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Psycho Rangers Graphic Novel Announced

The Psycho Rangers are getting their very own graphic novel!

BOOM! Studios will release their first graphic novel since the widely popular Power Rangers: Soul of the Dragon. But this story won’t revolve around Tommy Oliver. It’ll revolve around Andros, Karone, and the return of the evil Psycho Rangers!

Power Rangers: The Psycho Path will follow the comeback of the villainous Psycho Rangers, and an attempt by Andros and Karone to stop them. But the Psycho Rangers have become even more powerful, and the origins of their return remain unknown. Will Andros and Karone be able to put an end to their evil wrath?

In Saban’s Power Rangers: The Psycho Path, the struggle between good and evil goes galactic as secret origins are revealed and lives are changed forever in this epic original graphic novel story that delves deep into the origins and motivations of the ultimate adversaries of the Power Rangers, the Psycho Rangers! They’re are faster, stronger, and smarter…but evil. Created by Karone when she was still the evil Astronema, the Psycho Rangers were programmed with overwhelming hate for all things Power Rangers. They were defeated at great personal cost by the Power Rangers, but now someone has brought them back and they are more murderous than ever before.

The story will take place in the events after Power Rangers Lost Galaxy. It will release on October 9, 2019. Check out the full cover below!

The novel will be written by Paul Allor of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, with artwork by Marcelo Costa of Power Rangers: Soul of the Dragon.

“Everything turns upside down as Karone and Andros are forced to deal with the rise of the Psycho Rangers, causing Karone to struggle with her identity as the dark and power-hungry Astronema and pulling Andros along for the ride as he tries to help his sister. Things get dark and dire in space, giving fans a chance to glimpse into the shadows behind the mysterious rebirth of these twisted versions of the original mighty heroes.” – Dafna Pleban, Senior Editor, BOOM! Studios

Check out character artwork for three of the graphic novel’s main characters (Andros, Karone, and the Psycho Green Rnager) below.

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“Being a part of the Power Rangers family is such a huge honor. I felt the weight of that honor in Power Rangers: Soul of the Dragon, and I can feel it now. I think the Psycho Rangers universe is so powerful and dark; it has been very fun to work on!” – Giuseppe Cafaro, Artist

“I can not wait for Saban’s Power Rangers: The Psycho Path to be unleashed upon the unsuspecting populace. The entire team has worked together to create a compelling and deliciously twisted journey that will surprise and delight Power Rangers fans all along the way. This book is not what you think it’s going to be. And I suspect you’ll love what it is.” – Paul Allor, Author

The announcement comes courtesy of ComicBook.com.

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