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Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel Poster Revealed

The official poster for Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel has been revealed!

The poster features our six heroes, currently starring in Power Rangers Ninja Steel – the 24th season airing on Nickelodeon, sporting a never-before-seen power-up mode!

Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel, the brand new season, will continue the adventures of Power Rangers Ninja Steel while honoring the franchise’s history as part of Saban Brands’ year-long Power Rangers 25th Anniversary celebration in 2018.

The all-new season will premiere on Nickelodeon next year, with the first details on the show expected to drop at New York Comic Con.

Power Rangers Ninja Steel stars Will Shewfelt (Red Ranger), Chrysti Ane (Pink Ranger), Nico Greetham (Yellow Ranger), Zoe Robins (White Ranger), Peter Sudarso (Blue Ranger), and Jordi Webber (Gold Ranger).

Fans can check out the full poster below, as revealed by MIPCOM’s 2017 Magazine.

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21 thoughts on “Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel Poster Revealed

    1. Jason David Frank, Steve Cardenas, Catherine Sutherland, Jason Faunt, Jeffrey Parazzo, Nic Sampson, Steven Skyler, Ciara Hanna, Yoshi Sudarso, James Davies

      1. I am not buying it. I only believe it when it’s officially confirned that they are coming back. Don’t ever buy into whatever kind of bullshit Nickelodeon says in tge Neo-Saban Power Rangers seasons, period.

      1. But I still wanna see the return of The Tremma Love Couple the the official Red & Pink Sky Ranger Love Couple in Super Ninja Steel.

  1. In Holiday 2018, on the series finale of Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel because, it is the end of Power Rangers.

  2. I love the new poster of power rangers super ninja steel new power stars new armors lion fire and super ninja master mode because I love power rangers now the poster is here now the sequel of power rangers movie like power rangers two I need a female green ranger will play by which actress will join the power rangers and fight evil save the world power rangers forever then power rangers StarForce in 2019-2020

    1. In The 2017 Power Rangers Movie end clip. Tommy is not in school. He will take out those bullies. If those punks runs away? Tommy look in the sky. Where the evilest power coin inside the fountain. If he saw that coin that is in the fountain and took it in the wrong hands. Who Knows?

  3. If Galvanax returns on Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel, The Rangers gonna have destroyed Galvanax again.

  4. @Thomas Charles kazar We should know something about the new villains, plus more on Juza Yumihari’s counterpart next year.

  5. I agree with Xavier and there’s none on the list who I love or even like but I sure want Sarah and Brody to be a couple.

  6. Look, I really do wanna see the return of the #Tremma (#Andristina) aka Red & Pink Sky Ranger Love Couple (that includes their true backstories and how they really ended up together when they won their first Legendary War) throughout the whole 2hr-TV Movie entitled: Mega Steel The TV Movie in Super Ninja Steel, DESPERATELY!

  7. I wish there was “PR Megaforce Season 3” (With 27 episodes including Valentine episode, which it would be a Tremma episode, Thanksgiving episode, and Christmas episode), particularly in 2019, so I could get to see Troy (Andrew M. Gray) & Emma (Christina Masterson) getting married by the end of Season 3. Oh, and, by giving the 5-core Cast group of Megaforce (Goseiger suits only) another chance with proper forgiveness, love, respect, support, and all emotional integrity. What do you think about that?

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