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Power Rangers Oversized Pins Released By Lineage Studios

It’s Morphin Time (again!) at Lineage Studios!

The consumer goods company who focuses on creating collectible products for your favorite brands is tapping back into Mighty Morphin Power Rangers for their brand new line of Over-Sized pins!

Each Over-Sized pin models the design of the company’s previously released Portrait pin collection, which features select Power Rangers characters, their upper torso, and primary weapon.

Although the Over-Sized pins will model the style of Lineage Studios’ Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Portrait pins, the final product will be even bigger, fitting for the line’s first two releases: the original Megazord (seen above) and Dragonzord (seen below).

As of January 2020, the Tigerzord will also join the collection (seen below)!

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These three Megazords will join Lineage Studios’ previous releases of Lord Zedd, the Ranger Slayer, Power Rangers Beast Morphers, and more into the company’s quickly expanding Power Rangers pin collection.

All three Megazord pins can be ordered now on Lineage Studios’ website. Click here to order!

Each pin retails at $20.

The pins will come with a chain link that gives buyers the option to attach the character’s primary weapon to the torso. The chain link can be removed allowing the pieces to be displayed separately.

Each pin will come made out of hard enamel, with a 3/4 portrait size of each character.

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23 thoughts on “Power Rangers Oversized Pins Released By Lineage Studios

  1. Hey folks, I still have already discovered why Go-Busters wasn’t adapted yet. So, I’ll tell you this straight away.

      1. True, but that’s not all I’m saying. What I’m really saying is that, the real reason why Go-Busters (you know, with the main 3-core team) wasn’t adapted yet, was because both the official anniversary (Megaforce Season 1) and the post-anniversary (Megaforce Season 2) still had the main 5-core team in that series right through both the pre-anniversary (Ninja Steel) and the official anniversary (Super Ninja Steel). And now that the official anniversary is over, we’re already seeing Go-Busters being adapted into PR Beast Morpher Seasons 1 & 2, starting with the main 3-core team. Oh, I almost forgot. I found out that the PR franchise didn’t actually SKIPPED the Go-Busters adaptation, they actually SAVED it for the future 2019-2020, because the Go-Busters aka Beast Morpher Rangers look awesomely futuristic.

        OK, end of good story.

        P.S. have I honestly got it right or wrong?

  2. PR Cinematic Universe! (Fun Fan-Made)
    2013-2014 – Megaforce S1-S2: Red, Pink, Black, Yellow, Blue, Aluminium and Bronze.
    2015-2016 – Dino Charge (Super): Red, BLACK, Blue, GREEN, Pink, GOLD, Graphite, Purple, Aqua and SILVER.
    2017-2018 – Ninja Steel (Super): Red, PINK, Blue, Yellow, WHITE and Gold.
    2019-2020 – Beast Morpher S1-S2: Red, Blue, Yellow, GOLD, SILVER.
    2021 – Dino Fury (Season 3): Red BLACK, Blue, GREEN, Pink, Gold and Brown.
    2022 – Jewel Engine: Red, Yellow, Blue, Pink, Green and Pearl.
    2023 – Megaforce Season 3: Troy Burrows (Andrew Gray) aka Sky Red, Emma Goodall-Burrows (Christina Masterson) aka Sky Pink, Jake Holling (Azim Rizk) aka Land Black, Gia Moran-Holling (Ciara Hanna) aka Land Yellow, Noah Carver (John-Mark Loudermilk) aka Sea Blue, Tina Burrows (Troy’s little sister; Lisa Ramos?) aka Sun Copper and Obadiah Roberts (Emma’s big cousin; Kai Braden?) aka Moon Iron.
    2024 – Based on or off the Untitled Musketeer/Chess Motif Sentai Adaptation: Purple Bishop, Orange Knight Horse, Lime Rook, Red King, Pink Queen, Brass Saint, Platinum Unicorn, Bronze Castle, Black Pawn and White Pawn.
    2025 – Based on or off the Untitled Atlantic Motif Sentai Adaptation: Red Stingray, Black Orca, Blue Shark, Pink Dolphin, Yellow Beluga, Peach Crab and Teal Turtle.
    2026 – Based on or off the Untitled 48th Sentai Adaptation.
    2027 – Based on or off the Untitled 49th Sentai Adaptation.
    2028 – Based on or off the Untitled Country Western Motif Sentai Adaptation (The 50th Golden Sentai Anniversary).

      1. Oh, and a new idea thought for Hasbro’s PR 2026 Based on or off the TOEI and Reiwa Era’s Untitled 48th Sentai Adaptation would be Egyptian Motif. Is that a great idea?
        Please let me know down the comments below.

  3. Do either of you really think that there is gonna be a new sentai season for 2021 entitled “Minzou Sentai Ninjaranger”?
    True or false?

