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Sentai’s Lupinranger vs. Patoranger Revealed

The 2018 season of Super Sentai has been revealed – Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger vs. Keisatsu Sentai Patoranger!

The season will feature two sets of Ranger teams, based on a cops and robbers theme. This will mark Toei’s second attempt at a police-themed season since Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger, which went on to become Power Rangers S.P.D. in its overseas adaption.

The season’s storyline will follow the Lupin Collection, powerful items with the ability to either save or destroy the human race. The Lupinrangers will fight to regain their historic collection, while the Patorangers will fight for justice, sometimes leading to the two sides colliding, while other times leafing to the two sides teaming up. Together, they will join an evil enemy force known as the Gangler in a three-way struggle for Earth’s survival.

The first team, Lupinranger, will feature a Red, Blue, and Yellow Ranger – with the Yellow Ranger being female. The Yellow Ranger will sport heels on her uniform, while the entire team will feature the return of capes on our heroes.

The second team, Patoranger, will feature a Red, Green, and Pink Ranger – with the Pink Ranger being female. These three Rangers will have the ability to merge into a combined form that sports a mixture of all three colors.

Lupinranger will have an air-based Zord/Mecha theme, while Patoranger will have a ground-based Zord/Mecha theme. Fans can check out the show’s official toy catalog below, providing the first look at the Zords, weaponry, and villains.

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Should Lupinranger vs. Patoranger be adapted overseas into a season of Power Rangers, it would likely have to wait until 2021 – should Saban Brands decide to adapt it at all.

Lupinranger vs. Patoranger will premiere in Japan on February 11, 2018.

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199 thoughts on “Sentai’s Lupinranger vs. Patoranger Revealed

    1. Well then for starters heroes and criminals are together to save the world. Coming in 2019! The Super Sentai! Turbo Sentai Drivinger!!

    2. I was just said it’s not samson? It was sansom. Grant Sansom! He was on facebook and he is out of the gang. I want you guys to tell grant sansom here at instagram! Grant Sansom! I Want you to know. In 2019! 3 Words for you mr. sansom!! Wanna here that! The New Super Sentai in 2019! Turbo Sentai Drivinger!!

  1. Let me get this straight. If the new Super Sentai season, for 2019, is called: Turbo Sentai Drivinger, will it be the second part of the season after the first part of the season, Patoranger VS Lupinranger?

    1. It’s like a the ones from the three super sentai series. Turboranger, Carranger and finally Go-Onger. All 3 Super Sentai Series into 1 Super Sentai Series in 2019! 5 Sentais has the colors. Red, Black, Blue, Yellow and Pink. Together they are the 5 heroes that can drive race cars into action, adventuer and a need for speed. They called themselves. Turbo Sentai Drivinger!

      1. So, the first PR racing car motif was PR Turbo based on Carranger, then the second came PR RPM based on Engine Sentai Go-Onger, and now the Untitled Third PR car motif will be based on the new Super Sentai season: Turbo Sentai Drivinger?
        WOW, AWESOME! (As told by Tyler Navarro aka Dino Charge Red)

  2. hope saban will adapt this series lupinranger vs patoranger for power rangers series /season 28 and 29 in 2021-2022. three rangers are lupinred,lupinblue and lupinyellow [female] rivals three rangers are patorenlchigo[red ][,patorennigo [green ] and patorensango [pink] no characters names yet. saban name American power rangers [lupinranger vs patoranger] will be have to wait 2021.

  3. Hey! Nobody sucks until next year’s super sentai! Speaking of next year? This is Happy 2018! Next Year! Happy New Year 2019! Feb 11. Patoranger vs. Lupinranger! Next Year in 2019! Turbo Sentai Drivinger

  4. Now if the new Super Sentai series, Turbo Sentai Drivinger, is bringing back the PR’s original 5-core colour (Red, Pink, Blue, Black and Yellow) team for 2019, will their be all 3 MALE Red, Blue and Yellow Rangers, & 2 FEMALE Pink and Black Rangers?

  5. Hey! It’s Black Sentai! If you gonna tell it to JEFusion or J-HERO or Other Websites about the first female black sentai on super sentai or pr? Let me or the others know.

