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Sentai’s Kiramager Revealed

The 2020 season of Super Sentai has been revealed – Mashin Sentai Kiramager!

The season will bring the franchise to a jewel/glitter theme, mixed with vehicles, with five core heroes:

•Red Ranger (Firetruck Zord)
•Green Ranger (Racecar Zord)
•Yellow Ranger (Excavator Zord)
•Blue Ranger (Jet Zord)
•Pink Ranger (Helicopter Zord)

The Red, Green, and Yellow Rangers will pilot vehicles that are land-based (hence the street lines on their torso sash), while the Blue and Pink Rangers will pilot vehicles that are air based (hence the solid line on their torso sash).

Additional Rangers are expected to join the team later on.

The plot will follow the Kiramager, who tap into the powers of jewels and glitter to stop the Yodon Army, an evil faction bent on stealing people’s hope and radiance. Together, the Kiramager must use their jewels to power their Zords, blasters, swords, and other arsenal.

Fans can check out the first official poster for Kiramager, as released by Toei, below.

While not officially a magic-themed season, this will mark Toei’s first return to the space since Maho Sentai Magiranger, which became adapted as Power Rangers Mystic Force overseas.

Should Kiramager be adapted overseas into a season of Power Rangers, it would likely have to wait until 2023 – should Hasbro decide to adapt it at all.

Kiramager will premiere in Japan in March 2020.

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89 thoughts on “Sentai’s Kiramager Revealed

      1. Actually the more proper name for this costumes are Ourangers (often spelled Ohranger) costume and Carrangers costume. They were use in ZEO and Turbo respectivetly

        1. i love the suits but if the only thing you care about is a female green ranger then you shouldn’t be watching the show. a female green ranger is not the most important thing about any series.

            1. how is it noteworthy. i don’t care if the green ranger is female. if they do this as power rangers great if they don’t then i will be happy with whatever series they choose. it is ridiculous that the only thing that matters for some people is that every color has to be female. if they make every color female i will support it but it should never be top priority for the producers or fans as long as they have great storytelling.

              1. You need to stop because everyone can have their own opinions and it rude of you say “who care” to everyone since it a new season. If you don’t care about a female Green Rangers, why do you bother to say that to everyone else?

                1. too bad. i say whatever i want. everybody acts like females need to be every where. you try to force them in instead of doing it naturally it hurts the season

                  1. Too bad “mc”, we don’t need people like you who ruin everyone life, so get a life and I try to be nice, but you’re being a jerk

            1. no you didn’t but i have seen alot of comments over the past few years that basically does say it however i would still like to know how a female green ranger is noteworthy. the only female ranger that should be noteworthy would be a season long female red ranger.

              1. I’m guessing you’re a Power Rangers fan, and not a Super Sentai one because we didn’t get a female green yet and the only female Red was in SPD and Samurai/Shinkenger

      1. Why do you care about someone who care? You need to mind your own business since it not your job telling everyone what they should or shouldn’t care about.

        1. i am not telling anyone what they should care about. i am saying i don’t care. all i want to know is why is a second female green ranger noteworthy. the gender of any color should jot be the most exciting thing of any series. i will be excited if they do this series but the green ranger being female will not even be close to the reason why. she wouldn’t even be in the top 10.

            1. I wasn’t talking to you, I was talking to that guy who keeps changing his name and saying all sorts of ridiculous crap especially about Megaforce

            2. Hey I’m sorry for not giving anyone chance on the green rangers because it cool to be a female. I was the bully.

  1. You know, just like Turbo, Space, and Lost Galaxy, Hasbro could really avoid the magic theme and change to radio active gamma science with the jewel/cars theme for the future PR season sometimes in the 2020’s.

    What do you honestly think?

  2. I would like to have Hasbro make PR Megaforce Season 3: A Decade After for 2023, with just the returning characters of Troy Burrows (Andrew Gray), Emma Goodall-Burrows (Christina Masterson-Gray), Jake Holling (Azim Rizk), Gia Moran-Holling (Ciara Hanna-Rizk), Noah Carver (John-Mark Loudermilk), and Robo Knight. Along with new characters such as Tina Burrows (Lisa Ramos, I guess) aka Copper Sun Ranger, Obadiah Goodall (Kai Braden, I guess) aka Iron Moon Ranger, Vindrix, Crimzone, Professor Borgess, and more.


    1. Oh, I almost forgot, with good and better backstory character developments from the main Megaforce Heroes between this time and the next time.

      1. Oh, and please please please don’t be so angry about this. I’m begging you, please don’t be angry at all.

        1. Mm it’s at least a good idea but I have questions thought.
          1. How would Robo Knight come back?
          2. I noticed that you didn’t mention Orion.
          3. How would you explain not having the Mega Rangers not having their “Super Mega Mode”?

