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Power Ranger NOW Is Powering Down

Power Rangers NOW is powering down.

What started as a morphinominal idea turned into a powerful journey. A journey that, for now, is coming to an end.

As many of you know, Power Rangers NOW was something I both created and managed. There was never a team behind it. There was never any money or donations involved. It was something run completely out of passion for the franchise, love for the fan base, and the opportunity to help influence the brand’s image.

This is not an easy decision, but it’s the right decision, primarily for three reasons:

  • Firstly, I’ve been gifted an amazing career opportunity to work around some of the world’s most impactful brands. I never envisioned a Power Rangers fan page one day leading to a career, nor did I envision ever being interviewed for my work with Power Rangers, but here we are. I couldn’t be more excited for this opportunity, but it requires my full attention. And I want it to give it my full attention.
  • Secondly, what’s a passion project without passion? I confess, my love for Power Ranger has seen brighter days. But that doesn’t mean the flame is extinct. I’ll still be keeping an eye on what the TV show does, driving to the movie theater for any future movies, and attending Power Morphicon along with thousands of other fans. Like all of you, I’m still a fan too, but I’ll be one from afar.
  • Lastly, as most of you know, a toy company now sits atop the Power Rangers brand. And while I’m certainly not here to rain on anyone’s parade, I’ve also been privy to a lot of things happening behind the scenes. So I can say with confidence that there are things happening at the toy company that I both don’t agree with, or like. I have major concerns for the future of Power Rangers, and how it’s being handled. But this announcement isn’t about putting any of that information out there.

So what’s next for PowerRangersNOW.com? For now, it’s going to go dormant. But:

Might I pass it to another owner one day? If I feel like it.
Might it return to its current state of delivering all the latest Power Rangers news one day? If I feel like it.
Might it transform into something completely new one day? If I feel like it.

The theme here: as Power Rangers NOW has been over its entire run, it will continue to be what I feel like, when I feel like it. And of course, I’ll keep you all in the loop as any decisions are made.

Running Power Rangers NOW, I can truly say, has been one of the greatest honors of my life. I’ve gotten to do things I could’ve never dreamed of, and be a part of opportunities I couldn’t pay my way into. I could write a book on the little tricks, tips, and things I’ve learned that have made this platform so successful.

At the top of that list is absolutely work, effort, and consistency. But at the end of the day, this platform was defined by each and every one of you. Words will never be enough to thank you for your support.

If there’s one thought I can leave you with, it’s that everything Power Rangers has taught you over the years – it’s all true. Believe in helping others. Believe in diversity. Believe in your dreams.

In 2001, the Time Force Red Ranger said “Everything you’ve always wanted is waiting for you in the future”. This is my unquestionable favorite line from 26 years of Power Rangers because it reinforces the idea that everything you want in life is there for you. It might take a lot of time, work, and dedication to get it, but everything you could possibly want in life is there, sitting there, waiting for you…in the future. You just have to go earn it.

Thank you for everything, Power Rangers fans. You truly are the best.


153 thoughts on “Power Ranger NOW Is Powering Down

  1. I just found this site 3 weeks ago and loved it. Very disappointed for the lack of future upkeep as it’s a great resource. I’m still buying power ranger toys

  2. I would absolutely love to know what it is behind the scenes that bothers him so much. Stuff like that fascinates me. BOA was terrible with the license and let’s face it, Saban didn’t really understand it, either. I have to know what Hasbro is doing that grinds his gears. (This is not a defense of Hasbro, btw.)