  6. Sorry, I didn’t finished the rest.
    Hey, I just remembered now. Patoranger vs Lupinranger maybe the second police Theme after Dekaranger being the first. But get this, Time Force was the first PR season to have a Police Motif (Plus, the futuristic motif). Then, SPD came second (Plus, the second futuristic motif). And now, the Untitled Third PR police motif will be based on the new Super Sentai season: Patoranger vs Lupinranger.

  7. saban stop skipping all sentai series . if saban adapt this lupinranger vs. patranger be awesome .if saban power rangers unnamed season for 27 and 28. did saban adapt kyuranger for 2019-2020 season .first female green ranger .

    1. Speaking of 2019-2020? Turbo Sentai Drivinger 43th Super Sentai! Next Year in 2019! You hear that grant sansom? I text it to them! Right DOJO?

    2. No! No! No! It’s Not 43th Super Sentai? It’s Turbo Sentai Drivinger! The 43rd Super Sentai in 2019! Lupinranger vs. Patranger are the new sentais in 2018. But Kyuranger vs. Zyuohger is the only heroes in the TV Special! Except Ninninger.

    1. I am so sorry dojo. I type you. But Anonymous is talking about new power rangers season with kyuranger in 2019-2020! But for right now. Tell grant about Drivinger?

      1. Forgive me for questioning you people, it’s just that I wish that there would be a 3rd season of Megaforce called: PR Cyber Megaforce (Kyuranger’s non-counterpart), with Troy & Emma as the official Red & Pink Sky Ranger Love Couple along with their Megaforce friends/family at their 4th year of college in 2019, and to finally see Troy & Emma getting married for real – before the good and heartfelt finale of Megaforce S3. Also with 30 episodes including 3 holiday specials (like for example – First, Valentine Special. Second, Thanksgiving Special. And finally, Christmas Special).
        Oh and plus, the new Mini-Season with 10 Episodes called: PR Cosmic Quest (Kyuranger’s counterpart). And one last thing, by giving the Main 5-core Cast group another chance.
        P.S. What would you think?

  8. DOJO! The Power Rangers Fanon wiki said about it. Turbo Sentai Raceranger is an upcoming show set to be aired on TV Asahi. So next year in 2019! I’m afraid. It’s Not Turbo Sentai Drivinger? IT’S TURBO SENTAI RACERANGER!!!

    1. You know, I thought it was – once again gonna be the PR’s original 5-core colour scheme. But now, this will be the first time to have a new 5-core colour scheme – Red, Pink, Blue, Yellow and Purple. But that leads to another question – will there be 3 male Rangers (Red, Blue and Yellow), and 2 female Rangers (Pink and Purple)?

  9. Forgive me for questioning you people, it’s just that I wish that there would be a 3rd season of Megaforce called: PR Cyber Megaforce (Kyuranger’s non-counterpart), with Troy & Emma as the official Red & Pink Sky Ranger Love Couple along with their Megaforce friends/family at their 4th year of college in 2019, and to finally see Troy & Emma getting married for real – before the good and heartfelt finale of Megaforce S3. Also with 30 episodes including 3 holiday specials (like for example – First, Valentine Special. Second, Thanksgiving Special. And finally, Christmas Special).
    Oh and plus, the new Mini-Season with 10 Episodes called: PR Cosmic Quest (Kyuranger’s counterpart). And one last thing, by giving the Main 5-core Cast group another chance.
    P.S. What would you think?

    1. Speaking of Kyuuranger? The Team beats don armage out of earth and the solar system! Thanks to the kyuurangers. The world has been saved once again! But now kyuurangers episode is two words. The End.
      But next week! Super Hero Time with Masked Rider Build And Lupinranger vs. Pataranger on TV Asahi! Because the battle between good and evil will begin. I want you to tell the guys from jefusion about this. The 43rd Super Sentai of 2019 is… Turbo Sentai Raceranger!! Coming Soon!

  10. It’s Not a Sky Ranger! It’s Raceranger! Turbo Sentai Raceranger!! DOJO! I Know the 5 heroes who will race for justice and all. Red, Voliet, Blue, Yellow and Pink are the race heroes in 2019! Three Guys and Girls are henshin into the 43rd super sentai in 2019! It’s name TURBO SENTAI RACERANGER!! How do you like that? Mr. Grant Sansom? Tell it that dojo?

