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Power Rangers Movie Training Posters Released

Brand new Training Posters for Lionsgate’s upcoming Power Rangers movie have been released!

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The new posters feature a detailed look at each Power Ranger helmet along with their respective Zords.

Fans can access the new posters via Lionsgate’s online chat with Alpha 5, a social media simulator currently available on social media in which Alpha provides automated responses based on the user’s input. Fans access the online chat with Alpha by clicking here.

Upon completing “training” with Alpha, fans will receive one of the five above training posters for their favorite Power Ranger. They will also receive a piece of Chibi artwork for the same Ranger (which can be seen below).

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Check out all the new, official artwork above, and be sure to follow Power Rangers NOW for all the latest updates on the Power Rangers movie.

Lionsgate’s Power Rangers hits theaters on March 24!

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