  3. You Know There Might Still Be Another Successor For The Power Rangers NOW Ever Since I Was a Kid I’ve Watch Power Rangers From Fox Kids Family Jetex And Nickelodeon But Hey Will See Power Rangers Beast Morpher Season 2 Very Soon And Also a New Sentai Show Called Mashin Sentai Kiramager Will Be Coming in March 8th 2020 Until We Meet Again Power Rangers NOW 😁👋

  4. Well, I am sure gonna be sad that Power Rangers Now won’t be around any longer. But I do wish you good luck, Michael.

  5. Hey folks, I still have already discovered why Go-Busters wasn’t adapted yet. So, I’ll tell you this straight away.
    The real reason why Go-Busters (you know, with the main 3-core team) wasn’t adapted yet, was because both the official anniversary (Megaforce Season 1) and the post-anniversary (Megaforce Season 2) still had the main 5-core team in that series right through both the pre-anniversary (Ninja Steel) and the official anniversary (Super Ninja Steel). And now that the official anniversary is over, we’re already seeing Go-Busters being adapted into PR Beast Morpher Seasons 1 & 2, starting with the main 3-core team. Oh, I almost forgot. I found out that the PR franchise didn’t actually SKIPPED the Go-Busters adaptation, they actually SAVED it for the future 2019-2020, because the Go-Busters aka Beast Morpher Rangers look awesomely futuristic.

    OK, end of good story.

    P.S. have I honestly got it right or wrong?

  6. Power Rangers Now. I know but is now the last. I was gonna say? I wish always want to be power ranger and I always want to be a super sentai. I also want to be a PR Fan and SS Fan. I always love the saban’s heroes with VR Troopers, Masked Rider and the rest! I always want to a saban’s superhero for life. Until then. It’s always having wtih you guys! It’s always a really really nice run for all you guys. But it was for to make like a tree and go a long long way. Good-Bye Power Rangers Now. By the way. Power Rangers Beast Morphers S2 in March 2020. Bye PRN. I love you and all of you guys!

  7. What?! No way! I was just gonna give you an idea, like instead of Power Rangers Super Beast Morphers, how about calling the second season of Power Rangers Beast Morphers, Power Rangers Epic Beast Morphers? In fact, instead of using ‘Super’, how about using ‘Epic?’

  8. No you cannot cancel Power Rangers NOW we need this site without it we will not get anymore news😿😱😩🥺☹️😰😭😢👎😥

  9. You know, when this stupid coronavirus is officially over (which means people must take it easy and slow), I would like to ask TOEI studios to make a new/second Miraculous heavenly Angel (with the similarities to Goseiger, really) motif for 2021 as the official 45th anniversary. Please.

  10. Exactly, this site made the 2017 movie’s merchandise and home video sales seem bigger in order to get hopes up for a sequel and increase traffic.

  11. Here is one Sentai theme I’d like to see.

    The second Angel-themed sentai season (since the Lovable Goseiger, in my own opinion):
    Sky Red,
    Sky Pink,
    Land Black,
    Land Yellow,
    Sea Blue,
    Sun Copper (Auxiliary Ranger),
    Moon Iron (Auxiliary Ranger #2).

  12. COVID-19 Sucks! But I got some braking news for you guys. I got it on Facebook. I found Power Rangers Season 28. But it’s next year’s season of Power Rangers Dino Knights. But the news said “it’s was not Dino Knights? It’s the 2021’s Power Rangers Season on Nickelodeon called Power Rangers Dino Fury! Coming Soon. Guys keep your spirits up! But most importantly. Stay at home safety.

    1. That’s right. But there’s more to say.

      Remember the 4-part episode special of “Super Sentai: Strongest Battle”, with Gokai Red, Toqg5, NinninRed, Zyuoh Red, and Kyuranger Orange?
      Well guess what, there might be an opportunity for Hasbro to adapt the 4-part episode special into a PR TV Movie (Possibly less than 2hrs).
      One of the superhero fans posted something respectfully.
      Anyway, I’m gonna cut to the chase, there might be replacements (except for one from Ninninger; and giving the other 2 another chance with their backstories) for Hasbro’s original tv movie and that is this:
      “Power Rangers: Strongest Biggest Battle”
      Andrew Gray as Troy Burrows aka Red Sky Ranger (Goseiger aka Original Megaforce. Please remember that),
      Christina Masterson as Emma Goodall-Burrows aka Pink Sky Ranger (Goseiger aka Original Megaforce. Again please remember that),
      Claire Blackwelder as Kendall Morgan aka Dino Charge Purple,
      William Shewfelt as Brody Romero aka Ninja Steel Red, and
      Rorrie D. Travis as Devon Daniels aka Beast Morpher Red.