  11. One Week on Super Hero Time! Lupinranger vs. Patoranger! If Kamen Rider or Masked Rider Build is the only one on this show! Maybe new episodes. Guys! I Think I just got it on facebook. Turbo Sentai Raceranger was not team’s name of next year’s 2019. I Rename the new 43rd super sentai! It’s called TURBO SENTAI ACCELRANGER!! Coming Soon to TOEI Near You! What did you think?

  12. Actually is Turbo Sentai Acceleranger! I was sure you said that dojo. I Got it on twitter. Next Year in 2019! Lupinranger vs. Patranger vs. Kyyuranger has met The 43rd Super Sentai of 2019! Turbo Sentai Acceleranger are the 5 heroes working together to fight evil and save the world! This catchphase said this. Acceleration of The Race Track Star! Countdown to the finish line! 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! Go! GO!! TURBO SENTAI ACCELERANGER!!

  13. Did you read that grant sansom? Dojo said is Awesome! Cause the 43rd Super Sentai that I saw on Twitter! Click That! At the website twitter.com now!

  14. I have seen 3 episodes of Lupinranger Vs Patoranger so far. But for my honest opinion, I think the Lupinranger Vs Patoranger adaptation for the PR season – will NOT work out or fit in. But the next sentai season – like the Acceleranger adaptation as the 43rd sentai season with the 4th Racing-Theme would. Completely would.

  15. OK then. Instead of Red, Blue, Yellow, Purple and Pink; Will there be Red (male), Pink (female), Black (male), Orange (male) and Purple (female) as the new 5-core colour scheme team in the 43rd sentai season – Turbo Sentai Acceleranger?

  16. Or Maybe Silver or Gold Sentai? How about Platinum Sentai as The New 6th Sentai? What did you think?

  17. It’s Like the Platinum Card. But that Platinum Sentai at google+ and the other. Titanium Ranger. But Platinum Sentai is the 6th sentai? I Named. Accele Titanium!!

  18. I Don’t like bronze! It’s like iron or copper! You know titanium ranger was in power rangers lightspeed rescue? TITANIUM SENTAI!!

    1. You know what? You’re absolutely right, and I agree, I would also recommend Platinum as the 6th sentai or Ranger for the 43rd sentai season: Turbo Sentai Acceleranger. So let’s see what other people think of their choices.

  19. Hey Willis James, I now discovered what Platinum is. You wanna know? Then here it goes.
    A precious silvery-white metal, the chemical element of atomic number 78. It was first encountered by the Spanish in South America in the 16th century, and is used in jewellery, electrical contacts, laboratory equipment, and industrial catalysts.
    greyish white or silvery like platinum.

    1. Oh! That is one silvery white metal. I like that! So a 6th Platinum Sentai is Accele Platinum?

  20. Mr. Willis James,
    Will we see Red (male), Pink (female), Black (male), Orange (male) and Purple (female) as the new 5-core colour scheme team in the 43rd sentai season – Turbo Sentai Acceleranger? Because I like to.

        1. How about Red (male), Pink (female), Black (male), Blue (male) and Volet (female) as the new 5-core colour scheme team in the 43rd super sentai!! What you think about that dojo?

      1. But would it be possible, at least just for one time, make the new and first sentai season – like the future sentai season: Acceleranger – to not have both Blue and Yellow Rangers together, and to have Orange (Male) and Purple (Female) Rangers alongside with Red (Male), Pink (Female; Male Red’s Love Interest), and Black (Male) Rangers as the new 5-core colour scheme team in the 43rd super sentai instead?

  21. ……..But Willis James, did you read my last comment about the possible new 5-core colour scheme team? (Red, Pink, Black, Orange and Purple)

    1. Well. Mr. Lordman Sugar is on Facebook said that to vote on the next super sentai after Lupinranger vs. Patranger. I vote for race. If they vote for video game on the new super sentai? The Polls is Off!

        1. If There is Turbo Sentai is Raceranger or Drivinger or Accelranger? I vote Race. And If I vote race? It will be the 43rd super sentai.

    1. Yes. That for the next season of the super sentai series 2019! Right After Lupinranger vs. Patranger! And I like raceranger on facebook and twitter.

