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Power Rangers: Soul Of The Dragon Announced

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Tommy Oliver’s Power Rangers legacy continues.

In a brand new graphic novel coming from BOOM! Studios, history’s most iconic Power Ranger will return once again. In Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Soul of the Dragon, Tommy Oliver sets out to find his missing son while Space Patrol Delta (S.P.D.) protects the Earth.

The graphic novel, slated for release in December 2018, will tell the story of Tommy’s retirement life with Katherine, and see the hero team up with familiar faces who were both good and evil.

The official description for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Soul of the Dragon’s can be found below.

As a young adult, Tommy Oliver set upon a journey that would inspire hundreds of Power Rangers that would come afterwards, thwarting evils like Empress Rita Repulsa, Lord Zedd, and King Mondo of the Machine Empire. Now, Tommy’s retired with Katherine and leaves protecting the world to Space Patrol Delta–including his son, JJ. But when Jake disappears, presumed dead after an undercover mission goes wrong, Tommy will call on all his training, his friends, and maybe even some of his enemies as he sets out on one last mission: find his son and bring him home. From writer Kyle Higgins (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Nightwing) acomes the final story for history’s mightiest Power Ranger.

The story will be written by Kyle Higgins, the same writer behind the popular Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comic book series.

“It’s rare that we’re able to tell stories about pop culture heroes at this critical juncture in their lives – and there’s few who’ve been as big a pop culture phenomenon as Tommy Oliver. As a fan of the original sixth Ranger, it’s an incredible honor for me to explore this untold chapter of Tommy Oliver.” – Kyle Higgins, Writer

The book will also feature Jason David Frank as its onboard consultant.

“Tommy Oliver has been part of the Power Rangers for the past 25 years. We’ve seen him morph into so many different Power Rangers. Now in MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS: SOUL OF THE DRAGON, we get to see an in-depth story of the life of Tommy Oliver as a Power Ranger and person. We go deeper into the multiple Rangers Tommy has become throughout time- I’m excited for all of you to see how Tommy evolves into the Legendary Power Ranger he is and the legacy he will leave behind forever.” – Jason David Frank, Actor

Fans can check out the official cover, as well as artwork for an older version of Tommy Oliver, below.


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“Tommy Oliver has one of the most fascinating journeys in Power Rangers history — from villain to hero to mentor…but we’ve never seen what happened to him in his later years. MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS: SOUL OF THE DRAGON is about the decisions we make when we fight for the right thing – and what we’ll do when that battle becomes personal. Sometimes to save the people you love most, you have to embrace parts of yourself that you thought – and hoped – you’d left behind.” – Dafna Pleban, Editor

The book’s artwork will be designed by Giuseppe Cafaro.

“For the first time in the graphic novel medium, we are exploring Tommy Oliver in his later years, delving deep into his identity and legacy as a Power Ranger and as a father. We will see him revisit each chapter of his Ranger legacy and past as it collides with his future. Saban Brands is so thrilled to partner with Boom Studios, Kyle Higgins and Jason David Frank to bring this amazing story to life for our global fandom.” – Brian Casentini, Executive Producer

The newest details come courtesy of ComicBook.com.

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14 thoughts on “Power Rangers: Soul Of The Dragon Announced

  1. This sounds MORPHINEMONAL! Maybe we can finally get some details filled in on his life in between Turbo and Dino Thunder

  2. Sound awesome, is very rare we get to see a story about what happen after being a ranger. But I get that Tommy is a famous ranger (5 times), but there are a bunch of other rangers, no just Tommy. Still, I will read the graphic novel.

  3. It sure does explain Tommy’s future with Katherine. I felt bad for him because he missed and wasn’t married to Kimberly. But now, I hope Tommy saves Jake from… Uhh… What happened to Jake again?

    1. Also time already told us: SPD will save the universe from the Troobian Empire. No wonder SPD knows about and creates Power Rangers.

  4. Not surprised, Tommy is basically the ONLY ranger that people remember from the franchise aside from Jason and Andros.

  5. I can’t wait to read it. But as someone who watch the show I want to known how tommy some how got marry to Kat after Dino thunder or was it after turbo. Case boom seem to make there own ranger universe In the comics

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