      Well that’s it for now. Please leave a comment below and tell me what you think about this idea. Good night.

      1. Before you guys go? I gotta tell you something. Lokar is back! And he gonna take over the world! Like that Ultimate Dai Satan! He created from the young Rita daughter of Rita Repulsa.

    2. There’s something that I’m quite concerned. Is Power Rangers Dino Fury not gonna be a sequel to Dino Charge & Dino Supercharge?

      1. Wait a minute, illuminerdi updated a new news and said that Claire Blackwelder aka Dino Charge Purple Ranger will not return for a Legendary Dino Team-Up in Beast Morpher S2, BUT, she would return her superhero role as Kendall Morgan in Dino Fury (if only one single season this time; Based on or off the Ryusoulger adaptation) as the new Dino Fury female Mentor or something like that.

        Please leave any respectful comment below.

      2. Should it be? I mean it’d be cool if it was, but it’s not on my mandatory list. That’s like being upset that Dino Charge isn’t a sequel to Dino Thunder.

  13. What happened to June or August for the new episodes of Power Rangers Beast Morphers Season 2?

  14. Let me share some each awesome Legendary Combo Superhero Teams.

    Legendary Dino Rangers (Mighty Morphin S1, Dino Thunder, and Dino Charge),
    Legendary Ninja Rangers (Mighty Morphin S3 – including Ninjor and Billy in his Ninjetti Mode, Ninja Storm, and Ninja Steel), and
    Legendary Futuristic Rangers (Time Force, SPD, and Beast Morpher).

    Tell me what you honestly think?

    1. Oh, did I forget to add Dino Fury to the Legendary Dino Rangers list, and also add Hyper Force to the Legendary Futuristic Rangers list as well?

  15. I’ve got something to share with you superhero fans. So, here it is.

    Legendary Mighty Morphin Rangers,
    Legendary Aquitar Rangers,
    Legendary Zeo Rangers,
    Legendary Turbo Rangers,
    Legendary Space Rangers,
    Legendary Galaxy Rangers,
    Legendary Lightspeed Rangers,
    Legendary Time Force Rangers (Futuristic Motif #1),
    Legendary Wild Force Rangers,
    Legendary Ninja Storm Rangers,
    Legendary Dino Thunder Rangers,
    Legendary SPD Rangers (Futuristic Motif #2),
    Legendary Mystic Rangers,
    Legendary Overdrive Rangers,
    Legendary Jungle Fury Rangers,
    Legendary RPM Rangers,
    Legendary Samurai/Shogun Rangers,
    Legendary Dino Charge Rangers,
    Legendary Ninja Steel Rangers,
    Legendary Beast Morpher Rangers (Futuristic Motif #3),
    Legendary Dino Fury Rangers, and
    Legendary Jewel Engine Rangers.

    Except for the original Megaforce Rangers, they AREN’T Legendary or Super, to me they were and will still once again be the Guardian Angels, the Watchful Protectors, the current Superheroes of bright light.

  16. Well everybody, after over a year of guessing or asking Kristina Ho some questions, the official answer is unfortunately NO, there is OFFICIALLY no female green ranger in Beast morphers season 2.

  17. And plus, I sure hope Dino Fury will be a single season with 31 episodes this time next year.

  18. Generation Z??? Unless it’s a tribute to Z from SPD, that’s a weird name for a site. Just as weird as following Razzle for the constant Covid-19 retweets than to make actual PR content.

