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Power Rangers Movie Post-Credits Scene Confirmed


Lionsgate’s Power Rangers movie hits theaters on March 24, but even before seeing the first film, some fans are dying to know where the film franchise may go next.

And fans who stick around past the end of the film and into the credits may get a sneak peek, as Director Dean Israelite confirmed in a sit-down interview with Collider that a post-credits scene awaits.

“There was always going to be a post-credit thing. The only question was whether it comes 2.5 minutes into the credits, or right at the end. We decided to break (the credits) up and go 2.5 minutes in. It felt correct.”

But aside from the post-credits scene, will Power Rangers fans have any Easter eggs to look forward to?

“There are Easter eggs in certain scenes. We actually put in, in the production design, things from the Power Rangers universe. They’re very subtle and they’re in the background. It will take multiple viewings to find. And then there’s just Easter eggs in Zordon’s vernacular, and what the kids say at times. “

Surely one of those Easter eggs is the placement of city names from the Power Rangers TV show, as street signs throughout Angel Grove. Fans picked up on that Easter egg when filming photos surfaced in 2016. Will any other surprises be in store?

Lionsgate’s Power Rangers movie hits theaters on March 24. Be sure to follow Power Rangers NOW on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest updates.


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