean Israelite, the team was well aware of what other popular superhero movies have done, and wanted to steer clear of those pitfalls in order to establish Power Rangers as its own unique superhero franchise. Clearly, making Saban’s Power Rangers movie a unique entry into the superhero genre was among the top of the team’s concerns.

One of the many ways Israelite attempted to make Power Rangers unique, was to ground it with a deep message that could resonate with moviegoers world wide – that five ordinary teens, each of whom is incredibly different from one another, could put aside their differences and struggles to form a new team. And Israelite noted that he believes stalling the team’s morphing ability ultimately tied perfectly into the message he was trying to send.

“What I thought was potentially so clever was this idea that getting your armor was a metaphor. And you had to delay them getting their armor until they had earned it for that metaphor to make any sense.” – Director Dean Israelite

Saban’s Power Rangers was definitely a refreshing entry into the superhero genre, but box office results will force fans to question if the decision to base a Power Rangers movie around the team’s inability to morph will cease any potential sequels for the franchise on the big screen.

For now, fans can click here to order Saban’s Power Rangers movie – available now with tons of behind-the-scenes features on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital HD.

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11 thoughts on “Power Rangers Movie Director Explains Taking So Long To Morph

  1. Then you guys are saying that it is about as bland as many of the Neo-Saban era seasons of Power Rangers, where there’s actually not a lot of action until the very end? LAME!
    Also, introducing an LGBTQ superhero in a movie? Probably the worst idea possible to a overall great series that has been around since 1993. Let’s think about what happened to Target when they legalized LGBTQ people in the earlier part of this decade. Their shares went down by a long shot! Need I also mention that it has been said that the downfall of one’s country begins with the legalization of homosexuality? That’s what’s happening in America now with these hurricanes and fires in their respective areas. Either some country has found a way to control the weather OR this is the beginning of God’s judgement on the United States. It could also be both, which I am sticking to right now.
    However, I will say that the suits that the Rangers morph into, and the Zords and Megazord, are all very credible and good for use. The cameos of the original Pink and Green Rangers (Amy Jo Johnson and Jason David Frank respectively) is also a fascinating thing to the movie as well. Perhaps those are the only things that are redeemable about this 2017 reboot. But that’s it!
    That’s why, in short, if I attempt to make a show about Power Rangers, it is similar to the animated Batman series of the 1990’s and the Justice League series of 2003-2005, some Beware the Batman from 2013, and, of course, implies the heart and soul of Mighty Morphin’, something that many Rangers shows in recent times have failed to get up to. (Dino Charge is probably the closest we have gotten to, Saban.) The story line of Super Sentai, the Japanese counterparts to Power Rangers, is something that should be used more often, which is what I would intend to apply.

    1. Seriously, where the heck did THAT come from? It’s an article about the movie morphing sequence and you go onto a rant about god punishing the gays with Hurricanes. Insane and absurd.

      Go seek some mental health counselling and maybe read up a bit about global warming.

    2. What in the world was that? This had nothing to do with tea in China. Not one time did they mention LGBT or hurricanes or God.

    3. So…errr…I´m from a country that is not USA that has legalized weed and same sex marriage for way longer than the USA. We don´t have any quakes, hurricanes or anything. We do notice climate change. That is a direct reaction to all the ecological errors humanity has made as of yet…so…sorry, your god´s wrath theory doesn´t hold water teologically or scientifically.
      Oh, I also liked the movie. Wished they had spent more time morphed though so I want a sequel.

  2. Joshua, keep your homophobic evangelical rants out of this subject. The discussion is story construct regarding their ability to morph, not characters. Also, it’s 2017, you should contemporize and learn about climate change.

  3. It was the right decision. Anyone who says otherwise doesn’t understand the concepts of character development and making movies.

  4. In most cases I like my characters pre-developed. You want development? Figuring out how to fit superheroing into their lives and dealing with the consequences of failure are issues they wouldn;’t have dealt with prior to becoming heroes, so use that

  5. It seemed to me that the need to keep the Rangers unmorphed for most of it was partly due to budgetary constraints (the film had a relatively low budget for a superhero blockbuster of “only” around $100 million). This film really seemed to do a better job than most of making the practical constraints (budget) work for story and character reasons.

  6. We are all 142 million worldwide hopeful for the new story of this reboot that WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN, also nor will it be for one just movie. Before the Marvels and DCs of life (could this last one contribute in favor of Saban in the movies or only by the comics?), Our Minority-Ranger promises to SWEEP for the 2nd act and We fought against biased media that said “no” to Power Rangers. For there has not been any positioning of Saban and Lionsgate. The logo we saw unfortunately wasn’t renovated, but the site has been renovated, it’s the only thing we already know. But if you shelve the second movie in reboot, maybe we can wait for how many years it takes, another reboot/reborn/rebirth totally new with more action and more emotion that everyone deserved to watch. For those who didn’t watch because they are afraid? or why are you ashamed? It’s because it has been manipulated by hypocritical media saying “we’re not back in the 90s” and other negative criticisms… and/ or even by religious fanatics says: “Power Rangers is a “evil” movie” (incidentally, moved with the movie, is moved everyone related to the franchise), or maybe they threatened you saying “Power Rangers is just for kids, You’re not too old for that and go watch another movie for your age”? Please don’t be quiet and don’t be ashamed of what you still enjoy both your favorite series and reboot movie (s), that before we had two other movies (in 1995 and 1997) that had worse box office than the current movie! After all, we’re 142 million still supporting this wonderful team that Lionsgate has brought: Dacre Montgomery, Naomi Scott, Ludi Lin, RJ Cyler, Becky G, Elizabeth Blanks, Brian Cranston, and to the other actors, you will never be forgotten by their respective characters even with different attitudes. By Brian Tyler’s remarkable soundtrack, and the direction performed by Dean Israelite. We will not despair not only of the sequel, but also of the democracy of their countries that now lives in a stuck. Let’s shout:
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