  19. PR Cinematic Universe! (Fun Fan-Made)
    2013-2014 – Megaforce S1-S2: Red, Pink, Black, Yellow, Blue, Aluminium and Bronze.
    2015-2016 – Dino Charge (Super): Red, BLACK, Blue, GREEN, Pink, GOLD, Graphite, Purple, Aqua and SILVER.
    2017-2018 – Ninja Steel (Super): Red, PINK, Blue, Yellow, WHITE and Gold.
    2019-2020 – Beast Morpher S1-S2: Red, Blue, Yellow, GOLD, SILVER.
    2021 – Dino Fury (Season 3): Red BLACK, Blue, GREEN, Pink, Gold and Brown.
    2022 – Jewel Engine: Red, Yellow, Blue, Pink, Green and Orange (not silver).
    2023 – Megaforce Season 3: Troy Burrows (Andrew Gray) aka Sky Red, Emma Goodall-Burrows (Christina Masterson) aka Sky Pink, Jake Holling (Azim Rizk) aka Land Black, Gia Moran-Holling (Ciara Hanna) aka Land Yellow, Noah Carver (John-Mark Loudermilk) aka Sea Blue, Tina Burrows (Troy’s little sister; Lisa Ramos?) aka Sun Copper and Obadiah Roberts (Emma’s big cousin; Kai Braden?) aka Moon Iron.
    2024 – Based on or off the Untitled Musketeer/Chess Motif Sentai Adaptation: Purple Bishop, Orange Knight Horse, Lime Rook, Red King, Pink Queen, Brass Saint, Platinum Unicorn, Bronze Castle, Black Pawn and White Pawn.
    2025 – Based on or off the Untitled Atlantis Motif Sentai Adaptation: Red Stingray, Black Orca, Blue Shark, Pink Dolphin, Yellow Beluga, Peach Crab and Teal Turtle.
    2026 – Based on or off the Untitled Ancient Egyptian Motif Sentai Adaptation: Red, PINK, WHITE, BLACK, GREEN, and the unnamed Six Sentai/Ranger.
    2027 – Based on or off the Untitled 49th Sentai Adaptation.
    2028 – Based on or off the Untitled Country Western Motif Sentai Adaptation. (The 50th Golden Sentai Anniversary).

  20. PR fans, Ranger wiki has now asked a personal question:
    “Super Sentai 2021 Rumors are coming for the next few months. Which type of team do you want to see?”
    Well, my personal answer shall be “The second heroic heavenly miraculous angel (similar to the Goseiger outfits, helmets, Arsenals, Enhance Mode and mechas aka zords) with three Males (Sky Red, Land Black, and Sea Blue), two females (Sky Pink – the true Heartwarming love interest of Sky Red, and Land Yellow – the true hilarious love interest of Land Black) and two auxiliary heroes (Female Sun Copper and Male Moon Iron).

  21. Me have idea for hasbro to use. Next season be adaptation of kys-ranger. We use all the rangers and call it Stare Forse. Okay gimme money

  22. If Hasbro did choose the kyuranger adaptation as a third space motif (after PR In Space and Lost Galaxy) into the PR franchise, it would have been a safer idea to cut down the amount of superhero team members from 12 (Red, Orange, Blue, Black, Gold, Green, Silver, Yellow, Pink, Purple, Aqua and Crimson) to 8 (Red, Orange, Black, Green, Pink, Purple, Brass and Crimson). But as far as I honestly notice already, Hasbro still didn’t choose the kyuranger to be adapted because of that 12 large cast group (including the fluffy blue outfit and that pointy Yellow helmet danger), or the ToQger because of the unfitable train motif entirely, or the Zyuohger because of the MINECHAFTED cube mechas, or even the Lupinranger Vs Patranger because of the dangerous alcohol scenes (which is not suitable for kids) and even all hat-like helmets, bow-tie-like and tie-link outfits.

