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Power Rangers Movie Rita Figure Released

The long awaited action figure of Rita Repulsa from Saban’s Power Rangers movie has been released!

The action figure joins Bandai’s already released slate of 5″ action figures featuring the core 5 Power Rangers, and Alpha 5. The 5″ figure marks the first villain from Saban’s Power Rangers movie to be released, with a series of Putties expected to follow in the coming weeks.

For Power Rangers fans, this will be one of the only ways to own an action figure of Elizabeth Banks, as her character is currently not slated for inclusion as part of Bandai’s Legacy Figure line.

The new toy was found at Target in Los Angeles, as shared by Twitter user @PowerRangerTalk. The figure retails at approximately $9.99.

More toys from Saban’s Power Rangers movie will be released by Bandai throughout the year.

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5 thoughts on “Power Rangers Movie Rita Figure Released

    1. Yeah, it also might be the only way to get the new version of the original Rita. It got confirmed by Bruno from MMPRToys in his ‘Trip to Bandai’ video

  1. So why every time I go to target they tell me they haven’t yet released such a figure and all toys r us can say is “sorry we haven’t got any kind of rita repulse figure in” and all of my targets don’t even carry that toy neither does Wal-Mart or Walgreens so…….. I don’t were u guys are finding this but there no where to be found in my city except on ebay for 30-40dollars which makes zero sence!!!!! Because it’s a toy that’s only worth 9.99 so good luck finding this In FUCKING make believe figure. In make believe store!

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