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Power Rangers Re-Casts Through The Years

After today’s shocking news that the role of the Yellow Ninja Steel Ranger had been re-cast, it seemed like a good time to remind fans that re-casts are nothing new to the Power Rangers franchise.

Over the years, many major characters have had their actors re-cast at various stages of development. Here are 6 of the major re-casts through the years:


  • Audri DuBois was originally cast as Trini in Mighty Morphin’. She even filmed a pilot episode before Thuy Trang was re-cast.
  • Erin Simms was originally cast as Maya in Lost Galaxy. She did some promotional shots before Cerina Vincent was re-cast.
  • Sandra McCoy was originally cast as Alyssa in Wild Force. She was later moved to the role of Kendall before Jessica Rey was re-cast.
  • Natasha Allas was originally cast as Princess Shayla in Wild Force. She shot 5 episodes before Ann Marie Crouch was re-cast.
  • Heidi Bradhurt was originally cast as Summer in RPM. She was later dropped to become an extra before Rose McIver was re-cast.
  • Now, Chantz Simpson was originally cast as Calvin in Ninja Steel. He made his appearance at Morphicon and flew to New Zealand before Nico Greetham was re-cast.


  1. about pink rangers re-cast too. true on power rangers turbo patricia ja lee wasn’t originally cast as cassie .there had been another cassie pink ranger. maybe unnamed actor as cassie recast now patricia ja lee as cassie. no one cares about pink rangers now.

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