  23. Okay that’s it, I just had enough of this confusing nonsense. This whole past obsession about Super Megaforce (which should’ve been called Megaforce Season 2) has got to STOP right here, right now. And the only reason why PR fans don’t like the main cast of Megaforce, but only like Ciara “The Cheater” Hanna and Cameron “The Ranger Girl Stealer” Jerko, is because that Treacherous dirtbaged former producer Mr. Tzachor deliberately messed up and confused this stupid Gokaiger counterparts for them. And worse of all, before Mr. Tzachor finally got fired and never getting re-hired ever again, he actually deliberately betrayed and framed the innocent Andrew Gray, Christina Masterson, Azim Rizk, Ciara Hanna, and John-Mark Loudermilk as Gokaiger wannabes. That is why the PR fans blamed the Megaforce cast (main 5-core cast group that is) for copy Gokaiger counterparts when they should’ve decided to stick to their own Goseiger counterparts or did their own thing in a good and right way.

    So please, for once in your lives, forget about Super Megaforce (including these ridiculous pirate motif outfits, Arsenals, mechas) based on Gokaiger, but remember about the original Megaforce (including these miraculous angel motif outfits, Arsenals, Enhance Modes, mechas) based on Goseiger.

        1. It doesn’t matter. And by the way, cool? What exactly do you mean by that? How could you say “SMF is cool despite its many flaws”, when you know or knew it was the worst season ever made by the idiotic Mr. Tzachor the Terrorised Treacherous scumbag, whom Haim Saban made a mistake for hire that Mr. Tzachor the monster?


          You need to wish that the Gokaiger items (especially pirate outfits, Arsenals & mechas) never appeared and not even happened in the past.

          1. You did not answer my question on what kind Mr Seriousness is. Are you another Mr. in this chat along with Mr. Honesty, Mr. Ultra Concern, and Mr. Greatness?

  24. 1. You mean he is a trailer? As in a movie trailer or a trailer meant for a truck to haul?
    2. Where is your proof?
    3. You mean Benson from Regular Show?

    1. Firstly – I mean, Mr. Tzachor is a traitor, t-r-a-i-t-o-r.
      Secondly – I honestly don’t have proof, I just don’t like Mr. Jebo not even his character and not even his false standard ranger outfit from Gokaiger.

  25. Not on the family-friendly superhero production it doesn’t. LGBTQ is nothing but sick, brain damaging, disgusting, poisonous toxic drug. And most of all, it ruins and destroys everyone and everything.

  26. PR fans, listen up.
    RangerWiki fandom has just up a new question: Which Megaforce is better? – Megaforce (Season 1) or Super Megaforce (Season 2)?

    Well, my rightful answer is: Megaforce Season 1 (Goseiger), but not Super Megaforce.

    1. And remember, there is no standard ranger team as Super Megaforce Rangers (not even based on that Pirate themed Gokaiger), there is only one true standard ranger team as Megaforce Rangers (especially based on that Heroic and miraculous angel themed Goseiger)

      1. Please, enough with that title “Super” already. From now on please just call it “Megaforce Rangers” from PR Megaforce Seasons 1 & 2.

  27. Listen everyone. Some superhero fans said something about the next sentai season for the 45th sapphire anniversary in 2021 like this:
    Ryusoulger- Kyoryuger 2

    Kiramager- Toqger 2

    Sentai 2021 – Ninninger 2

    But I am honestly asking TOEI company to actually make a new sentai season for the 45th sapphire anniversary in actual 2021 like this one:
    Sentai 2021 – Goseiger 2 (Sky Red, Sky Pink – the heartwarming true love interest of Sky Red, Land Black, Land Yellow – the hilarious or tough true love interest of Land Black, and Sea Blue. Plus, new auxiliary heroes such as Sun Copper Ranger, and Moon Iron Ranger).


    Please, this is a nice thing to say, don’t dislike the idea.

