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Power Ranger NOW Is Powering Down

Power Rangers NOW is powering down.

What started as a morphinominal idea turned into a powerful journey. A journey that, for now, is coming to an end.

As many of you know, Power Rangers NOW was something I both created and managed. There was never a team behind it. There was never any money or donations involved. It was something run completely out of passion for the franchise, love for the fan base, and the opportunity to help influence the brand’s image.

This is not an easy decision, but it’s the right decision, primarily for three reasons:

  • Firstly, I’ve been gifted an amazing career opportunity to work around some of the world’s most impactful brands. I never envisioned a Power Rangers fan page one day leading to a career, nor did I envision ever being interviewed for my work with Power Rangers, but here we are. I couldn’t be more excited for this opportunity, but it requires my full attention. And I want it to give it my full attention.
  • Secondly, what’s a passion project without passion? I confess, my love for Power Ranger has seen brighter days. But that doesn’t mean the flame is extinct. I’ll still be keeping an eye on what the TV show does, driving to the movie theater for any future movies, and attending Power Morphicon along with thousands of other fans. Like all of you, I’m still a fan too, but I’ll be one from afar.
  • Lastly, as most of you know, a toy company now sits atop the Power Rangers brand. And while I’m certainly not here to rain on anyone’s parade, I’ve also been privy to a lot of things happening behind the scenes. So I can say with confidence that there are things happening at the toy company that I both don’t agree with, or like. I have major concerns for the future of Power Rangers, and how it’s being handled. But this announcement isn’t about putting any of that information out there.

So what’s next for PowerRangersNOW.com? For now, it’s going to go dormant. But:

Might I pass it to another owner one day? If I feel like it.
Might it return to its current state of delivering all the latest Power Rangers news one day? If I feel like it.
Might it transform into something completely new one day? If I feel like it.

The theme here: as Power Rangers NOW has been over its entire run, it will continue to be what I feel like, when I feel like it. And of course, I’ll keep you all in the loop as any decisions are made.

Running Power Rangers NOW, I can truly say, has been one of the greatest honors of my life. I’ve gotten to do things I could’ve never dreamed of, and be a part of opportunities I couldn’t pay my way into. I could write a book on the little tricks, tips, and things I’ve learned that have made this platform so successful.

At the top of that list is absolutely work, effort, and consistency. But at the end of the day, this platform was defined by each and every one of you. Words will never be enough to thank you for your support.

If there’s one thought I can leave you with, it’s that everything Power Rangers has taught you over the years – it’s all true. Believe in helping others. Believe in diversity. Believe in your dreams.

In 2001, the Time Force Red Ranger said “Everything you’ve always wanted is waiting for you in the future”. This is my unquestionable favorite line from 26 years of Power Rangers because it reinforces the idea that everything you want in life is there for you. It might take a lot of time, work, and dedication to get it, but everything you could possibly want in life is there, sitting there, waiting for you…in the future. You just have to go earn it.

Thank you for everything, Power Rangers fans. You truly are the best.


69 thoughts on “Power Ranger NOW Is Powering Down

  1. I just found this site 3 weeks ago and loved it. Very disappointed for the lack of future upkeep as it’s a great resource. I’m still buying power ranger toys

  2. I would absolutely love to know what it is behind the scenes that bothers him so much. Stuff like that fascinates me. BOA was terrible with the license and let’s face it, Saban didn’t really understand it, either. I have to know what Hasbro is doing that grinds his gears. (This is not a defense of Hasbro, btw.)

  3. You Know There Might Still Be Another Successor For The Power Rangers NOW Ever Since I Was a Kid I’ve Watch Power Rangers From Fox Kids Family Jetex And Nickelodeon But Hey Will See Power Rangers Beast Morpher Season 2 Very Soon And Also a New Sentai Show Called Mashin Sentai Kiramager Will Be Coming in March 8th 2020 Until We Meet Again Power Rangers NOW 😁👋

