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Power Rangers Re-Casts Through The Years

After today’s shocking news that the role of the Yellow Ninja Steel Ranger had been re-cast, it seemed like a good time to remind fans that re-casts are nothing new to the Power Rangers franchise.

Over the years, many major characters have had their actors re-cast at various stages of development. Here are 6 of the major re-casts through the years:


  • Audri DuBois was originally cast as Trini in Mighty Morphin’. She even filmed a pilot episode before Thuy Trang was re-cast.
  • Erin Simms was originally cast as Maya in Lost Galaxy. She did some promotional shots before Cerina Vincent was re-cast.
  • Sandra McCoy was originally cast as Alyssa in Wild Force. She was later moved to the role of Kendall before Jessica Rey was re-cast.
  • Natasha Allas was originally cast as Princess Shayla in Wild Force. She shot 5 episodes before Ann Marie Crouch was re-cast.
  • Heidi Bradhurt was originally cast as Summer in RPM. She was later dropped to become an extra before Rose McIver was re-cast.
  • Now, Chantz Simpson was originally cast as Calvin in Ninja Steel. He made his appearance at Morphicon and flew to New Zealand before Nico Greetham was re-cast.

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