  28. Look fans, you all need to stop guessing or stop being obsessed or – better yet – stop thinking about ToQger or LUPAT (Lupinranger vs Patranger) being the next ranger season. You all even need to stop guessing or stop being obsessed or – better yet again – stop thinking about Zyuohger or Kyuranger becoming the PR’s 30th anniversary season, because you all don’t know what the Super sentai’s 45th sapphire anniversary will look like yet. So, please wait and see for either the next month or the next couple of months or even at the end of this year.

    1. And as wise members of the family-friendly superhero production discussed before, ToQger, Zyuohger, Kyuranger and Lupinranger vs Patranger will never work out or fit into the adaptation of PR.

  29. Look, the next sentai season theme that I want to see next year is the epic and miraculous angel theme (the very first was Goseiger back in 2010, ten years ago) for 2021 as the 45th sapphire anniversary entitled “Rokuseiger”, so that it would be adapted into “PR Megaforce Season 3: A Decade After”.

    But, the other sentai theme I don’t want to see for next year in 2021 is the Ninja theme, animal theme, vehicle theme, dinosaurs theme, block theme, Samurai theme, magic theme, Kung fu theme, police theme, video game theme, spy theme, or even the pirate theme.

    So that’s all. 😟

  30. Not “hated”, just “don’t like”. Especially the time when Mr. Jebo, on set, almost stole Christina Masterson from Andrew Gray, in a wrong way.

    Mr. Saban, Mr. Tzachor, and Mr. Jebo knew that Red & Pink are romantically involved, but instead, both Mr. Tzachor and Mr. Jebo together almost brought heartbreak to the Red & Pink Love Story, almost. And if Nicole Jebo (Cameron Jebo’s real life wife) saw her husband almost stolen that Megaforce Pink model/actress from that Megaforce Red Model/Actor, how on earth would that make you all feel?

    Besides, it’s just like I didn’t like the idea of the Gokaiger outfits becoming Super Megaforce outfits (which it was an unwise choice) from that unfaithful Mr. Tzachor himself. Look, the Goseiger aka Original Megaforce outfits are still only belong to the main original Megaforce cast group, not the Gokaiger outfits.

    I think it would be better to let Mr. Jebo go and don’t let the Gokaiger outfits come back in the future ranger series again, because I can’t keep seeing the main Megaforce cast in those Gokaiger outfits forever. It’s making them look like the Gokaiger cast wannabes.

    I still only like Andrew Gray & Christina Masterson as the true Red & Pink Sky Ranger Love Couple in their Goseiger aka Original Megaforce outfits and items, because I’m begging the crew of PR to give these another chance and another opportunity for the possible 30th anniversary in 2023.

  31. Please tell Hasbro not to add Super Megaforce outfits, nor helmets, nor Arsenals, nor zords, nor Megazords (all from Gokaiger) to the Lightning Collection. And again please tell Hasbro to add just the original/standard Megaforce outfits helmets, Arsenals, Animal/Vehicle Hybrid mechazords (all from Goseiger) to the Lightning Collection properly.

    1. Don’t ever call me that. And by the way, Hasbro never said that.

      And that would be both Jonathan Tzachor and Cameron Jebo talking jealousy (who I don’t wanna talk about anymore).

      So stop relying on Cameron Jebo or Super Mega failure show, and move on.

        1. Power Rangers NOW! YOU WILL NOT FAIL THIS CITY! I AM BACK! Power Rangers Beast Morphers is back with New episodes! There’s a New Reiwa Super Sentai and the 45th Annivesary of the Super Sentai Series 2021. Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger!

      1. How can you love Super Megaforce, Jonathan Tzachor and Cameron Jebo, when these 2 selfish men actually almost brought death to the PR franchise?