  4. Well, I am sure gonna be sad that Power Rangers Now won’t be around any longer. But I do wish you good luck, Michael.

  5. Hey folks, I still have already discovered why Go-Busters wasn’t adapted yet. So, I’ll tell you this straight away.
    The real reason why Go-Busters (you know, with the main 3-core team) wasn’t adapted yet, was because both the official anniversary (Megaforce Season 1) and the post-anniversary (Megaforce Season 2) still had the main 5-core team in that series right through both the pre-anniversary (Ninja Steel) and the official anniversary (Super Ninja Steel). And now that the official anniversary is over, we’re already seeing Go-Busters being adapted into PR Beast Morpher Seasons 1 & 2, starting with the main 3-core team. Oh, I almost forgot. I found out that the PR franchise didn’t actually SKIPPED the Go-Busters adaptation, they actually SAVED it for the future 2019-2020, because the Go-Busters aka Beast Morpher Rangers look awesomely futuristic.

    OK, end of good story.

    P.S. have I honestly got it right or wrong?

  6. Power Rangers Now. I know but is now the last. I was gonna say? I wish always want to be power ranger and I always want to be a super sentai. I also want to be a PR Fan and SS Fan. I always love the saban’s heroes with VR Troopers, Masked Rider and the rest! I always want to a saban’s superhero for life. Until then. It’s always having wtih you guys! It’s always a really really nice run for all you guys. But it was for to make like a tree and go a long long way. Good-Bye Power Rangers Now. By the way. Power Rangers Beast Morphers S2 in March 2020. Bye PRN. I love you and all of you guys!

  7. What?! No way! I was just gonna give you an idea, like instead of Power Rangers Super Beast Morphers, how about calling the second season of Power Rangers Beast Morphers, Power Rangers Epic Beast Morphers? In fact, instead of using ‘Super’, how about using ‘Epic?’

    1. Exactly, this site made the 2017 movie’s merchandise and home video sales seem bigger in order to get hopes up for a sequel and increase traffic.

  8. No you cannot cancel Power Rangers NOW we need this site without it we will not get anymore news😿😱😩🥺☹️😰😭😢👎😥

  9. What’s it like working for Disney? Pushing back movies that would have been released had it not been for the virus that your precious company obeyed? Glad you’re out of the Power Rangers game, pal.

  10. You know, when this stupid coronavirus is officially over (which means people must take it easy and slow), I would like to ask TOEI studios to make a new/second Miraculous heavenly Angel (with the similarities to Goseiger, really) motif for 2021 as the official 45th anniversary. Please.

  11. Good Riddance, you’re a mega hypocrite sell out working for a conglomerate which now controls a third of all entertainment. You are obviously happy for the bleak (more like wished from your part) future the brand has. You want anything that isn’t Disney to fail.

  12. Also regret not having told you what a hypocrite you were for calling Blake Foster out for his criticisms of the gold ranger choice when you had no problem sucking up to JDF who happens to be a bully as well and who unlike Foster never made ammend for it.

  13. Here is one Sentai theme I’d like to see.

    The second Angel-themed sentai season (since the Lovable Goseiger, in my own opinion):
    Sky Red,
    Sky Pink,
    Land Black,
    Land Yellow,
    Sea Blue,
    Sun Copper (Auxiliary Ranger),
    Moon Iron (Auxiliary Ranger #2).

  14. COVID-19 Sucks! But I got some braking news for you guys. I got it on Facebook. I found Power Rangers Season 28. But it’s next year’s season of Power Rangers Dino Knights. But the news said “it’s was not Dino Knights? It’s the 2021’s Power Rangers Season on Nickelodeon called Power Rangers Dino Fury! Coming Soon. Guys keep your spirits up! But most importantly. Stay at home safety.

    1. That’s right. But there’s more to say.

      Remember the 4-part episode special of “Super Sentai: Strongest Battle”, with Gokai Red, Toqg5, NinninRed, Zyuoh Red, and Kyuranger Orange?
      Well guess what, there might be an opportunity for Hasbro to adapt the 4-part episode special into a PR TV Movie (Possibly less than 2hrs).
      One of the superhero fans posted something respectfully.
      Anyway, I’m gonna cut to the chase, there might be replacements (except for one from Ninninger; and giving the other 2 another chance with their backstories) for Hasbro’s original tv movie and that is this:
      “Power Rangers: Strongest Biggest Battle”
      Andrew Gray as Troy Burrows aka Red Sky Ranger (Goseiger aka Original Megaforce. Please remember that),
      Christina Masterson as Emma Goodall-Burrows aka Pink Sky Ranger (Goseiger aka Original Megaforce. Again please remember that),
      Claire Blackwelder as Kendall Morgan aka Dino Charge Purple,
      William Shewfelt as Brody Romero aka Ninja Steel Red, and
      Rorrie D. Travis as Devon Daniels aka Beast Morpher Red.

