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Power Rangers Movie Soundtrack Hits Top 2

While moviegoers have left Saban’s Power Rangers movie happy with what they see, they’ve apparently also left happy with what they hear.

The movie, which received an A grade on CinemaScore indicating audiences enjoyed the film, has reached the Top 2 albums purchased on iTunes’ list of downloaded soundtracks. The soundtrack trails only the music from Disney’s Beauty & the Beast in its Top 2 ranking.

The soundtrack includes 28 songs from the action-packed movie, with the most popular downloads coming from the morphing sequence and Megazord battle scenes.

The movie’s soundtrack was composed by Brian Tyler, who has also composed music for iconic franchises including Iron Man, Thor, and The Fast & The Furious.

Saban’s Power Rangers movie is in theaters now. Be sure to stay with Power Rangers NOW for all the latest updates.

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