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Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel Revealed

The official title and logo for the 25th anniversary season of Power Rangers has been revealed – Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel!

The confirmation came after the above image went viral on Instagram, originating from actress Claire Chitham who will play a character by the name of Mrs. Finch based on the script pictured.

Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel will continue the show’s recent trend of following a team of Power Rangers, the Ninja Steel Rangers, into the second half of their journey.

However, Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel is also expected to be a grand celebration of Power Rangers history as the iconic franchise hits its silver anniversary. Exact details on the 25th anniversary are still to follow.

Starring Will Shewfelt, Chrysti Ane, Nico Greetham, Zoe Robins, and Peter Sudarso, Power Rangers Ninja Steel airs every Saturday at 12pm ET on Nickelodeon.

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26 thoughts on “Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel Revealed

  1. Ever since Saban brought back Power Rangers, he’s been putting “Super” in all 4 shows. Enough already!!


  2. Yes I love it next year its time to go super ninja spin the 2nd season of power rangers super ninja steel next January 2018 rangers forever this time the seventh ranger is green its it male or female power ranger

    1. Yeah…if they were longer seasons. Two seasons of 20 episodes is 40 episodes total. Other seasons had that same amount of episode or more contained in just one season (MMPR-Wild Force).

  3. It is a final season of Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel, because series finale of Power Rangers and the end of Power Rangers Super series.

    1. Its princess Viera is the green ranger I watch the whole super ninja steel trailer it is a female green ranger because the super sentai series it was the mother of pink and white rangers!
      And yes no more twenty two episodes put power rangers on cartoon network no more holiday specials and hiatisus that includes no more victor and Monty I hate them immensely

  4. don’t get me wrong I do like all the super in Power Rangers the only thing I don’t like and very much despise the 5 month Hiatus which is totally unexceptable I really wish that Power Rangers series would go back to Fox station or have some other channel take over cause nickelodeon totally sucks

  5. Actually there is a female green ranger in this next season of ninja super steel princess Viera
    And yes enough of mighty morphing nastalgia everybody hates it especially twenty episodes and holiday specials some one make it stop please anything to get a good season of power rangers like kyuranger for instance.
    Nickalodeen fires anyone who get creative with the power ranger show don’t know why ask nickalodeen themselves here.

    1. Not everyone hates the nostalgia Easter eggs of MMPR,or 20 or so episode seasons, especially when this upcoming season is the 25th anniversary and should contain Easter eggs, but have it all make sense.
      Don’t do a crappy version of Gokaiger in Super Megaforce, and take the two idiots Victor and his weird friend away, he’s got way too much creepiness in him and how he acts around Victor.

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