  22. Because think back Willis James, Super Sentai had 3 car race themes (Turboranger, Carranger, and Go-Onger), but PR had 2 car race themes (Turbo, based on the Carranger adaptation; and RPM, based on Go-Onger adaptation). So, if they do make the 4th car race Theme for the 43rd super sentai season, then I’ll bet it would be adapted into the 3rd car race Theme for the possible future PR season.
    Plus, as another complete Trilogy with the PR car race series. Right?

    1. Now, I still found the new Super Sentai season: Turbo Sentai Raceranger, but the colour scheme team I see or hear about is – Red/Black/Blue/Green/Yellow, which they already seen some of the seasons with that.
      But, I still wanna see the new 5-core colour scheme team such as this – Red (Male)/Pink (Female; Red’s Love Interest)/Black (Male)/Orange (Male)/Purple (Female), plus the Platinum (Male 6th sentai or Ranger) for a new opportunity. Do you understand what I mean, Willis James?

      1. Yes. I Do Dojo. But the comments that I post is that 5-colored sentais that choose red, pink, black, blue and volet or red, pink, black, orange and volet that is not purple?

        1. Then, please ask the Toei Company to make a new 5-Core colour scheme team – Red (Male)/Pink (Female; Red’s Love Interest)/Black (Male)/Orange (Male)/Purple (Female), plus the Platinum (Male 6th sentai or Ranger) – just for a new opportunity. Could you please do that?

          1. Dojo! Done it! I posted at Twitter! I ask the folks at Toei to make the new super sentai seasons of 2019! Turbo Sentai Raceranger! 5-Core Colour Sentai! Ready to race and fight to save the city and earth.

          2. Dojo! I Done it! I posted at Twitter! I ask the folks at Toei to make the new super sentai seasons of 2019! Turbo Sentai Raceranger! 5-Core Colour Sentai! Ready to race and fight to save the city and earth.

          3. I Found it at Power Rangers fanon! I got Race #1 (red), Race #2 (orange), Race #3 (pink), Race #4 (black) and Race #5 (volet)! Kamenrider2011 has to thank me for that!

  23. Hey Willis James, a couple or a few months ago, I left comments for them by simply saying “Please please please Invite both Andrew M. Gray & his Christina Masterson to the whole PR Prom day on the 18th of this August this year 2018, so it will make their day a whole lot better as their personal romantic PR Prom day & night in real-life. So I can get to see new future pictures of the #Andristina (Andrew M. Gray & Christina Masterson) Sky Couple dancing together, always and Forever for the rest of their heartwarming lives.” And nobody sent me a comment back.

    1. Actually, it was only meant to be called: “The Cast of Power Rangers Megaforce 1 AND 2!” So, yes, exactly.

  24. I Mean kamenrider2011 has took my design. But I create the design. I got five colour sentais. red, orange, pink, black & volet are Racer #1 (male), Racer #2 (male), Racer #3 (female), Racer #4 (male) & Racer #5 (female) are Turbo Sentai Raceranger! I also found a new sentai of raceranger. Platinum (male) is Racer #6. The new member of the team.

    1. Thank you Mr. Willis James, I’m so happy that we had this understandable conversation. I also can’t wait what the new sentai team will look like.

  25. That is What I Do! If you want to know you have to tell sterling collins he a sportchek at facebook. If grant not see the new sentai looks? Sterling will created. He and I were friends in high places and grant is not here to see it? Sterling will do his thing and his way!

      1. I posted on twitter. If the Toei company gets the idea that I had Turbo Sentai Raceranger? They got it! Right through the charts.

  26. You got it dojo! If the Toei Company like this idea of the new turbo sentai? They will make this new show like all 3 old season of super sentai shows Turboranger, Carranger and Go-Onger. So if the 3 seasons together? The new super sentai season turbo sentai raceranger will be the new show will be the best.

  27. Dojo! I Found it on the fanon. There is guy made that fanon and he’s name from the rangerboard. RB-Man!

  28. I got it on the power rangers fanon. Turbo Sentai Raceranger is complete. I Share everyone on all page. Facebook, Twitter, Toei all rest. If Toei gets the idea? Who can?

