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Power Rangers Movie Takes Over ID10TFest

The first ever Id10tfest by Chris Hardwick took place in Mountain View, California this past weekend!

And Lionsgate brought the heat with Saban’s Power Rangers movie-themed laser tag to celebrate the film’s home video release on June 27.

RJ Cyler and Becky G., who portrayed Billy the Blue Ranger and Trini the Yellow Ranger in 2017’s re-imagined Power Rangers, were on hand to take part in the festivities. And Power Rangers NOW was on hand to catch up with the star-studded duo (click below to watch parts of our interview).

•What’s the status on a sequel?
•How would you feel about a 6th Ranger, Tommy Oliver, joining your cast?
•Thoughts on playing the first Autistic & LGBT superheroes?
•Becky G. on being licked by Elizabeth Banks in the deleted scenes.
•RJ Cyler on when he found out Billy would die.
•Becky G. reviews the movie’s bonus features.

•RJ & Becky remind fans what to buy on June 27.

The actors, in tandem with YouTube star Matt Smith and long-time Power Rangers fans, comprised Team Power Rangers as they took down Team Nerdist in laser tag, comprised of Chris Hardwick and members of the digital content company.

Id10tfest also featured a display of suits from Saban’s Power Rangers movie, drawing contests, and opportunities to purchase Boom! Studios’ Power Rangers comics.

Fans can check out photos from the weekend below. And check back often as more interview clips with RJ Cyler and Becky G. are posted!


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5 thoughts on “Power Rangers Movie Takes Over ID10TFest

  1. Thanks for the interview. The second question in particular I felt was really important and great on you to get their insight/perspective on.

  2. I wish I could’ve gone, seeing those 2 alone would’ve made it for me. I loved her performance and was super appreciative of everything RJ did.

  3. Becky was great. I hope we when we get a movie #2 she has more to do. (since this movie seemed to be really billy/jason or Jason/kim) I really want to see them mix it up,

    Hope they do another Q&A again bc fans have some really cool questions.

  4. Out of all the questions you could have asked someone asks Becky G. to reviews the movie’s bonus features!?!?! WHy not ask her about her fav delated scene?!?!

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