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Premium Power Rangers Jewelry Unveiled

Power Rangers fans looking for premium jewelry, get ready to indulge!

Han Cholo, a Los Angeles-based jewelry company specializing in geeky brands, is bringing the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers to life with premium quality rings, pendants, cufflinks, and earrings.

The jewelry line is highlighted by rings based on the original Power Morpher sporting the Red Ranger’s Tyrannosaurus Power Coin, in addition to helmet-based rings featuring the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers White Ranger and Red Ranger.

Each ring retails on Han Cholo’s official website as low as $280, with the option to choose from two ring colors: sterling silver and vermeil gold.

Fans can check out all three rings below, and click here to order.

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Fans looking for something different can enjoy one of Han Cholo’s Mighty Morphin Power Rangers pendants, which comes in three different designs. One design is based off of the White Ranger’s Saba weapon, another based off of the franchise’s lightning bolt logo, and the last based off of the original Dino Megazord.

Each pendant varies in price point, with Saba retailing for the same price as the aforementioned rings at $280, the lightning bolt retailing for $180, while the Megazord pendant retails at a more affordable $60 price point.

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To round out the premium jewelry line, Han Cholo is offering both cufflinks and earrings based on the franchise’s iconic lightning bolt icon, both in a vermeil gold color.

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At this time, Han Cholo has no plans to broaden the jewelry line to include other characters, Zords, or weapons from the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers TV show, or other Power Rangers seasons from the brand’s 26-year history.

Fans can click here to order their Mighty Morphin Power Rangers product of choice from Han Cholo’s official website!

Han Cholo has previously released Power Rangers-themed pins exclusive to San Diego Comic Con, as officially licensed by Hasbro.

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10 thoughts on “Premium Power Rangers Jewelry Unveiled

  1. Before we get started into things, let me tell you something about that new sentai season with the Demon/Magic-theme for 2020, OK?
    Whatever the new sentai season looks at, I just wanna say that it may be the first season to get 3 Male sentai(s) that are Red, Blue, and Yellow; and 2 Female sentai(s) that are Pink and Green. But the new theme – Demonic Magic? That, to me, is and will be the worst sentai season ever in 2020 for which I refuse to watch online. And that’s not all, it will also harm, frighten, scare, and restrict these innocent young children.
    Plus, the only thing I’m saying that, is because I’m trying to help and protect these children from any harm. And that’s my decision made.

    1. Sounds like Sorcery to me. Something which I’m against, I’m a Christian & that’s against my Lord’s rules. I hope they go with something like Kamen Rider Wizard or even Magiranger/Mystic Force. That sounds less gruesome for kids.

  2. But, do you really think Christians like magical sorcery? Just be honest with yourself. Because I really don’t think so.

  3. Well, first of all – I wanna say I’m sorry, I’m really sorry.
    And second of all – I am so relieved and glad that there are no Demon theme for next year on Kiramager.

    1. I just want my Lupinranger vs Patoranger adapted in 2021. It did horribly in Japan but it would probably do well in America

      1. It won’t work out because of the Hat-Likes, bo tie-likes, tie-likes, worst horrible spooky villain mansion, and those real eyeballs on those giant mechas. And plus, hot tempered anger management.

  4. Cameron Jebo is not actually best known for his role as Orion of Andresia, he’s actually worst known for his role and counterpart in Gokai Silver outfit nonsense!

    1. Just like Mr. Tzachor is already the worst and lazy filmmaker of all, and Michael Bay is the worst filmmaker of all, and also Donald Trump is the worst and treacherous president of the USA ever for doing everything wrong.

  5. And also, please stop remembering Super Megaforce all the time, it’s seriously annoying me, especially that Mr. Tzachor the Treacherous betraying lying unfaithful broken promising scumbag who is still already fired over 6 years ago. So, please move on.

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