  29. But this leads it to a different question: Could Hasbro just change the PR’s 26th season title from Beast Morphers into Grid Battleforce? Because the actual PR’s 26th season title “Grid Battleforce” sounds way better than the Beast Morphers. Do you agree? Or does Hasbro honestly agree?

  30. I like it! But I Don’t! If I made this super sentai at power rangers fanon. What about saban & hasbro that turns Turbo Sentai Raceranger into a New Power Rangers Show?

  31. I dunno yet. But I have found out that you changed it into Go-Racer, and that you also changed into the 45th anniversary for 2020. Is that right? Please explain to me.

    1. Let me explain this. Raceranger is shut down. So I change it! I named the 45th Super Sentai Series of 2020. That will be Turbo Sentai Go-Racers! 5 heroes that turns into a new team of super sentai! Racer #1 (Red), #2 (Orange), #3 (Pink), #4 (Black) & #5 (Violet)! Coming in 2020 to Toei. Sounds good dojo?

  32. The folks of twitter. The GCSE MEMES said that 42 Sentai Season that Patranger is 43 & Lupinranger is 42 that took his powers. That means the new 44th super sentai series is coming soon. Not like race cars! Not like dinosaurs! But Beetles.

    1. Firstly, that sounds good for me. Secondly, you’re right, it’s not gonna be ninja or dinosaur or even race cars (until the 45th sentai season) and it certainly not gonna be bugs (because the 26th PR season will already have new bug zords). And thirdly, I was thinking of the Egyptian motif for the 44th sentai season. What do you think?

  33. Of course.

    Now Willis James, I’ve got something to show you as your copy. You wanna see it? OK then.
    Here’s something that has a heartwarming moment that I made for you and the hasbro friendly-family studios (if it’s interested) to have or get and to keep.

    RED & PINK SKY RANGERS: A Beautiful Heartwarming PR Love Story (A Spin-Off from PR MEGAFORCE)

    Main Cast:
    •(Cyber) Married Sky Couple 💑•
    Andrew M. Gray as Troy,
    Christina Masterson-Gray as Emma.

    TBA as the voice of Robo Knight.

    •(Ultra/Cyber) Solar Single•
    Lisa Ramos as Priscilla/Tina Burrows (Troy’s Little Sister).

    •(Ultra/Cyber) Lunar Single•
    Kai Braden as Obadiah (Emma’s Big Cousin).

    •Main EPS S3, College Theme•
    1. Dawn of the Federation (NOTE: Mega S3 premiere 1of2; 4th year of college; King Verikho, Princess Vonda and the Warstar Federation’s debut appearances) {1/2/19}
    2. Cyber Mode (NOTE: Mega S3 premiere 2of2; King Verikho, Princess Vonda and the Warstar Federation’s backstories; Cyber Mode – Cyber Mega Saber & Blaster form Cyber Mega Plasma!) {8/2/19}
    3. Sky Hearts (“: A February Special; Takes a week after the Mega S3 premiere; It shows 2 months ago of how, where, and when Troy & Emma got engaged, plus, their Red & Pink Sky Memories) {15/2/19}
    4. Episode 4 {22/2/19}
    5. Episode 5 {8/3/19}
    6. The Song (NOTE: Cyber Sky Blaster) {15/3/19}
    7. Episode 7 (NOTE: Bancore’s debut appearance & backstory) {22/3/19}
    8. Copper, She Morphed (NOTE: Priscilla/Tina’s debut appearance/backstory; Priscilla/Tina becomes Megaforce Copper; Squirrel Dual Grips; Another Cyber Mode – “Cyber Megaforce Copper!”) {29/3/19}
    9. Episode 9 {12/4/19}
    10. Episode 10 (NOTE: 6 Federation Commanders’ Debut appearances; Obadiah’s debut appearance & backstory) {19/4/19}
    11. Made of Iron (NOTE: Obadiah’s debut appearance/backstory; Obadiah becomes Megaforce Iron; Wolf Lance; Another Cyber Mode – “Cyber Megaforce Iron!”) {26/4/19}
    12. Episode 12 (NOTE: Squirrel Dual Grips and Wolf Lance form Solar-Lunar Blaster) {3/5/19}
    13. Episode 13 (NOTE: Another Ultra Mode – “Sun Power, Ultra Megaforce Copper!; Moon Power, Ultra Megaforce Iron!”; Gosei Alert MGZ) {17/5/19}
    14. Episode 14 (NOTE: Mid-Season Finale; College Graduation) {24/5/19}
    15. Episode 15 (NOTE: Mid-Season Premiere; Takes 3 months after EP.14) {30/8/19}
    16. Episode 16 {6/9/19}
    17. Episode 17 {13/9/19}
    18. Episode 18 {20/9/19}
    19. The Real Marriage of Troy & Emma (NOTE: The Tremma Love Couple is finally getting married, for real!) {27/9/19}
    20. Episode 20 (NOTE: Takes a month after The Real Marriage of Troy & Emma) {4/10/19}
    21-23. The Grand Mega Finale (NOTE: Triple-Bill; Mega S3 finale/The epic conclusion to the Megaforce Trilogy; Warstar Federation’s final appearance) {18/10/19 – 12noon; 12:30pm; 1pm}
    24. Where There’s A Thanks, There’s A Giving (NOTE: A November Special; Takes another month after the final episode of Megaforce S3) {22/11/19}
    25. Now That’s A Mega Christmas (NOTE: A December Special; Takes another month after Where There’s A Thanks, There’s A Giving; Troy and his now wife, Emma, both live happily ever after) {6/12/19}

