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Power Rangers Movie Soundtrack Vinyl Announced

The soundtrack of Saban’s Power Rangers movie will be receiving a Vinyl release this August!


Fans can already pre-order the Vinyl release on Amazon by clicking here. At $22.99, the Vinyl will release on August 4.

The Vinyl is expected to include all 28 songs from the movie’s popular soundtrack, which was composed by the award-winning Brian Tyler. Tyler took home one award for his Power Rangers soundtrack at the BMI Awards in May.

Tyler’s most popular Power Rangers songs, based on online purchases, come from the morphing sequence and Megazord battle scenes.

Tyler has also composed music for iconic franchises including Iron Man, Thor, and The Fast & The Furious.

Fans can already own Saban’s Power Rangers movie soundtrack digitally, as well as on Audio CD. Both versions can be purchased on Amazon by clicking here.

And be sure to pick up Saban’s Power Rangers’ Vinyl release this August.

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