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Power Rangers Movie Happy Meal Toys Coming To Brazil

Happy Meal toys based on Saban’s Power Rangers movie are coming to Kit HABIB’s – a popular fast food chain in Brazil!

Fans who pick up a Happy Meal (which includes a small-sized hamburger, french fries, and drink) will also receive 1 of 10 toys based on Lionsgate’s newest hit film:

Handbag – Yellow Ranger
Handbag – Pink Ranger
Water Squirter – Red Ranger
Water Squirter – Blue Ranger
Water Squirter – Black Ranger
Water Squirter – Yellow Ranger
Water Squirter – Pink Ranger
Disc Launcher – Red Ranger
Disc Launcher – Blue Ranger
Disc Launcher – Black Ranger

Fans can check out photos of all the Happy Meal toys below, and check out Kit HABIB’s official website forĀ even more fun – including games and activities based on Saban’s Power Rangers!

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Saban’s Power Rangers is in theaters now. Be sure to stay with Power Rangers NOW for all the latest updates.


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