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Power Rangers Shattered Grid Finale Spoiler-Free Review

This review for Power Rangers: Shattered Grid Finale from BOOM! Studios is SPOILER-FREE. The story goes on sale August 29, 2018.

King (noun) – A male monarch of a major territorial unit.

In March 2016, a man set out on a journey to create the most rich, satisfying Power Rangers story that time had ever told. Along his journey, he built new characters that would quickly transcend Power Rangers lore, such as Lord Drakkon. He dug deep into franchise mythology to bring new meaning to classic characters, such as the Morphin Masters. And he shattered the Power Rangers universe in an attempt to create one of the most ambitious crossovers that the brand had ever witnessed.

Power Rangers: Shattered Grid Finale, the final story told as part of the aforementioned journey, is an incredible triumph. One that leaves no doubt that the man who once set out on a journey, finished his journey as a king – a king of storytelling, and a king of a major territorial unit that in this case, is the Power Rangers franchise.

Power Rangers: Shattered Grid Finale starts off with immediate action. Serpentera is back, and every one of your favorite heroes from the past 25 television seasons plays a part in the high-octane action. Even fans of teams that exist outside of the television show’s 25-year legacy will walk away pleased as Power Rangers Hyperforce plays an integral role in the final battle for survival.

The end result? One of the most fascinating, colorful battles in franchise history, and one of the coolest Zord transformations ever to be conceived as told by writer Kyle Higgins.

Yet make no mistake, with 47 pages of incredible storytelling, Power Rangers: Shattered Grid Finale is more than just a series of explosions in the battle against Serpentera. Readers will be taken deep into the shattered state of the Morphin Grid, a powerful source that’s quickly becoming a hot commodity across all of the brands’ mediums. It’s here that they’ll experience an array of emotions ranging from confusion, to disbelief, to shock as the story progresses.

Where Power Rangers: Shattered Grid Finale really shines is in exploring the mental state of Lord Drakkon. As a villain of his magnitude has amassed so much power, what state of mind is the alternate reality version of Tommy Oliver truly in? Is he haunted by the actions of his past? Is his ego able to keep up with the pace at which he’s risen to success? These are deep questions to ask of any human being, fictional or not, that Higgins isn’t afraid to explore.

But the absolute best part of Power Rangers: Shattered Grid Finale? Realizing that every issue matters. Every single BOOM! Studios Power Rangers story you’ve bought up to this point matters as Higgins does a phenomenal job of weaving together every part of the Power Rangers comic book universe. That includes the Free Comic Book Day issue, and Ryan Parrot’s ongoing Saban’s Go Go Power Rangers comic book series.

Long time readers will walk away feeling that their months spent following this comic book series have paid off, guaranteed.

Power Rangers: Shattered Grid Finale is the ultimate resolution to a story arc that at times, seemed too ambitious to have a resolution. Fans will feel pleased, content, and satisfied as the biggest Power Rangers crossover of all time ties up all of its loose ends while taking readers on a wild, twist turning ending for the ages.

Power Rangers: Shattered Grid Finale Main Cover by Jamal Campbell.

On the artwork front, artist Daniele Di Nicuolo continues to deliver on the rich drawings he’s become known for. Depicting fierce battles, psychological tussles, and special callbacks to previous issues isn’t easy, but Di Nicuolo succeeds as he’s done so throughout his entire Shattered Grid run.

With colors by Walter Baiamonte, fans of Shattered Grid’s visuals are in for some of the story’s best work yet.

So where do things go from here? The answer to that awaits as Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #31 kicks off the next story arc titled ‘Beyond The Grid’. Fans will be treated to a minor tease of what’s to come, but make no mistake, they’ll be left with more questions than answers when it comes the comic book series’ future – set to be helmed by new writer Marguerite Bennett.

We know that ‘Beyond The Grid’ will leave our heroes in a sadistic, twisted reality, so how exactly will we reach that dark fantasy? Let the speculating begin.

In his final story told, Kyle Higgins wraps up the Shattered Grid saga as masterfully as any fan could ever ask.

Kyle Higgins exits the franchise, for now, proving that he is that aforementioned king.


Kyle Higgins exits the Power Rangers franchise a king, as Power Rangers: Shattered Grid Finale resolves one of the franchise’s most ambitious stories with shocking twists, jaw-dropping moments, and a wild ride that some once thought could never be possible.

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  1. Someone should tell you but you are a great writer. The way you drew out the king reference was beautifully done. I can’t wait to buy this issue.

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