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Power Rangers NOW To Celebrate 25 Powerful Years

New Power Rangers episodes on hiatus? No problem. Let’s spend the summer re-living 25 powerful years!

On August 28, 1993, one of the world’s most beloved superhero franchises was born: the Power Rangers.

By having fun, preaching positive values, and taking down bad guys in spandex of every color, the Power Rangers captivated audiences worldwide. While some fans discovered their passion for these superheroes on day 1, others found their entry point into the bandwagon at a later stage in the series’ 25-year history.

Yet no matter when the Power Rangers brought you in, one thing’s remained consistent:

For 25 years, Power Rangers has inspired people of all ages.
For 25 years, Power Rangers has proven that anyone can be a superhero.
For 25 years, Power Rangers has shown that when teams come together, anything is possible.

For the next 23 weeks, we’ll celebrate all 25 years that have made this franchise so extraordinary. All across Power Rangers NOW’s social media, we’ll re-live scenes, engage fans, and go down memory lane as we honor every team in the Power Rangers legacy.

Each of us has that season that gave us that warm, special feeling no matter when we became a fan. It’s time to commemorate that feeling once again.

Check out the full celebration schedule below, which culminates with the grand 25th birthday of Power Rangers on August 28, 2018.

• March 19 – March 25 • Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
• March 26 – April 1 • Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
• April 2 – April 8 • Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers
• April 9 – April 15 • Power Rangers Zeo
• April 16 – April 22 • Power Rangers Turbo
• April 23 – April 29 • Power Rangers In Space
• April 30 – May 6 • Power Rangers Lost Galaxy
• May 7 – May 13 • Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue
• May 14 – May 20 • Power Rangers Time Force
• May 21 – May 27 • Power Rangers Wild Force
• May 28 – June 3 • Power Rangers Ninja Storm
• June 4 – June 10 • Power Rangers Dino Thunder
• June 11 – June 17 • Power Rangers S.P.D.
• June 18 – June 24 • Power Rangers Mystic Force
• June 25 – July 1 • Power Rangers Operation Overdrive
• July 2 – July 8 • Power Rangers Jungle Fury
• July 9 – July 15 • Power Rangers RPM
• July 23 – July 29 • Power Rangers Samurai
• July 30 – August 5 • Power Rangers Megaforce
• August 6 – August 12 • Power Rangers Dino Charge
• August 20 – August 26 • Power Rangers Ninja Steel

Be sure to follow Power Rangers NOW on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook as we celebrate 25 powerful years across our entire social media footprint.

Throughout the celebration, we ensure you won’t lose access to all the Power Rangers news you’ve come to follow us for.

It’s been an amazing run for our teenagers with attitude, who have only made it this far because of the unwavering support of its incredibly passionate fan base.

Thank you all for keeping Power Rangers alive. Thank you all for being a part of this incredible 25 year legacy. Thank you all for being Power Rangers fans.

Let’s do this!

24 thoughts on “Power Rangers NOW To Celebrate 25 Powerful Years

  1. Every team of Power Rangers always had something special to share with fans whether it was a lot or just a few people. All of the Power Ranger teams at least for me have inspired smart thinking, teamwork, kindness, creativity, and most of all, friendship! Power Rangers throughout the years have all been such great friends which really makes them special. I can’t wait to celebrate 25 years during the summer and I’m really excited for when Beast Morphers joins the Power Ranger family!

  2. I got one question:
    Why is it still called “Beast Morphers”? Can’t they quickly change the name title into “Gear Beast”? Because for me, it makes sense to me.

      1. Someone (with a profile name, DisneyEraPRLover) said “Skip Megaforce”. I wanna know why someone said that.

  3. i think in power rangers super ninja steel episode nine we would see the appearance of a few previous power rangers assist the team maybe we can introduce either the blaze megazord or the dinosaur megazord with the help of keeper or something else maybe the rangers find a fossilized t Rex and one of the ninja power stars attach to it similar to the drone sub used to make the sub surfer.

    1. Hey!!! It’s Cameron Jebo aka Ca-Moron Jerko who must be Skip, because I hate looking at his face all the time.

    2. And tell me something – Why do everybody always love the Perfect Ciara Hanna and her annoying brother Cameron Jebo, when other people don’t love the rest of the Megaforce Cast?

    3. Besides, it’s Cameron Jebo aka Ca-Moron Jerko who must be Skip forever, because I can’t stand him and that stupid, unfitted gokaiger items (you know, Zords, Arsenals and suits).

  4. I was fortunate to be able to see Day of The Dumpster back in 1993 and it quickly shaped my childhood and for that I’m forever grateful. I remember collecting some of the toys, going to school as the red ranger in the 4th grade (I believe it was for Halloween if I remember that right) etc. 25 years later I have seasons 1-23 on dvd as well as the music on my mp3. I am a true Power Ranger fan at heart and look forward to celebrating the 25th anniversary!

  5. Everyone, including PR NOW website, if you wanna skip the whole Megaforce series next week then so be it.

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