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Power Rangers Movie’s Theme Song Usage Explained


Saban’s Power Rangers movie is now out on home video – on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital HD.

And one of the film’s most popular scenes comes as the Power Rangers’ Zords run into Angel Grove to stop Goldar.

The scene is iconic as it marks the debut of the Zords in action, but primarily because of the original “Go Go Power Rangers” theme song playing in the background that takes fans back to the show’s original roots from the 1990’s.

When the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers exploded on the scene from 1993-1995, its catchy theme song was undoubtedly one of the main factors for the show’s immediate success in America. And in the home video’s Audio Commentary for Saban’s Power Rangers movie, Director Dean Israelite and John Gatkins explained their decision to bring the iconic tune back.

“Oh, the theme was a big debate. Should we keep it, shouldn’t we keep it? But at the preview screenings, we watched it play, and it felt so good in the moment. And I like what [Gatkins] said – that it honors the show for 25 years in the moment that we’ve now culminated in them morphing. So they morph, and it’s not about culminating these 2 hours, but it’s about culminating these 24 years and paying respect to all that.” – Director Dean Israelite

While many fans feel the original “Go Go Power Rangers” theme song perhaps wasn’t prevalent enough, or used enough throughout the movie, they should be alarmed to know that it nearly didn’t make the cut.

But thankfully, due to the reaction of test audiences, the song stuck around – eventually leading to one of the movie’s most memorable scenes.

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6 thoughts on “Power Rangers Movie’s Theme Song Usage Explained

  1. The excitement of hearing the first film’s theme, plus the triceratops running backwards, definitely paid off!

  2. A lot of people didn’t think it was long enough but a lot of people were taken out of the movie by it as well. One thing I noticed though regarding why it was so short, was that they had to cut the song right before the lyrics say “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers!!” because they could only use the “Go Go Power Rangers” lines. They didn’t want the Mighty Morphin words being heard since the movie is just called Power Rangers.

  3. It actually took me out of the movie more then anything. I rather them had gone with a more modern take on the theme song. The original theme song just didn’t work in here for me.

  4. They should have either used it more or cut it out completely. It felt a bit rushed in the movie and then abruptly stops. I was really expecting elements of the 90s theme to be more subtly incorporated into the overall score. One of the strongest elements of the early series was their use of rock music, that could have been played up a lot more in the movie. It would have given the movie a bit more of it’s own distinct personality.

  5. I loved that it was in there. It felt like they’d earned that moment.

    I do wonder why they went with the ’95 movie version, rather than the original TV version. I almost have to wonder if it’s something of a middle finger to Ron Wasserman, who wrote and performed the original version. Due to a lousy contract, Shuki Levy was given credit for composing all the music on the show, and Ron was only given credit for performing it, even though he did all the work (he was credited as The Mighty RAW, for Ron Aaron Wasserman, or sometimes as Aaron Waters, to obscure the fact that the score for the show was done entirely by one guy on a computer). By not using the version Ron performed, they’re avoiding paying him any royalties at all.

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