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Power Rangers Reveals New LGBT Hero

The Power Rangers franchise is inducting its second-ever LGBT hero.

Ellarien, the Solar Ranger from BOOM! Studios’ Power Rangers comic book series, has officially been revealed as the brand’s newest LGBT character. The announcement comes on the heels of the character’s addition to the Power Rangers: Legacy Wars mobile fighting game designed by nWay.

While the character was never stated to be LGBT during her run in the comic book series, her character bio from the video confirms that her girlfriend was a character named Remi.

When Ellarien was given stewardship of the Solarix, she was unable to fully control its power. She eventually became able to tame it only by sharing the power and burden amongst herself, her girlfriend Remi, and others who became the Solar Rangers.

The Solar Ranger has never appeared in the Power Rangers TV show or toy line, but has been a popular addition to the franchise since first appearing in the Power Rangers: Beyond The Grid comic book storyline written by Marguerrite Bennett.

The first LGBT hero in the Power Rangers franchise was the 2017 theatrical version of Trini Kwan, portrayed by actress Becky G., in Lionsgate’s Saban’s Power Rangers feature film.

Ellarien’s coming out comes after recent superhero franchises including Marvel have also announced LGBT additions of their own, including Tessa Thompson’s Valkeryie.

Fans will have to stay tuned to see if Hasbro has any plans to incorporate the Solar Ranger into any future forms of media.

The post-SHATTERED GRID storyline, titled “Beyond The Grid”, followed a new team of Rangers – Andros (Red Ranger, Power Rangers In Space), Mike (Magna Defender, Power Rangers Lost Galaxy), Tanya (Yellow Ranger, Power Rangers Zeo), Cam (Green Ranger, Power Rangers Ninja Storm), Ranger Slayer, and the mysterious Talon Ranger (now named the Dark Ranger) from Power Rangers Dino Charge.

The story was written by writer Margurite Bennett, and designed by artist Simone De Meo.

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37 thoughts on “Power Rangers Reveals New LGBT Hero

  1. Valkyrie was only gay in a scene that was REMOVED from Thor: Laffalot (so much for that Future is Female crap, Feige!)

    Also while one can say it was nice to have Trini be an LGBT heroine, you can’t help but admit that it was a small step anf not something fully explored beyond the writers wanting to get some form of word of mouth for a movie that people say they loved but didn’t support in the box office.

  2. Valkayrie’s sexuality will be explored in the recently announced “Thor: Love and Thunder”, the fourth in the Thor series.

  3. Why does the media make such a big deal out of people sexuality this past 5 years , we’ve had plenty of lgb characters throughout live action and the pages of comic book. She is not exploring her sexuality she is looking for a queen as she the king of asgardian. It’s as simple as that . This article damage LGBT becoming normalised because the slightest hint of anything and the right an article. The other important thing is a relationship doesn’t define your sexuality, there are plenty of characters throughout MCU that have never talked about their romantic interested. This article get pushed to stir the pot between people on both sides of the issue. The anti LGBT think it’s some agenda some of members of the LGBT community assume it’s pandering to get this “pink”pound, but in reality seeing a gay couple on screen isn’t any different that seeing an interracial couple on screen .like could you imagine if articles were still wrote about interracial couples like these ones. What people don’t seam to release is the world isn’t run by all straight male , writers ,directors , producers are all diversire the write from experience. Most people have LGBT friends ,or family. Take young justice last weekends ago. the newly appointed aquaman just interested his boyfriend to the team like it was an every day casual thing, which is how it’s handle in real life .

  4. It because inclusion it ther more variety in a brand or company it more polite to get approved or not toss to the shadow plus I don’t see the idea of just having a character in a movie or show to feel included I don’t think that I think you need to appeal to the character not feel it you I gat many favorite between movies and show and brand so it not going to change even if the make him love someone in his same sex or make him change it sexually it like you experimenting mode most of your live you choose you balance so if you ok with who your are what you like no matter how the chance it it just

  5. Who cares about someone’s sexual preference?! Stop making a big deal over who people sleep with…i truly don’t give a fuk

    1. Finally, someone with common sense. These perverts want everything to be oversexualized, soon they’re gonna say the power is female or whatever.