    •TV Movie•
    Grand Mega Finale: The Extended Movie Edition {8/11/19 – Extended, 90mins)

    The End…

    Music By Really Slow Motion (Spin-Off: 2019) and Mervyn Warren (Troy & Emma’s Love Theme).

    1. Yes, 100% yes. Because it always mean so much to me. As you know, as I have always known, Red & Pink Go Well Together. Red (Male) & Pink (Female) Rangers Are Romantically Involved. And, one more time, Red & Pink represent “TRUE LOVE”.

        1. DOJO! I Found the colors for the next super sentai next year! Red, Orange, Violet, Blue & Yellow! What did you think?

  34. Grant Sansom has the 2019th & 43rd Super Sentai. Turbo Sentai Raceranger! But I change Turbo Sentai Go-Racer on the pr fanon website. The 45th Anniversary of Super Sentai that I put on to the wiki. Why is sansom create this sentai in the new super sentai show?

  35. I’m here. But I need to ask you something. Do you officially agree with the new beautiful, heartwarming PR Megaforce love story title: “THE RED & PINK SKY RANGERS”, that I sent you?

  36. Yes I understand what you mean about the Super Sentai’s 45th Anniversary, but with the new 5-core colour scheme team as Male Red, Female Pink, Male Black, Male White, Female Green, and the 6th Sentai/Ranger – PLATINUM.

    1. Sorry Dojo. I put Male Red, Female Violet, Male Orange, Male Blue & Female Yellow! That is the new 5-core colour scheme team.

      1. You’re right, I’m very sorry. Maybe after Lupinranger vs Patranger, toei MIGHT make a new 5-core colour scheme team with Male Red, Female Pink (Male Red’s love interest), Male Black, Male White, and Female Green, the first new 5-core colour scheme with no blue and yellow rangers together. Would that be alright?

        1. No. The D-Racers are male red, female pink, male black, male white & female green. I put the pic of red, orange, violet, yellow & blue in my fanon.

  37. Hello Mr. Willis James, there’s something on the fandom wiki website you have to look up, it’s called – Rokusei Sentai Epicranger the 45th sapphire sentai anniversary, and it also got the new/2nd angel theme (you probably will remember the 1st ever angel theme was Goseiger, which it was adapted into PR Megaforce).

  38. I say “YES! Miraculously Awesome!” That might mean Hasbro would give Andrew M. Gray + Christina Masterson = #Andristina, Azim Rizk + Ciara Hanna = #Aziara, and John-Mark Loudermilk (if he starts losing weight loss into great fitness) a new chance, and maybe help the main 5-core cast family to celebrate their Megaforce’s 10th anniversary (2013-2023).

    1. Or, IF Hasbro would just give the main 5-core Megaforce cast family a new chance by rebuilding their love, respect and support between right now and in the future, then I will be very happy and pleased to hear and see that.

