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Power Rangers Movie’s Megazord Transformation Explained

Saban’s Power Rangers movie is now out on home video – on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital HD.

And for long time fans, one of the film’s more controversial scenes was the transformation of the teens’ powerful Megazord. As the Power Rangers’ descended to their death at the hands of Goldar, the team’s Zords came together to form one united structure known as the Megazord.

But unlike the Power Rangers TV show fans have become accustomed to for 24 years, the team didn’t summon or call upon their Megazord. The transformation simply took place in a fiery pit, hidden behind a shield of bright red and orange.

It was a deviation from the normal, and one explained by Director Dean Israelite in the home video’s Audio Commentary with Writer John Gatkins.

“I think we [formed the Megazord] through character. The [Rangers] aren’t being smashed apart, they’re in some ways being smashed together. Because they’re holding on to one another, and the force of their love for each other, and their desire and willingness to die for each other – the ultimate sacrifice, allows them to create this energy that then puts the Zords together.” – Director Dean Israelite

The idea bears resemblances to what allowed the team to morph in the first place – by coming together as a unit to unlock the powers of the Morphing Grid. It would appear Israelite and Gatkins unlocked the Rangers’ Megazord powers under a similar concept.

Still, in Power Rangers’ 24-year history, the Megazord being formed by the power of love, and life, is certainly new. And one that didn’t come easily to the movie’s brain trust according to Gatkins.

“This was a big discussion – about how do you form the Megazord?” – Writer John Gatkins

Saban’s Power Rangers movie, in numerous ways, predicates itself on the message of coming together as one, and fans will have to live with that same moral ultimately being the reason behind the formation of the Rangers’ ultimate weapon – the Megazord.

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14 thoughts on “Power Rangers Movie’s Megazord Transformation Explained

  1. I think what he was trying to say is that they unlocked it just like they had to do with the morphin grid. Ever since Saban reacquired the franchise it has become customary for the rangers to unlock weapons, zords and powers after learning a lesson, so it isn’t as deviant as the author says. Another theory is that the zeo crystal allowed the zords to combine given that that crystals are used to form the megazord in Zyuran.ger and MMPR

  2. I THINK IT new plus this was a reboot and redo and reimagine of the power rangers plus fan can say what they want or think what they want whereare if be the zero cystal helped or their love for each other did who really cares you either love the movie or you dont i liked it it was new cool and funny at times i hope for many more either prequels or sequels i dont care though i wonder if they will do the other series just take place on a different planet.. like in space or lost galaxy or aliens??

  3. you make a stupid zord march up and stupid combination scene
    i’m love power ranger
    but the movie is so f*cking

  4. The megazord transformation in the flames was ok. I really hope the sequel shows a more detailed transformation sequence.

  5. There Won’t Be A Sequel; The Movie Was A Huge Financial Flop; They didn’t recoup the Cost and Advertising of The Movie. Studios are in the Money Making Business. So you well just have to Settle for this movie and the Tv Series.😎

    1. The movie May have “flopped” but home sales his going pretty strong and the toyline made bank because of the movie. I wouldn’t say their given up on a sequal yet 🙂

  6. My friend put a good explanation together, Zordon tells the rangers the zords took on the form of the most powerful creatures on the planet at the time, dinosaurs. With the dinosaurs gone and the looming threat of Rita, the zords took on the form of the current most powerful creature, Man.

    1. You could also say that the most powerful creatures are the rangers themselves, as the megazord pretty much looks like a giant ranger. This could also give the idea that the zords “morphed” into the megazord, rather than transformed.

      1. It took on the form of Goldar, the most powerful creature on the planet. That’s why the Megazord looks EXACTLY like him.

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