  6. A person isn’t defined by their sexuality. There isn’t a need to make a big deal about who they’re interested in. If they’re straight then great. If they’re gay then great. Unless you’re having a scene similar to that of Tommy and Kim when he gets killed by Drakkon then no need to bring it up. It also shouldn’t be done just to pander to an audience that probably doesn’t read comics anyway. At least the writers aren’t acting like JK Rowling and just saying already established characters are gay now, aside from the movie but no one cares about that one. My point is her sexuality doesn’t matter.

  7. Why is it every show and now every commercial has to add a gay couple. It is getting ridiculous that this has to happen. Some of us don’t want to see 2 men or 2 women holding hands kissing or making out. Especially in shows aimed for kids.

    1. Because you’ve clearly demonstrated you’re a homophobe?

      The shows don’t have any gay characters so you can pump your brakes, these specific comics aren’t geared towards kids either.

      The movie, which was geared towards teens had a very brief line where Trini mentioned relationship troubles, the way it was worded was also very subtle and kids aren’t even going to pick up on it.

      No hand holding or kissing involved.

      So clearly you haven’t watched or read any of the content, so the fact that you’re complaining when they’re not seeing a dime from you anyway is irrelevant.

      So why don’t you go peddle your intolerance and hate somewhere else.

  8. Really would enjoy NOT seeing this stuff in my news feed anymore. It’s all so very beaten down. Biology wins in the end. Man was meant to be with a woman. However if people live a different life than that, why does it have to be spayed OVER AND OVER AND OVER in faces? What people chose to do with there lives is up too them. Really, it’s not my business. If someone has different beliefs then me, I dont believe in bullying or mistreating. Why cant people leave it at that? Why?

  9. All you Neanderthals that cant except a character being LGBT is ridiculous. people like to see themselves represented, sorry but your straight agenda to curb change is not working. people say I don’t need to be beaten over the head with it, how do you think we (LGBT) feel about all your straight people and your constant PDA. of the number of people/characters in the franchise, statistically, there should be more, so take that as a win and STFU.

  10. I hate everyone that is GAY or LESBIAN. I’m the true definiton of a homophobic. The world would be a better place without Fa*gotts and D*kes

  11. Nope. I’m out. This is sickening and gross! Why? Why is it on children shows now?

    I will still watch the TV Power Rangers, but if they add just one, I’m done.

  12. I honestly can say this is just ridiculous. Power Rangers is primarily aimed at children and to put this $hit in the comics, next this type of trash will be on the TV show too just wait. I love some of the ideas and characters the PR comics put out, but this will just keep me away from even looking at a PR comic again. Next it will be a transexual ranger and so on and so on. This crap just does not stop. Putting ideas like this in kids heads to me, is unforgivable. Why you say? Because it will just get worse from here, look at every single TV show now, 98% of modern TV is unbearable to watch. I have loved Power Rangers my entire life and to see this start in the comics worries me about the future of the TV show, even though the best has already past.

    I’m done with this and wont be back to this article so the people that are okay with this, don’t bother starting some type of debate or what have you, because I wont read it.

    1. They should either get rid of ALL romantic subplots or add more representation. Going by your logic, kids shows shouldn’t have any romance in them at all (which, yes why would you put in any sort of romance when kids don’t really want to see that). There’s too much straight romantic subplots in kids shows, might as well get rid of them. Some of them are so forced anyways, and kids could care less about who gets with who. You wanna keep your straight relationships in kids shows, why not LGBTQ relationships?

  13. Its not the gender or sexual orientation of a character that matters. A character should be judged by their actions and how they grow. While a character can be gay or trans, it shouldn’t be the only feature that makes them who they are. Otherwise there’d be nothing else to say.

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