  32. Proof Steel is the Jesus Christ of Power Rangers:

    1. Nate created his brother Steel on his own the same way Virgin Mary gave birth to Jesus
    2. The trio of Rangers who were around when Steel was born is the equivalent to the three wise men
    3. Steel was a lover of nature, the same way Jesus was
    4. Both of them have made miracles
    5. In a way, him having his meal as Nate is the equivalent to the Last Supper
    6. He died to stop Evox the same way Jesus died for our sins
    7. Was resurrected like Jesus was at the end of the series

    Oh and if that wasn’t enough, Evox is the devil disguised as the serpent in the Garden of Eden, which is Grid Battleforce. Him corrupting Blaze and Roxy is like the apple corrupting Adam and Eve, and God is likely the Morphin Grid.

    1. It’s Not Gay! It’s a Super Sentai Anniversary season. Zenkaiger like GoRanger, Kikaider, JAKQ Dengekitai & Zyuranger.

  33. Look, you all need to forget about the whole failure of “Super Megaforce” thing, forget about all the video images of “Super Megaforce”, and forget about the Super Mega Mode outfits aka false standard ranger outfits (Gokaiger), because I knew Mr. Tzachor made you all be obsessed with the past. 😐😑

  34. When I heard that the 5 main cast of Megaforce together weren’t involved in the PR franchise, they meant that they weren’t coming back for a team up special in the second season of Dino Charge or Ninja Steel or even Beast Morpher, but I’m not quite sure about the second season of Dino Fury. But if Hasbro would just give Andrew Gray as Troy Burrows aka Red Sky Ranger, Christina Masterson as Emma Goodall-Burrows aka Pink Sky Ranger, Azim Rizk as Jake Holling aka Black Land Ranger, Ciara Hanna as Gia Moran-Holling aka Yellow Land Ranger and John-Mark Loudermilk as Noah Carver aka Blue Sea Ranger another chance and another opportunity, once Hasbro would make and shift the new PR season to Discovery Family for 2023 as the Megaforce’s 1 official decade and as the PR’s 30th Pearl Anniversary.

    Plus, it is a good, kind, understandable point to me.

    1. Power Rangers Megaforce Season 3: A Decade After (both a possible TV Movie and a TV season) 2023. ☺😊😆😇😃😄😁😂😉🙏

      Troy and Emma 💑💏👫
      Jake and Gia 💑💏👫

  35. I only ship straight ranger couples, in the right and good and even a clean way, such as this (including a male Red & a female Pink):
    Jason & Kimberly – Jimberly (Mighty Morphin Red & Pink),
    Tommy & Katherine – Katommy (Zeo Red & Pink),
    TJ & Cassie (Turbo Red & Turbo/Space Pink),
    Leo & Karone – Leone (Galaxy Red & Pink),
    Carter & Dana – Cana (Lightspeed Red & Pink),
    Wes & Jen – Wen (Time Force Red & Pink),
    Mack & Rose – Mase (Overdrive Red & Pink),
    TROY & EMMA – TREMMA (Red & Pink Sky Ranger Love Couple, Seasons 1 & 2. Plus, either Season 3 or a new Tremma Spin-Off Season for 2023),
    Tyler & Shelby – Tylby (Dino Charge Red & Pink),
    Brody & Sarah – Sarody (Ninja Steel Red & Pink), and
    Zayto & Amelia – Zamelia (Dino Fury Red & Pink).

  36. Who knew Sentai Fanboys would love to fap with their toys. Just as bad as MMPRtards still fapping off to Kimberly or Trini or Aisha or Katherine…

  37. David Yost is useless these days. All he does is act like he cares and puts shopping carts away. What a shrimp.

    1. That sums up most MMPR actors who aren’t like ASJ or JDF. Though to the credit of Walter Jones, he at least has a hot chick who is also thicc

    1. An abridged version of Jason’s quote from Grid Connection, a decent team-up episode from the pretty good season Beast Morphers.

  38. Hey there, the ranger fans posted their comments about “How to fix the PR Megaforce (and I really mean Megaforce Seasons 1 & 2) Series. So, here it is.

    Remove all the first 15 unadapted sentai outfits, plus the 17th and 35th sentai outfits, and only Use all 17 PR outfits (officially adapted).