    1. Well, if you ask the Toei Company about the new season – Rokusei Sentai Epicranger (as the possible 45th Sapphire Sentai Anniversary) – we might find out. OK?

  39. I Found this new on the fanon on next sentai after turbo sentai go-racer. It’s Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoger! The 44th Super Sentai of 2019 follow by Turbo Sentai Go-Racer! The 45th Super Sentai of 2020!

    1. Listen up Mr. Willis James, when the new sentai news gets updated on PR NOW website with “Kishiryu Sentai Ryuusoger”, we’ll need to make new but friendly respectful comments. Because this one has so many comments. Anyway, see you in 2 months, Mr. Willis James.

      1. You know what I was wondering? I’m wondering if the new 43rd sentai season – Ryuusouger – would get Female Red, Male Black, Female Blue, Male Purple, Male Orange, and quite possibly a 6th sentai/ranger (Brown) in it. What do you think?

        1. I Think Not! You know the series. Kamen Rider Ryuki aka Masked Rider Dragon Knight! Male Red, Female Yellow, Male Black, Male Green & Female Violet! They’re the 5 Sentai heroes. They call them. Ryuusouger. 44th Super Sentai in 2019. What did you think?

            1. I saw a video on website called youtube. I saw 5 colour kamen riders. I saw the gif on twitter. The 5 colour sentai is the same as 5 kamen riders.

    1. Sorry about that! I made this 5-Sentai Team and it not red, pink, violet, black and orange. The Turbo Sentai Go-Racer is red male, orange male, green male, violet female and pink! The 5-Colors of Turbo Sentai Go-Racer! The 45th Super Sentai of 2021!

  40. Mr. Willis James, the new colour scheme team I read for Ryuusouger, is that it might be – Male Red, Male Black, Male Orange, Female Aqua, and Female Green. Plus, the 6th sentai/ranger (Brown maybe). What do you think?

    1. Wait, I’m sorry, let me rephrase that. Male Red, Male Black, Male Orange, Female Aqua (you know, lighter version of blue), and Female LIME (you know, lighter version of green). Now what do you really think?

  41. Willis James, I got one question for you.
    Will the new sentai season of Ryuusouger get the new 5-core colour scheme team as Male Red, Male Black, Male Orange, Female Aqua, Female Lime, and possibly Male Brown the 6th sentai/ranger?

  42. In February 2019! Red means Fire, Black means Thunder, Orange means Earth, Blue means Aqua and Green means Wind. In the end of Lupinranger vs. Patranger in 2019. Ryuusouger is both 44th Super Sentai in the 43rd Super Sentai Series.

    1. Hey Willis James, how are you? Anyway, I was just thinking now of this:
      Male Ryuusou Red, Male Ryuusou Orange, Male Ryuusou White, Female Ryuusou Purple, Female Ryuusou Lime (you know, lighter version of Green) and also maybe Male Ryuusou Bronze/6th sentai in the new super sentai season, Ryuusouger. So, what do you think to be honest?

  43. Actually, that possible spin-off tv show of the Red & Pink Sky Rangers from “PR Megaforce” I told you about, Mr. Willis James? Well, I actually changed it into a 2hr event TV Movie 🎬. So, what do you think honestly?

    1. No No No, I don’t mean that. I Mean a special 90min love story (between Troy Burrows & Emma Goodall, soon to become Mrs. Emma Burrows) event set for the fall of 2019. What do you think of that, to be honest?

  44. No no no I mean, a 90min love ❤ story between Troy & Emma (soon to become the future Mrs. Emma Burrows) TV Movie set for the fall of 2019. Well?

  45. Then, Willis James, please tell your friends about the new future Troy & Emma spinoff TV Movie love story plan that I sent you. Please?

  46. Willis James, I’m starting to get very confused about the new super sentai season. Why are they making rumors about seeing more dinosaur theme (which we’ve already seen all 3 complete dinosaur themes), when Toei Company are already doing the Knights & Dragons theme for Ryuusouger?

    1. Well King Arthur has a Dragon to slay it! The Knights of the round table has join up with the king. Arthur will strike those evil sorcerer’s men & defeat the sorcerer before he rules the kingdom come.

  47. I would like to see a crossover between this series, dekaranger, and gokaiger, with dekaranger working with patoranger, and gokaiger working with lupinranger.

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