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Power Rangers Shaker Bottles Revealed

It’s time to power up your favorite supplement drink! Mighty Morphin Power Rangers shaker bottles are on the way!

Power Rangers is teaming up with Gamma Labs, maker of the popular G Fuel energy drink, to create a family of Power Rangers themed supplement shakers.

The line will feature the original five Power Rangers (Red, Blue, Black, Yellow, Pink) as well as a sixth and larger design that will sport the team’s mighty Megazord.

The shaker bottles will be released exclusively at San Diego Comic Con 2018 – the popular sci-fi/pop culture convention kicking off on July 18, 2018. Gamma Labs will be teaming up with Lionsgate, where fans can find the bottles for sale at the film studio’s show floor booth.

Go go to San Diego Comic Con, and go go Power Rangers – it’s time to power up your bodybuilding supplements, mixable beverages, and more like never before!

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  1. No awesome I want those energy drink feel like a real power ranger next bottle shaker is green and white and sale it at target Walmart dollar tree plus 99 cent only store everywhere rangers forever

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