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Power Rangers Movies Re-Releasing On DVD

One week before Lionsgate’s Power Rangers movie hits theaters, 20th Century Fox will be jumping on the hype train!

On March 14, the two original Power Rangers movies will be re-released on DVD in a special 2-pack collection.

The collection will feature the classic Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie where the Power Rangers embark on a quest to find their ninja powers in a vicious battle against Ivan Ooze. It will also include Power Rangers Turbo: The Movie, where our heroes work with a ally named Lerigot to combat Earth’s newest alien threat.

Fans can already pre-order the set on Amazon by clicking here. And check out the official cover art above!

13 thoughts on “Power Rangers Movies Re-Releasing On DVD

  1. Like the new film will be any good. It might end up making these look better by comparison.
    (Please don’t suck!)

  2. Having gotten in Samurai this week and locking in all 860 episodes now I can finish up getting Power Rangers 100 per cent DVD. I had Turbo but that was tape. MMPR is DVD so I do need Turbo to finish up.

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