    1. Wait a minute, it appears that there’s been a change of circumstances. There is no new sentai season entitled – Ninjaranger. But now there is a new sentai season as the 45th sapphire anniversary for 2021 entitled – ZENKAIGER.

  4. Legendary Rangers:
    01. Mighty Morphin Rangers (1993-1995)
    02. Aquitar Rangers (1996.a)
    03. Zeo Rangers (1996.b)
    04. Turbo Rangers (1997)
    05. Space Rangers (1998)
    06. Galaxy Rangers (1999)
    07. Lightspeed Rangers (2000)
    08. Time Force Rangers (2001)
    09. Wild Force Rangers (2002)
    10. Ninja Storm Rangers (2003)
    11. Dino Thunder Rangers (2004)
    12. SPD Rangers (2005)
    13. Titan Rangers (2006)
    14. Overdrive Rangers (2007)
    15. Jungle Fury Rangers (2008)
    16. RPM Rangers (2009)
    17. Grand Shogun Rangers (2011.b-2012.a)
    19. Dino Charge Rangers (2015-2016)
    20. Ninja Steel Rangers (2017-2018)
    21. Beast Morpher Rangers (2019-2020)
    22. Dino Fury Rangers (2021-2022)

    Current Ranger Team:
    18. MEGAFORCE RANGERS (2013-2014, 2023!!!)

  5. Legendary Dino Rangers Quadrilogy:
    Mighty Morphin Rangers,
    Dino Thunder Rangers &
    Dino Fury Rangers.

    Legendary Ninja Rangers Trilogy:
    Aquitar Rangers,
    Ninja Storm Rangers &
    Ninja Steel Rangers.

    Legendary Universe Rangers:
    Space Rangers &
    Galaxy Rangers.

    Legendary Futuristic Rangers Trilogy:
    Time Force Rangers,
    SPD Rangers &
    Hyperforce Rangers.

    Legendary Dimension Rangers:
    RPM Rangers &
    Beast Morpher Rangers.

    1. Pardon me, but let me rephrase the first point.

      Legendary Dino Rangers Quadrilogy:
      Mighty Morphin Rangers,
      Dino Thunder Rangers,
      Dino Charge Rangers &
      Dino Fury Rangers.

      There, that ought to do it.

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  7. Hello Superhero fans, here’s another step of fixing the Megaforce series for the Hasbro Era.

    Give the original main 5-core Megaforce rangers the actual backstories

    Give Troy some best emotions

    Make the final battle with the legendary rangers longer and bring more of the actors from the 1st decade of ranger superheroes back.

    For the rest of the Megaforce series, I would make the series less dependent on the SS counterpart: add more US original footage, develop the characters in a more consistent way, make Troy (Andrew Gray) and Emma (Christina Masterson) the primary romantic Red & Pink Sky Ranger Love Couple ship of the entire series.

    I’m sure that will make it way more better for Hasbro.

  8. With Zenkaiger happening in 2021 during the 45th sapphire anniversary, I think the new sentai team, Zenkaiger, might have an all new 3 Males (White, Red and Yellow) and 2 Females (Pink and Aqua, you know, light version of Blue). Shall we wait and see if it’s true or false?

  9. Wait everyone, let me rephrase something one final time.

    Legendary Dino Rangers Quadrilogy:
    Mighty Morphin Rangers,
    Dino Thunder Rangers,
    Dino Charge Rangers &
    Dino Fury Rangers.

    Legendary Ninja Rangers Trilogy:
    Aquitar Rangers,
    Ninja Storm Rangers &
    Ninja Steel Rangers.

    Legendary Universe Rangers Trilogy:
    Space Rangers,
    Galaxy Rangers &
    SPD (Space Patrol Delta) Rangers.

    Legendary Animal Rangers Trilogy:
    Wild Force Rangers,
    Jungle Fury Rangers (Ranger forms only now) &
    Beast Morpher Rangers.

    Legendary Racing Rangers:
    Turbo Rangers &
    RPM Rangers.

    Legendary Futuristic Rangers:
    Time Force Rangers &
    Hyperforce Rangers.

    Now that is all!

  10. Please,
    Power Rangers’ 30th Pearl Anniversary 1993-2023; plus PR Megaforce’s 10th official Anniversary along with its new and actual final Megaforce ranger season – Power Rangers Megaforce Season 3: A Decade After with 37 episodes and 2 special TV Movies in 2023 at the same time.

  11. Firstly, Thank you very much.

    Secondly, the question people were asking “Is PR Dino Fury Season 2 moving to its new network channel – Discovery Family – or staying on Nickelodeon in 2022?” So now my 100% personal answer is this “My 100% Number #1 opinion and agreement for PR Dino Fury Season 2 will be moving to “DISCOVERY FAMILY” in 2022.

    Thirdly, Another question is “What do you think?”

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