    2. I like the idea of it. I wish Megaforce was a good season. I think it would be one of the best seasons if it had some good writers on the show. It would probably be up there with (in my opinion) In Space, Time Force, and Dino Thunder. I think the idea of having the sun and moon rangers could be a power up kind of like what they did in Kyuranger. They could also use the Zyuohger villians in a few episodes to go with the episodes of Zyuohger where the Gokaigers came back. I think there could also be some cameos. The main ones I would say would be someone from Mighty Morphin, In Space, Time Force, Wild Force, Dino Thunder, SPD, Mystic Force, Jungle Fury, RPM, and Dino Charge.

  3. Well….
    1. If you go to fanfiction.net and tap in Legendary Spy, you might see who or what recreated Robo Knight the way he was.
    2. I didn’t want to mention Orion of Andresia again, because he never had an original Megaforce outfit like the rest of the 5-core team still have, he only had a Super Mode outfit and that is not the right original outfit.
    3. It was really unwise to use those Gokai pirate outfits to call it Super Mega Mode, because the pirate motif made no sense at all.

  4. New addition to the #RedAndPinkMonday #RedAndPinkGoWellTogether #RedAndPinkRangersAreRomanticallyInvolved

  5. I thought we would have a BLACK ranger not Pink. Also, I heard that the Yellow Ranger could be a kid ranger

  6. I wish we do get a Olympic theme Sentai soon, maybe next year after 2020 Tokyo Olympic?
    With pink, it doesn’t work if you want the color of the Olympic ring, so black is better. Even though it a car, magic, and/or demon theme, maybe Olympic would somehow apply to it, but Ryusoulger kind’ve use an ancient theme so it might not work. Speaking of Ryusoulger, I wish in the next decade, we actually do get a knight and dragon theme Sentai because I was disappointed we got dinosaurs instead, at least Ryusoulger mecha line is fun. Hopefully in the show, they would have a big final mecha combination using all part like they did in Go- Onger using the Ryusoul joint! Back to Kirameiger, maybe the reason we have this theme is maybe celebrate the beginning of the Heisei era with Kousoku Sentai Turboranger (1986-87) that had somewhat car magic in term of fairy magic so they want to start the first Reiwa season with this theme too! Not ironically the 15th Anniversary of Mahou Sentai Magiranger and 20th Anniversary since the end of KyuKyu Sentai GoGoV, not the beginning.

  7. The Helmet of each Kirameiger reminds me of past Sentai season in some way similar like:
    Kiramei Red= Zyuoh Eagle
    Kiramei Blue= Deka Blue
    Kiramei Yellow= Kajiki Yellow (only the pose, otherwise I don’t know)
    Kiramei Green= Green Racer/Oh Green?
    Kiramei Pink= Kyoryu Pink (it seem like a triceratops)
    If you see any similarities, comments below!!!!!!!

  8. she is the 3rd not 2nd..modoninger from ninningers was the first,chameleon green from kyuranger is the 2nd so kiramei green is the 3rd

  9. i wonder what the main villains of this series would look like and who the mentor figure would be for this series if there is a mentor figure in this series.

  10. Is it me? or does
    Kiramei Red looks like the Dino Thunder Red Ranger
    Kiramei Blue looks like a mix of the SPD Blue Ranger and the Jungle Fury Shark Ranger
    Kiramei Pink looks like a mix of the Yellow Wild Force Ranger and the Blue Ninja Storm Wind Ranger
    Kiramei Green looks like the Green Turbo Ranger (Turbo not Turboranger)
    Kiramei Yellow looks like the Lost Galaxy Blue Ranger

  11. I don’t like magical, magician, magic, I really don’t. I only glittery jewels with the actual mix of revolutionary radioactive gamma Bio-Science and any sort of vehicle theme. That’s my honest opinion.

    1. I mean, I only LIKE glittery jewels with the actual mix of revolutionary radioactive gamma Bio-Science and any sort of vehicle theme.

  12. “The series will be jewel themed…” Oh god is this gonna be Ohranger all over again? “…and vehicle themed.” Oh no is this gonna be Carranger all over again?

  13. From Goranger, To Turboranger are 2 Eras called Showa & Heisei. Now to the Reiwa of the Super Sentai Team. Mashin Sentai Kirameiger! The Era of the Reiwa Super Sentai. What is Kirameiger is only better then Saban’s Power Rangers Beast Morphers Season 2?

