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Saban’s Go Go Power Rangers Issue #22 Details

BOOM! Studios’ Saban’s Go Go Power Rangers comic book series is coming off of its biggest moment ever!

In August 2019, Saban’s Go Go Power Rangers Issue #22 will release and introduce the origins of Tommy Oliver, the Green Ranger.

In this issue, the Rangers will be forced to pick between the safety of the world, of their team.

The issue will be connected to the Power Rangers: Necessary Evil storyline with the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comic book series, where the White Ranger makes his long awaited debut into BOOM! Studios’ line. The comic book publisher even promises that Power Rangers: Necessary Evil will change everything you think you know with a shocking new reveal.

The issue will be written by writers Ryan Parrott and Sina Grace, and designed by artist Francseco Mortarino.

Fans can check out the official covers and synopsis for Saban’s Go Go Power Rangers Issue #22 below.

The issue will release in August 2019.

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Faced with the terrible consequences of a war they cannot remember, the Power Rangers are left to pick up the pieces of Shattered Grid, but the effect on the Morphing Grid may be more than they can handle. When put to the test, what will they choose—the world, or their team?

Writer: Ryan Parrott, Sina Grace
Artist: Francseco Mortarino
Main Cover: Ivan Shavrin
Variant Cover: Miguel Mercado
Variant Cover: Gleb Melnikov

4 thoughts on “Saban’s Go Go Power Rangers Issue #22 Details

  1. I’m not exactly “up-to-date” with the comics, I only know what the trade-paperbacks out on store shelves tell me, but considering that the Go Go Power Rangers series is basically a prequel to the MMPR comic. Seems kinda weird to me that moving to the Green Ranger arc now. In fact, I would think it’d be a series finale for Go Go Power Rangers, with how events played out in MMPR and how everything was tied together for Shattered Grid. Someone remind, did someone say that Go Go Power Rangers was gonna end soon?

    1. it seemed like it was ending after the current arc but sina grace is coming in to help ryan. my thing is i hope they don’t completely retcon what just happened to match the main book.

  2. Look at it this way, MMPR is giving us the White Ranger. So Go Go is giving us more of what happened during the Green Ranger arc. I really don’t believe things will be retconned, it seems based on what I read that they’ll do something similiar with our Green Ranger Tommy that they did with Ranger Slayer. And Im also assuming they won’t be looking at the Green Ranger stuff for very long either, unless they want to show more of his time before Green No More. But then, I can’t read their minds and I don’t know the future. But that is what I see happening.

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