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Where Is That Power Rangers Movie Trailer?

You’re clicking this article with one question in mind: where on Earth is the Power Rangers movie trailer?

It’s an answer no one outside 2700 Colorado Avenue in Santa Monica, California (Lionsgate’s corporate headquarters) knows. But there is one thing that is known: the absence of the trailer has begun to speak louder than any of Lionsgate’s previous reveals tied to the Power Rangers movie.

Simply put: the demand for the Power Rangers movie trailer is so high, it’s very absence has become a weapon of mass destruction laying waste to anything in front of it.

Seriously. People’s desire for the Power Rangers movie trailer has become so strong, that it’s very absence is single handedly destroying marketing campaigns for nearly all associated properties. Anything not called the Power Rangers movie trailer has become a helpless victim in the trailer’s seemingly never ending warpath. Just ask the worst victim of the situation: the Mighty Morphin Meower Rangers.

On Monday, Saban Brands announced their all-new web series that featured cats starring in a parody of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. The first episode was actually quite cute, and humorous, and adorable. Who doesn’t love kitties, after all? But the new web series was still met by a harsh wall of criticism from dedicated Power Rangers fans for one single reason:

Because it wasn’t the Power Rangers movie trailer.

That’s how vicious the trailer’s path of destruction has been: it’s turned a passionate fan base against an adorable team of kitties. It’s made a charming group of cats public enemy #1 in the Power Rangers fandom. But these kittens aren’t the only victims in the trailer’s destruction.

Last Thursday, the official trailer for Saban’s upcoming Power Rangers Ninja Steel debuted, and while many fans reacted positively, there was also a group who had just one comment in mind about the TV show’s first look.

“That’s not the trailer I wanted”.

Imagine that? A franchise who’s roots began on TV, providing the first look at the newest installment of our favorite spandex heroes, being cast aside by dedicated Power Rangers fans simply because it’s the wrong trailer.

And then there’s of course the barren wasteland that has become of the official Power Rangers movie social media accounts. Any official accounts tied to the Power Rangers movie have become devastating sites of carnage led by an army of savages chanting “Where is the trailer!?”. You can click any social media post you want –  fan art, GIF’s, even holiday greetings – what you’ll find is still the same: a hurricane of ferocious fans rolling through, demanding a new look at Lionsgate’s latest film.

Perhaps fans have become so wildly impatient because it’s been nearly four months since any footage previously debuted at New York Comic-Con. Perhaps fans have become so wildly impatient because there’s only half of that time until the movie actually hits theaters on March 24.

No matter the case, the trailer is coming (believe it or not). With the smart bet being placed on the Super Bowl in roughly 3 weeks.

But even with the trailer presumably being within striking distance, there’s a new question that fans will have to consider: after all the pandemonium and dust settles…will the trailer meet the hype? Lionsgate has withheld footage from fans for so long, that not only has demand risen, but so have expectations. And the new trailer, whenever it’s finally revealed, will have to meet those heightened expectations, or Lionsgate will once again be facing something they’ve become all too familiar with:

A warpath of barbaric fans.

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