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The Power Rangers Movie Trailer Was Amazing


As The Rascals once famously said: “It’s a beautiful morning!”.

And for Power Rangers fans, oh it is. Because the moment they’ve spent months waiting for: the arrival of the trailer for Saban’s Power Rangers movie.

To put it simply: Lionsgate absolutely crushed this trailer. If this was a college exam, Lionsgate just scored an A+. If this was a game of darts, Lionsgate just landed a bulls-eye. This trailer was everything fans could’ve asked for, and the perfect demonstration of why moviegoers around the globe should have March 24 circled on their calendars.

The all-new Power Rangers movie trailer (which you can watch here) was amazing. And here’s why.

Bryan Cranston’s Zordon


The character everyone was waiting to see, Bryan Cranston‘s Zordon, finally came to light. The man who started his career as a voice actor for the villains of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers is making his grand return to the franchise – this time to oppose those same forces of evil. Bryan Cranston is absolutely the A-list celebrity Power Rangers needed to don this franchise, and it’s happening.

But despite the trailer giving fans their first look at the notorious Power Rangers mentor, what made his entrance so great wasn’t what you saw, but rather what you heard. Spine-chilling words from the infamous mentor overlaying the trailer proved that Cranston’s portrayal will be full of momentous lines that will transcend this franchise for years.

“This is your destiny. This is your time”.

Zordon is cool. Bryan Cranston’s Zordon is even cooler.

The Zords


The Power Rangers movie Zords were first seen in toy form quite some time ago, but nothing can beat seeing them in real-CGI action. Oh, and let’s not forget: the Megazord!

Zords, the robotic dinosaurs piloted by the Power Rangers, have long been a popular staple in this franchise’s history. And while Lionsgate’s Power Rangers movie may have re-designed them, they still carry the same on-screen strength and powerful message that the Zords have represented for years: the fact that when five people combine their strengths, together they can accomplish more.

The Zords look amazing. The Megazord looks incredible fighting Goldar (another first look from the trailer!). And seen in their cockpits, Lionsgate’s Power Rangers movie suits look like they were born to pilot these beasts.

The Humor


Perhaps the gold standard of superhero movies, Marvel Studios’ characters have proven that if you want to be a superhero, you have to carry witty jokes with you. Lionsgate made a few attempts at landing some humor in the Power Rangers movie trailer , and it absolutely worked.

Ludi Lin (who portrays Zack the Black Ranger) and RJ Cyler (who portrays Billy the Blue Ranger) clearly have on-screen chemistry, and we can’t wait to see them interact on the big screen. Whether it was about the color of their Power Coins, or a Putty Patrol fighting simulator, the duo proved that their humor and interaction will be a highlight for Power Rangers fans to look forward to.

And then there’s Becky G. (who portrays Trini the Yellow Ranger). The upcoming actress was seen in the trailer having an amusing conversation with her family about her whereabouts as a superhero. What we’re left with is a character who was once bland on the original TV show suddenly coming to life with personality and sass in Becky G.’s promising portrayal.

A franchise that can successfully mix action, with emotion, with humor has proven to be a winning formula in Hollywood. And Lionsgate’s Power Rangers has all the potential to deliver on that same successful blueprint.

The Promise


But perhaps the greatest part of the Power Rangers movie trailer was the encouraging outlook that this franchise from Lionsgate is here to stay.

Think back to the film’s first teaser-trailer, and the contrasting difference in its tone: it was much more dark, and serious. But that’s because it needed to be. It needed to show that this franchise could be rejuvenated to meet the expectations of today’s audiences. It needed to show that these characters could be modernized to meet the struggles that society imposes on teens today. And it successfully achieved all of that.

But this new trailer backed up all of the promise the previous teaser-trailer exhibited by delivering the action-packed punch known as Power Rangers. This new trailer proved that while Lionsgate’s version of Power Rangers is new and different, it’s also the same colorful, adventurous franchise that generations have fallen in love with for years.

The promise is the main reason today’s trailer was so amazing. Because of the excitement, the passion, and the hope that this trailer generated.

So yes, for Power Rangers fans, today is a beautiful morning. But why?

Because thanks to this trailer, March 24 is suddenly looking like a very beautiful morning as well.

2 thoughts on “The Power Rangers Movie Trailer Was Amazing

  1. I am beyond happy with this trailer. This is the Power Rangers I’ve dreamed of. A techorganic alien power that is as Zordon said, a legacy of “legendary warriors” is exactly what we need. The zords look badass and make sense…I think I saw the Triceretops running on two legs and rolling on the back four…like a tank. The humor is on point. I could go on, but simply put, the power is here to stay.

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