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Power Rangers Movie Power Flyers Revealed

All-new Saban’s Power Rangers movie Power Flyers from Blue Sky Wireless have been revealed!

Coming in two designs – the Red Ranger and the Megazord, fans can watch the Power Flyers take flight using only their hands, – completely free of any remote control.

Blue Sky Wireless uses high-speed propellers to generate super stable hovering, creating auto-flying ability for characters ranging from Lionsgate’s re-imagined Power Rangers to Dreamworks’ Despicable Me.

With light-up ability and rechargeable batteries, Blue Sky Wireless’ Power Rangers Power Flyers promises to delight fans of all ages.

Fans can check out more photos of Blue Sky Wireless’ Power Flyers below. The images were revealed online by Twitter user @LinearRanger, with no date or retailer info yet to be released.

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