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REVIEW: Power Rangers: The Ultimate Visual History

The wait is over.

Insight Editions’ Power Rangers: The Ultimate Visual History is finally here after months spent waiting. The highly coveted 256-page book aims to take readers down the entire history of a franchise that’s spent 25 years inspiring people around the world. From the origins of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, to secrets about the most recent Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel, Power Rangers: The Ultimate Visual History covers all your favorites with chapters on every season.

It’s actually fitting that this guide serves as the final major 25th anniversary product to drop, nicely capping off Power Rangers’ year-long 25th Anniversary celebration. And it’s even more fitting that Insight Editions takes fans out with a bang.

One sentence review: this is the single best product of Power Rangers’ 25th anniversary.

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The most notable highlight of this all-inclusive guide isn’t just the fact that it spans across all 25 seasons, but the fact that it delivers info you’re guaranteed to not have known about all 25 seasons.

Did you know which actors originally auditioned to be on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers before becoming present-day A-listers? Did you know which Ranger from Power Rangers Time Force was originally planned to die in the season’s finale? Power Rangers: The Ultimate Visual History has those answers and more juicy nuggets as it weaves in between all the threads that have sowed together Power Rangers’ history.

This book doesn’t just stop with intriguing factoids. It also answers some of the burning questions Power Rangers fans have been asking for years. Why have recent seasons been split over two years? Why have recent seasons so often reverted to the word ‘Super’? Ask no more. This ultimate history guide has all your answers, directly from the executives who’ve spent years atop the Power Rangers food chain.

Another major highlight of Insight Editions’ incredible creation is the book’s visuals. This book packs high definition promotional photo shoot images, many of which have been incredibly rare to unearth. This book packs never-before-seen images of various props from across the entire Power Rangers timeline. This book packs classic photos of the cast and crew directly from the set, taking readers behind the scenes. And last, but surely not least, this book packs exciting concept art ranging from rejected costume designs, to drawings that breakdown the bases of our heroes and villains.

Did you ever imagine the day you’d see an entire floor plan of Terra Venture? Imagine no more. That day is here.

After opening with a foreword note from the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Pink Ranger, Amy Jo Johnson, the book immediately details how the Power Rangers came into existence. You may already be familiar with the story of how Haim Saban stumbled upon Super Sentai while bored in a hotel bedroom, and then went on to turn it into a worldwide sensation. But if not, you’ll get the entire tale from start to finish right as the book begins.

From there, the following chapters are dedicated to each of the Power Rangers seasons, one at a time – including individual chapters for the franchise’s three movies thus far (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie, Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie, and 2017’s Saban’s Power Rangers).

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Every chapter is structured in a way to describe each season’s plot, before breaking down its primary characters – with quotes from the actors who portrayed them. In between all that, there’s the aforementioned nuggets you probably didn’t know (and some you may have).

While each chapter has some intriguing facts in between its many paragraphs, the extensive recap of each season’s characters can start to feel a little monotonous if you’re a hardcore fan who’s already so incredibly familiar with the show’s history. Those readers will spend a lot of time reading recap about the characters they’ve already come to know, while trying to find the things they didn’t know in between.

And while the book is able to recap Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel in its entirety and give a little insight into the future of Power Rangers Beast Morphers, there’s one major name in Power Rangers history that’s never mentioned at any point in the book: Hasbro. The name of the toy giant that completed their acquisition of the brand in mid-2018 goes completely unmentioned.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing. Since the story of the Hasbro chapter of Power Rangers has yet to be told, consider this book a firm recap of the franchise’s first 25 years – everything from the original Saban, to the most recent edition of Saban, Saban Brands.

And if you’re not here for the TV show, or movies, there’s nice little pullout sheets sprinkled in between the book’s pages geared towards all the mediums Power Rangers has touched over the years: toys, comic book, video games, and more. Learn about how each of these consumer products has evolved from the early days, to the most recent days.

As far as fact checking goes, the long list of references in the book’s bibliography proves that Insight Editions went to great lengths to ensure the accuracy of the information they presented. If you’re a fan who’s contributed in any way to the Power Rangers fandom over the last decade, there’s a good chance you’re referenced in the bibliography section.

After months of seeming like it may never release, Power Rangers: The Ultimate Visual History is the triumphant final product to cap off the brand’s 25th anniversary, and its first quarter century (with hopefully more to come!). This is the perfect book to read, share, and place on your shelf as part of your illustrious Power Rangers collection.

