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Sentai’s Lupinranger vs. Patoranger Revealed

The 2018 season of Super Sentai has been revealed – Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger vs. Keisatsu Sentai Patoranger!

The season will feature two sets of Ranger teams, based on a cops and robbers theme. This will mark Toei’s second attempt at a police-themed season since Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger, which went on to become Power Rangers S.P.D. in its overseas adaption.

The season’s storyline will follow the Lupin Collection, powerful items with the ability to either save or destroy the human race. The Lupinrangers will fight to regain their historic collection, while the Patorangers will fight for justice, sometimes leading to the two sides colliding, while other times leafing to the two sides teaming up. Together, they will join an evil enemy force known as the Gangler in a three-way struggle for Earth’s survival.

The first team, Lupinranger, will feature a Red, Blue, and Yellow Ranger – with the Yellow Ranger being female. The Yellow Ranger will sport heels on her uniform, while the entire team will feature the return of capes on our heroes.

The second team, Patoranger, will feature a Red, Green, and Pink Ranger – with the Pink Ranger being female.

Lupinranger will have an air-based Zord/Mecha theme, while Patoranger will have a ground-based Zord/Mecha theme. Fans can check out the show’s official toy catalog below, providing the first look at the Zords and other weaponry.

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Should Lupinranger vs. Patoranger be adapted overseas into a season of Power Rangers, it would likely have to wait until 2021 – should Saban Brands decide to adapt it at all.

Lupinranger vs. Patoranger will premiere in Japan on February 11, 2018.

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    1. Well then for starters heroes and criminals are together to save the world. Coming in 2019! The Super Sentai! Turbo Sentai Drivinger!!

    2. I was just said it’s not samson? It was sansom. Grant Sansom! He was on facebook and he is out of the gang. I want you guys to tell grant sansom here at instagram! Grant Sansom! I Want you to know. In 2019! 3 Words for you mr. sansom!! Wanna here that! The New Super Sentai in 2019! Turbo Sentai Drivinger!!

  1. Let me get this straight. If the new Super Sentai season, for 2019, is called: Turbo Sentai Drivinger, will it be the second part of the season after the first part of the season, Patoranger VS Lupinranger?

    1. It’s like a the ones from the three super sentai series. Turboranger, Carranger and finally Go-Onger. All 3 Super Sentai Series into 1 Super Sentai Series in 2019! 5 Sentais has the colors. Red, Black, Blue, Yellow and Pink. Together they are the 5 heroes that can drive race cars into action, adventuer and a need for speed. They called themselves. Turbo Sentai Drivinger!

      1. So, the first PR racing car motif was PR Turbo based on Carranger, then the second came PR RPM based on Engine Sentai Go-Onger, and now the Untitled Third PR car motif will be based on the new Super Sentai season: Turbo Sentai Drivinger?
        WOW, AWESOME! (As told by Tyler Navarro aka Dino Charge Red)

  2. hope saban will adapt this series lupinranger vs patoranger for power rangers series /season 28 and 29 in 2021-2022. three rangers are lupinred,lupinblue and lupinyellow [female] rivals three rangers are patorenlchigo[red ][,patorennigo [green ] and patorensango [pink] no characters names yet. saban name American power rangers [lupinranger vs patoranger] will be have to wait 2021.

  3. Hey! Nobody sucks until next year’s super sentai! Speaking of next year? This is Happy 2018! Next Year! Happy New Year 2019! Feb 11. Patoranger vs. Lupinranger! Next Year in 2019! Turbo Sentai Drivinger

  4. Now if the new Super Sentai series, Turbo Sentai Drivinger, is bringing back the PR’s original 5-core colour (Red, Pink, Blue, Black and Yellow) team for 2019, will their be all 3 MALE Red, Blue and Yellow Rangers, & 2 FEMALE Pink and Black Rangers?

  5. Hey! It’s Black Sentai! If you gonna tell it to JEFusion or J-HERO or Other Websites about the first female black sentai on super sentai or pr? Let me or the others know.

  6. Sorry, I didn’t finished the rest.
    Hey, I just remembered now. Patoranger vs Lupinranger maybe the second police Theme after Dekaranger being the first. But get this, Time Force was the first PR season to have a Police Motif (Plus, the futuristic motif). Then, SPD came second (Plus, the second futuristic motif). And now, the Untitled Third PR police motif will be based on the new Super Sentai season: Patoranger vs Lupinranger.

  7. saban stop skipping all sentai series . if saban adapt this lupinranger vs. patranger be awesome .if saban power rangers unnamed season for 27 and 28. did saban adapt kyuranger for 2019-2020 season .first female green ranger .

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