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Psycho Rangers Enter BOOM! Studios’ Comics

BOOM! Studios’ Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comics are about to get…Psycho.

The iconic Psycho Rangers have officially joined the popular comic series, written by Kyle Higgins. The first Psycho Ranger will make their appearance in Issue #20, which releases on October 25!

Not much is known at this time about the Psycho Rangers’ new appearance in the comics. While clearly evil, they appear to be arriving on the moon in some sort of spaceship in the preview page released by BOOM! Studios below.

The Psycho Rangers were first introduced in Power Rangers In Space in 1998. Easily the most popular faction of evil Power Rangers, the Psycho Rangers have gone on to become some of the most beloved villains in Power Rangers history.

Issue #20 of BOOM! Studios’ Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comics promises to take readers back to 1969 to meet the original team of Power Rangers, long before Jason, Kimberly and co. came into existence.

Fan should stay tuned for more and be sure to pick up Issue #20 in stores next Wednesday.

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4 thoughts on “Psycho Rangers Enter BOOM! Studios’ Comics

  1. It looks like this Psycho Ranger is green. Since there never was a Green Psycho Ranger on the show, I wonder if Issue #20 of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers will give at least a brief, non-canon, explanation on how the Psycho Rangers were originally created, and why this “Green” Psycho Ranger is not encountered by the Space Power Rangers (at least not on the show), although, most likely, this Psycho Ranger will be destroyed, or something, by the 1969 Mighty Morphing Power Rangers team.

  2. I wish the websites will make up there minds what day it comes out,first it was tenth,then,15,18,20,now25th make up your mind tired of waiting if its like this all the time forgettttttg it.

    1. Go to Boom Studios’ website. The release dates that they give are usually more accurate than here once the product becomes available for pre-order.

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