    More Episodes and make those episodes more longer

    Kill Noah and Orion.

    Ranger Cameos in Season 1 and 2

    Once A Ranger Sorta Team Up as the Anniversary Team Up.

    Troy, Noah, Emma, Jake, Gia need their backstories and not just the Sixth and auxiliary Rangers.

    Legendary Battle being more Original

    A New Year Special Only in Megaforce S2.

    1. There’s honestly more from another ranger fan, who says this:

      “The things I would change in Mega and Super Megaforce which would make me like them better:

      Make Troy’s character more understandable. Have him to express his soft, sensitive sides more, like in the episode “Emperor Mavro”, he bought the concert tickets for everyone. I would’ve added more events and scenes like that to show that he’s not an insensible person so that people don’t misunderstand him.

      Make Troy and Emma the Primary Red & Pink Sky Love Couple ship of the entire series and keep Orion OUT OF IT, so that he doesn’t come in between them ever again.

      Keep Jake’s character consistent and not make him fight in such a goofy way in the Megaforce series.

      Improve Gia’s character and not give the impression of her being “perfect”. And keep room for her character development.

      Not make Noah look like a stereotypically lame and weak nerd in Megaforce. I mean, nerds and geeks have been treated in a better way in PR!

      Not giving Orion too much pity for his loss.

      Add more US original footage.

      And last but not least, make the stories for the episodes more original than just copying the Sentai counterparts’ stories.”

  39. You disrespectful people are so disgusting and wrong about each 2 guys.

    In case you have lost your minds, Troy and Robo Knight are best friends and are like pure brothers; Emma and Gia are pure adopted sisters; Jake and Noah are best friends; and plus Noah is like a pure brother to Emma and Gia.

    Straight (between 1 man & 1 woman) means everything to the whole world in a very pure clean way.

  40. Where’s the Beast-X King Zord at? Sucks we have to pay like a bit extra to obtain Red and Gold it’s even worse that a Beast-X King Zord doesn’t even exist.

  41. My girlfriend dumped me when I sold her car to buy all the toys from Sentai and Rider…now I have no home and my phone’a at around 6% of power…

  42. Anyone know where I can get the audio from the Dino Fury trailer? I know it’s Go Go Power Rangers like always, but anyone know where I can find it?

  43. Also someone asked Database Ranger about Netflix being underfire for Cuties and he pretty much defended its “message” 🤣

    1. It’s not on Esse’s channel anymore; either the livestreams get taken down like always, they had technical issues, or that one guy’s comment leading to their defense on Cuties will end up biting them in the ass.

  44. I have an confession to make. Zenkaiger may have been revealed as a whole new sentai team, but frankly, I now don’t like the way it looks after seeing the first look of Zenkaiger. Plus, the number “45” on the front of their new helmets.
    So I really DON’T think it will be adapted into the 30th Pearl Anniversary Season of PR, unfortunately. In fact, I don’t want Zenkaiger to be adapted into the 30th Pearl Anniversary Season of PR at all, since Zenkaiger is already to be the actual homage to both Gorenger and JAKO.

    1. Yeah it’s like they wanted to make it too much like a parody. Thankfully hasbro may do new and better ideas

        1. And hopefully Hasbro will make the 3rd season of Megaforce entitled: “Power Rangers Megaforce S3: A Decade After” by giving Andrew Gray and his only real life love interest Christina Masterson another opportunity and another chance to reveal the rest of their backstories, honest explanation, and most of all, their Straight Red & Pink Sky Ranger Love Story for 2023. Plus, both their family-friendly superhero TV show and TV Movies if possible.

    1. Well PR right now isn’t In Space-RPM good but I know what you mean. I hope Dino fury’s even better than Beast Morphers. Zenkaiger, though, good grief is it stupid as hell

  45. What about the new main supervillains along with their new footsoliders (which reminds me of the X-Borgs) in Zenkaiger? Don’t they have better designs or what?

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