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Power Rangers Movie Fall Toys Revealed

Saban’s Power Rangers movie is now out on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital HD – in addition to the toys currently lining the shelves of all major retailers!

And after the success of Bandai’s toy line for Saban’s Power Rangers movie, Amazon has posted new toys listings that indicate the toy manufacturing giant has plans to continue producing toys for the movie into the latter half of the year, introducing the Fall wave of toys!

Amazon’s listings include new 5″ action figures, Then & Now packs, Fliphead action figures (containing the first action figures based on Becky G., Naomi Scott, and RJ Cyler), and more.

The toys would likely hit store shelves sometime this fall, accompanying Bandai’s Fall wave of toys for Power Rangers Ninja Steel.

Fans can check out the full list of toys currently listed on Amazon below (noting that these are Amazon listings, not confirmed releases), with photos for a few of the toys immediately following.

5″ Action Figures
•Putty 1 Action Figure
•Putty 2 Action Figure
•Putty 3 Action Figure
•Putty 4 Action Figure
•Green Ranger
•Jason (Zord Mode)
•Billy (Zord Mode)
•Zack (Zord Mode)
•Trini (Zord Mode)
•Kimberly (Zord Mode)

Super Morphin Figures (Flipheads)
•Blue Ranger
•Pink Ranger
•Yellow Ranger
*Red Ranger & Black Ranger on sale now.

FX Figures
•Black Ranger
•Rita Repulsa
*Red Ranger, Blue Ranger, Yellow Ranger, & Pink Ranger on sale now.

FX Masks
*All 5 Rangers on sale now.

•Command Center Playset

Then & Now Packs
•Alpha 5
•Rita Repulsa
*All 5 Rangers on sale now.

Legacy Toys
•Legacy Power Coin Set
•Legacy Red Ranger Helmet

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12 thoughts on “Power Rangers Movie Fall Toys Revealed

  1. I love your site and content, but can you make viewing pictures bigger please? I’m fine with this one but a lot of these have pics way too small for me to get a good look at.

  2. I wish they would do a legacy megazord that’s that is the 5 zords that combines that looks like the Megazord from the movie. Because come on now the megazord we got that combine looks nothing like it. Plus it was way too much money and it didn’t do a damn thing it was like a big paperweight .

  3. Wow, I did not expect to get any of the 5 inch figures. A Zordon and morphed Rita figure sounds really cool! Wonder what the differences between each Putty are though.

  4. I like. Mighty morphin power rangers. Legacy toy with. Weapons. And. Megazord and morpher coin from. Movie. And. Tv series

  5. If the Power Rangers 2017 Movie was a Success in the Toy Sales, then why hasn’t they brought out the fall wave for last year? Hope they haven’t cancelled the fall wave products like they had done with the Kamen Rider Dragon Knight merchandise 🙁

  6. Any word on whether that 1993 Rita Repulsa will ever see the light of day now that Bandai has lost the license?

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