The wait was worth it. Insight Editions delivers a victory, and Power Rangers fans walk out the biggest winner.


Power Rangers: The Ultimate Visual History guide is the extensive book you’ve long wanted documenting the franchise’s first 25 years. With juicy nuggets you didn’t know, and stunning visuals you haven’t seen, this book proves to be a must-own for Power Rangers fans who descend from any point in the brand’s widespread 25-year timeline.

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41 thoughts on “REVIEW: Power Rangers: The Ultimate Visual History

  1. “Why were the seasons split and added Super?” Why was that answered in the book when we already knew that?

    1. probably to those that don’t watch anything news related to power rangers and just watch the show when it’s airing

  2. If its another MMPR centered book I’ll buy a copy and then light it on fire. I did that with my MMPR DVDs and with a few MMPR action figures. It was fun to watch them burn to ashes.

      1. Shut up you f***ing piece of cat sh*t. Power Rangers is my favorite TV show and franchise ever. Never cross me again or I’ll smoke your a*s

      1. I know that. But that doesn’t mean I like the orignial rangers. I think they are completely overrated. And that the later seasons that followed are 100 times better

        1. @Michael I see, I grew up with the originals but I understand your side, thanks for responding. I’m guessing you’re not a big fan of Tommy either? He came back in Super Ninja Steel.

          1. terry i agree i like all seasons. mmpr is my favorite but i also agree with others that it is not the best series there are plsnty of seasons after mmpr that are better but i will always love mmpr more because i grew up with it

    1. You’re just a rude little boy. I’m 33 years old, and I’ve watched Power Rangers since 1993. Don’t talk crap about people when you don’t know who they are. You’re not even on my level and you never will be. Go to bed cause I’m sure its way past your bedtime. Did you do your homework tonight. And I hope the bully in your school beats your ass tomorrow and takes your lunch money. stupid kid

      1. >”You’re just a rude little boy.”
        >”Don’t talk crap about people when you don’t know who they are.”
        The word “hypocrite” is coming to mind right now.

        Michael, as someone who has seen and lover Power Rangers since the beginning, I can understand not being in love with MMPR, Hell, I’d be lying if I said I was, but honestly, those things you burned could’ve gone to someone else who could actually get use out of them. Not to mention, you are being extremely toxic and treating other users terribly (not to mention, threatening people) simply because they disagree with you. That is neither adultlike nor acceptable behavior

      1. michael i ‘m 35 and i have been watching power rangers since 1993 and i have seen every episode and i will continue to watch and respect the show as long as it is on air and even after. so at least i respect the franchise unlike you who probably has never seen a damn episode and knows nothing about the franchise so i suggest you shut your mouth you damn fool.

  3. Why do you guys have to rude and disrepectful to someone who has different opinions than you? You should respect people regardless of what their opinions are. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

    1. i am not disrespecting him because he has a different opinion i am doing it because he is disrespecting the franchise and because he is rude to everyone including me he comments on.

      1. Thats still not a good reason to disrespect someone, As far as disrespecting the franchise goes, I read his comment. He didn’t say anything bad. He only said he doesn’t like Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. MMPR isn’t my favorite season either. Just cause he doesn’t like something that you like doesn’t give you the right to be mean to him.

        1. he’s talking about how he likes to watch power rangers stuff burn that is not only disrespectful but it is signs that he is an arsonist.

            1. Its not my fault you get easily offended. I get easily offended too. You owe me an apology. The stuff you said is uncalled for. I do Love Power Rangers. I just don’t love the original rangers. You don’t know me at all. If you did, you would know how much I love PR. My room is full of PR toys, DVDs, video games, posters, and a few T-shirts.

              1. Plus it was a joke. I hate seeing MMPR Red on the cover of this book. That is what made me say that stuff about wanting to light the book on fire. I wouldn’t do that. You can’t take a freaking joke, its not my fault. You were not being mature at all. You were acting like a child

                  1. michael i have read other comments from other articles and you have been rude almost every time. if anyone needs to apologize it is you. some of the stuff you said was uncalled for and maybe some of the stuff i said was uncalled.

                1. michael mmpr is my favorite series but i admit it is not the best series. i do agree that mmpr red should not be the only ranger on the cover. it should have rangers from multiple seasons from all 25 years including mmpr and ninja steel as well as some inbetween.

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