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Power Rangers Top 25 For The 25 Kicks Off


The “Top 25 For The 25” has kicked off!

As the official anniversary collector’s list for Power Rangers’ 25th anniversary, the “Top 25 For The 25” is for collectors of all ages and features must-have, official Power Rangers anniversary products from notable partners such as Bandai, nWay, BOOM! Studios, and Imaginext among others.

Today, the first three items of the official “Top 25 For The 25” anniversary collector’s list were revealed. Fans can check out all three items below!

#1. Bandai’s Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Auto Morphin Figures

Bandai America’s Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Auto Morphin Figures

The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Auto Morphin Figures take fans back to the 1990’s, where they can re-own the classic toys that bring back so many childhood memories.

Fans can head to retailers such as Target and GameStop now to pick up the Red Ranger, Pink Ranger, and Green Ranger. The remainder of the core team (the Black Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Blue Ranger) will hit stores this fall.

Produced by Bandai America Inc., each Auto Morphin Figure retails at $19.99.

#2. BOOM! Studios’ Power Rangers Artist Tribute

Power Rangers Artist Tribute Book - New
BOOM! Studios’ Power Rangers: Artist Tribute

Although not officially revealed, the second item on the “Top 25 For The 25” was leaked by RB.

In 2018, own an incredible collection of Power Rangers artwork that spans across all 25 seasons of the TV show’s history with the incredible Power Rangers: Artist Tribute by BOOM! Studios.

The 112-page hardcover collection will visualize fans’ favorite Rangers, Zords, and monsters, as only a group of passionate illustrators and comic book artists could imagine.

Releasing on March 27, 2018, Power Rangers: Artist Tribute will retail at approximately $20.

The second item of the “Top 25 For The 25” will also include BOOM! Studios’ Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Issue #25, which kicks off the massive Power Rangers: SHATTERED Grid event (click here for more details).

#3. Bandai’s Psycho Ranger Legacy Figures

Bandai America’s Psycho Ranger Legacy Figures

Although not officially revealed, the third item on the “Top 25 for the 25” was leaked by RB.

This year, Bandai will bring to life the Psycho Rangers from Power Rangers In Space – the nefarious team of evildoers who have transcended decades as one of the franchise’s most popular teams.

Never released as toys anywhere in the world, the Psycho Rangers will join Bandai America’s Legacy Figure line with the release of all five Rangers. Each figure will be sold separately at $19.99 at retailers such as Toys R Us and Walmart later this year.

The third item of the “Top 25 For The 25” will also include Bandai America’s Power Rangers Dino Thunder White Ranger Legacy Figure.

More collector items will be revealed throughout the year on the 25th of each month on RangerNation.com, the fan destination site that has been newly designed with morphinominal 90’s nostalgia.

In addition to the monthly “Top 25 for the 25” reveals, RangerNation.com now features a Power Rangers digital museum, the opportunity to “Ask Zordon” top Power Rangers pop culture questions, and more.

The Power Rangers’ 25th anniversary kicks off this Saturday, January 27 at 12 p.m. (ET/PT) on Nickelodeon in the United States when Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel, the 25th season of the series premieres. The season will feature a highly anticipated special anniversary episode.

Additionally, to commemorate 25 powerful years, Saban’s Power Rangers will inspire fans of all ages to remember that “You’ve Got the Power” to unleash their inner superhero.

Saban Brands will soon begun unveiling never-before-seen content, partnerships, and experiences that embody core pillars of the Power Rangers brands: teamwork, inclusivity, and diversity.

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9 thoughts on “Power Rangers Top 25 For The 25 Kicks Off

  1. This is cool and power rangers are the beast season ever and they did a good job make the power rangers season good and cool too also keep it going too.

  2. Saban brands made a big deal out of this announcement and its old news. Is anyone surprised. They need help in the worst way. Psycho looks good but that is a leak

  3. who wants to hear a joke? saban brands is the joke!

    they promised us a big announcement. maybe a sequel or 2019 season? nope instead we get toys that were in stores last year. this is one big fat joke!!!

  4. Those toys look amazing. The downfall is that some of the retailers only have old legacy figures and they don’t bring the new ones ever. I have tried to go to Walmart, Target, Toys R Us and sometimes the only place found are on Ebay. It sucks that they don’t distribute them correctly or evenly. I like in a major city, so it isn’t like it would be as hard to have them in stock.

  5. Okay, this is getting old. Every time you post a new article discussing Saban Brands, they’re always bringing up diversity this diversity that. STOP BRAGGING ABOUT IT!

    1. Why do you hate diversity so much Jerry. We get it, you think its an agenda. It probably isnt and is just something the world should’ve accepted from the beginning and are for some reason just getting around to. Its not an agenda but you are so go spread your disease somewhere else.

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