      Well that’s it for now. Please leave a comment below and tell me what you think about this idea. Good night.

      1. Before you guys go? I gotta tell you something. Lokar is back! And he gonna take over the world! Like that Ultimate Dai Satan! He created from the young Rita daughter of Rita Repulsa.

    2. There’s something that I’m quite concerned. Is Power Rangers Dino Fury not gonna be a sequel to Dino Charge & Dino Supercharge?

      1. Wait a minute, illuminerdi updated a new news and said that Claire Blackwelder aka Dino Charge Purple Ranger will not return for a Legendary Dino Team-Up in Beast Morpher S2, BUT, she would return her superhero role as Kendall Morgan in Dino Fury (if only one single season this time; Based on or off the Ryusoulger adaptation) as the new Dino Fury female Mentor or something like that.

        Please leave any respectful comment below.

      2. Should it be? I mean it’d be cool if it was, but it’s not on my mandatory list. That’s like being upset that Dino Charge isn’t a sequel to Dino Thunder.

  15. @RangerCrew Hi there, I used to post on Rangercrew’s forums and I was wondering if you still have archives of some of the threads? I am looking for some old pictures I posted on one, so please let me know 😀

  16. Let me share some each awesome Legendary Combo Superhero Teams.

    Legendary Dino Rangers (Mighty Morphin S1, Dino Thunder, and Dino Charge),
    Legendary Ninja Rangers (Mighty Morphin S3 – including Ninjor and Billy in his Ninjetti Mode, Ninja Storm, and Ninja Steel), and
    Legendary Futuristic Rangers (Time Force, SPD, and Beast Morpher).

    Tell me what you honestly think?

    1. Oh, did I forget to add Dino Fury to the Legendary Dino Rangers list, and also add Hyper Force to the Legendary Futuristic Rangers list as well?

  17. I’ve got something to share with you superhero fans. So, here it is.

    Legendary Mighty Morphin Rangers,
    Legendary Aquitar Rangers,
    Legendary Zeo Rangers,
    Legendary Turbo Rangers,
    Legendary Space Rangers,
    Legendary Galaxy Rangers,
    Legendary Lightspeed Rangers,
    Legendary Time Force Rangers (Futuristic Motif #1),
    Legendary Wild Force Rangers,
    Legendary Ninja Storm Rangers,
    Legendary Dino Thunder Rangers,
    Legendary SPD Rangers (Futuristic Motif #2),
    Legendary Mystic Rangers,
    Legendary Overdrive Rangers,
    Legendary Jungle Fury Rangers,
    Legendary RPM Rangers,
    Legendary Samurai/Shogun Rangers,
    Legendary Dino Charge Rangers,
    Legendary Ninja Steel Rangers,
    Legendary Beast Morpher Rangers (Futuristic Motif #3),
    Legendary Dino Fury Rangers, and
    Legendary Jewel Engine Rangers.

    Except for the original Megaforce Rangers, they AREN’T Legendary or Super, to me they were and will still once again be the Guardian Angels, the Watchful Protectors, the current Superheroes of bright light.

  18. PR fans sunk their teeth into Beast Morphers while your Disney kissass can’t even defend Artemis Fowl’s foul reviews. Totally worth the wait right?

  19. Well everybody, after over a year of guessing or asking Kristina Ho some questions, the official answer is unfortunately NO, there is OFFICIALLY no female green ranger in Beast morphers season 2.

  20. Thank you for all the work you have done for the fandom. I’m on a Power Rangers forum called Generation Z (https://generationz.jcink.net) and know all to well how taxing sites and forums can be these days. I do hope to see Power Rangers Now updated again someday. Best of luck with the career! I know you will kill it.

    1. Generation Z??? Unless it’s a tribute to Z from SPD, that’s a weird name for a site. Just as weird as following Razzle for the constant Covid-19 retweets than to make actual PR content.

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