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Ranger Slayer Origin Comic Announced

It’s time to pick up the origin of the Ranger Slayer – for free!

On Free Comic Book Day 2020, BOOM! Studios will be releasing the first-ever Ranger Slayer comic book.

For the first time, fans can own the entire Ranger Slayer storyline bundled together, including Saban’s Go Go Power Rangers Issues 9-12, and the exclusive short story from the Shattered Grid Deluxe Edition. 

he book will allow new fans to jump off into BOOM! Studios Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comic book series, and existing fans to bask in their love for one of the comic book publishers’ hit original characters.

The Ranger Slayer is an alternate universe version of Kimberly Hart, the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Pink Ranger.

The character was created by writer Ryan Parrott in 2018, making her debut opposite the popular Lord Drakkon, an alternate universe version of Tommy Oliver.

The issue will arrive in stores worldwide on May 2, 2020.

At this time, a cover, or any exclusive artwork, has yet to be revealed.

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    Please reply to me kindly, Thank you.

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