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Power Rangers Movie Soundtrack Sneak Peek

The first sneak peek at select tracks from the Power Rangers movie soundtrack have been released!

The 28-song soundtrack will release digitally on March 24, the same day as Lionsgate’s highly anticipated film, and fans can now listen to a preview for 5 of the 28 songs by clicking below.

1. Power Rangers Theme (4:21)
5. Destiny (2:18)
12. The Morphing Grid (3:58)
19. Hold The Line (3:36)
28. Give It All (Performed by With You. featuring Santigold and Vince Staples) (3:14)

Fans should keep in mind that each of the snippets heard are just that – snippets, and not full-scale song releases (minus ‘Destiny’, which is the song’s entirety).

The album is composed by Brian Tyler, who has also composed music for franchises including The Fast & Furious, Iron Man, Thor, and more.

Fans can pre-order the soundtrack on Amazon now by clicking here.

Lionsgate’s Power Rangers movie hits theaters on March 24. Be sure to check Varese Sarabande for more song previews, and follow Power Rangers NOW on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest updates.

18 thoughts on “Power Rangers Movie Soundtrack Sneak Peek

  1. What on earth was that theme? That couldn’t be any further from the theme of it tried. I didn’t hear a single guitar, the music has no tempo or energy to it.

    It was just weak.

    If it would’ve resembled the original in any way,I would’ve gotten this. But this is terrible.

    Power Rangers it’s supposed to be fun, not a operatic dirge.


    1. The guitar is clear what do you mean? Lol but ofcourse its weak, this was a preview, we’re only hearing a glimpse of the build up.

      1. What they said ^^^. It even said it in the article that “ITS A PREVIEW” which clearly means that its not the whole theme (duh) lol

  2. Pretty crap. What makes PR awesome is that soundtrack. It’s what we grew up with and to make it something completely different changes its DNA. Hope the movie is better.

    1. Eventually you will stop living in the 90s my brother. Mind you this was only the snippet (sample). What the entire thing sounds like we’ll have to find out.

  3. OMG! I like it! You can tell his (Brian Tyler) love for basslines…especially strong ones. I think Im going to like where they take the PR Theme. Sounds like a good start. Cant wait to hear the rest of it. The whole change in the songs/music was to be expected. I will agree that the music to a movie is the heartbeat. Guess Sabans needed a heart transplant. We will see if it was for the better or for the worst.

  4. why couldn’t they have gotten ron wasserman to do a super strong version of the full theme, or the people who did it in the original movie. Power Rangers songs are supposted to have lyrics. I probably won’t get the soundtrack if it’s like this.

  5. The theme part of the “go go power rangers” theme is not in the previews because of the way the edits land. Trust me, all will be awesome. I have heard the entire thing.

  6. To the people who gave negative comments, LIGHTEN THE HELL UP!! Brian Tyler HAS GOT IT COVERED!!

    It’s a preview!



  7. Give It All (Performed by With You. featuring Santigold and Vince Staples) Just no.
    Its so intolerable to listen to.

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