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Power Rangers Movie VR App Released

The official app for Lionsgate’s Power Rangers movie has arrived – and it’s loaded with virtual reality content!

Fans can download the Command Center App, by heading over to PowerRangers.Movie/App. Within the app, fans can buy tickets to the Power Rangers movie, chat with a simulator of Alpha 5, and so much more! Let’s run through the app’s core features!

The app was first seen at the Consumer Electronics Show 2017, where attendees were able to go inside the Power Rangers’ Command Center, hear from Zordon, and access the cockpits of the legendary Zords. That feature has returned as fans can pick from one of the five Zords and take their prehistoric dino for a spin. But the action doesn’t stop there – new features were included as well!

Fans now have the ability to send video messages to their friends, disguised as the notorious mentor of the Power Rangers, Zordon. With facial recognition and sound effects, now is your time to power up your friends’ inbox, and social media feeds!

Last, but certainly not least, fans can design their own Power Rangers with unique colors, and launch that customized Power Ranger into real time. Now, fans can take their own team of Power Rangers wherever they go, as well as the Power Rangers’ mighty Zords!

Head over to PowerRangers.Movie/App now to download the Command Center app, and be sure to watch the highly anticipated Power Rangers movie in theaters on March 24.

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