  14. Now after Beast Morpher Season 2 is finished, the kyuranger adaptation for 2021 will be next; then I believe the kiramager adaptation for 2022 will come after the Kyuranger adaptation. But the plans for the ryusoulger adaptation might have to wait now until like 2025, because a sentai season that I took a good look at it is – Kyuusaiger (the new theme the insects/Rescue services hybrid, that also starts with the main 3-core team AFTER the 45th sentai anniversary season) for maybe 2024.

    Well? What do you think to be honest?

    1. I don’t want that too happen because we need give ToQger a chance like Go-Buster! Sorry it just that I don’t like skipping a season for more money because Hasbro can already make their own money like the Lightning’s Collection and ToQger have many colors change

      1. -sighs-
        Again with this Toqger. Didn’t you look at the video on YouTube about Toqger? It said that the Toqger’s giant mecha aka Megazord is…..the…..WORST design ever, so the other fan of PR said “IT WON’T FIT”. Besides, I don’t wanna other sentai weapons that happen to look exactly like the Go-Onger aka RPM weapons. Plus, it will be too scary for children, especially the Toqger villains.

        1. Just because it ToQger, doesn’t mean they have to copy it Sentai counterparts for PR. To me, ToQger is unique in term that, it a theme, PR never mainly use, not counting the one from Lightspeed Rescue, Mystic Force, Megaforce, or any other season since those are only one train base Megazord. We need give ToQger a chance. If I have to choose between ToQger and Kyuranger, I would pick ToQger for the 20 some episode for the one season Nick have left on contract. To me Kyuranger doesn’t work for one 20 some episodes season with 12 rangers. It doesn’t matter if ToQger villain is dark because kids love Star Wars that involves darkness. Kids would almost like anything today as long it inspires them like train!!!!

        1. Jason David Frank! How you doing? I am your greatest fan of your tv shows and its awesome! I learn ma karate skills. I got it on facebook about PR Beast Morphers.

    2. Hold up, forget about what I said the delayed plan for the ryusoulger adaptation. I believe that the ryusoulger adaptation for 2021 (particularly in this new decade) could work out, because as you should all know, Jurassic World 3 is gonna be released for the same year – 2021. Boy, what another dino-theme we might get (maybe one final time).

  15. Sometimes, it’s Hasbro that chooses what is best. You just need to wait for a while, and just live a simple life.

  16. I wish the color of the next year’s sentai would be
    Red (male)
    Violet (female)
    Light Green (male)
    Yellow (male)
    Light blue (female)

  17. If hasbro decided to adaptation of Lupinranger vs Patoranger as a season it should be a separate shows. Lupinranger being magic like Mystic Force type season. And Patoranger being like Time Force SPD type.

    1. Your right lupinranger and patoranger might work as separate season I hope Hasbro adaptation will very soon

  18. Honestly guys, ToQger adaptation won’t work out because of actual Japanese trains; Zyuohger adaptation won’t work out because of clumsy Minechaft cubes, Kyuranger adaptation will really not work out because of too much hero members (12), and finally LupinVsPato adaptation will certainly not work out because of bow-ties-like on the Lupinranger outfits, ties-like on the Patranger outfits, and even those mechas (zords) look like kiddies toys.

    You might wanna type in “Why Power Rangers skipped sentai seasons to Dinosaurs” on The Hashtag Show. And see what you think.

  19. Superhero fans, listen up.
    Some sentai fans or the super sentai news said something that there might be a new sentai season with the 45th sapphire anniversary entitled “Minzou Sentai Ninjaranger” for 2021, next year. Do any of you know IF that’s true or false?

  20. Oh, I almost forgot to say this: “Because that’s the fourth time TOEI company would make another sentai ninja theme, just as they made another dinosaurs theme for the fourth time known as Ryusoulger.”

  21. But do you really think there is gonna be a new sentai season for 2021 entitled “Minzou Sentai Ninjaranger”?

      1. hope zenkaiger colors would be
        red – male
        violet – female
        green – male
        blue – female
        yellow – male
        it would be the first official female violet ranger

        1. It’s the colors of the Zenkaigers will be
          Red – Male
          Black – Male
          Blue – Male
          Yellow – Male
          and finally I call it! Female is the Pink Sentai.

  22. all male have to be reds,blacks,blues,greens,whites rangers. they never have males be pink rangers. super sentai and power rangers in common males and females are yellow rangers . this time we have first female green ranger in 28 years and best big cat ever live. is saber-toothed tiger. my favorite big cat is saber-toothed tiger.if hasbro be adaptation mashin sentai kiramager in 2023. we have second female green ranger .

  23. new series is kikai sentai zenkaiger are only one human is white ranger leader now.cool if hasbro did adaptation mashin sentai kiramager in 2023-2024. we have to want if hasbro will adaaptation mashin sentai kiramager in 2023 -2024???????!!!!!!!!! if so will be the new cast and character names too.?!

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