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Sentai’s Ryuusouger Revealed

The 2019 season of Super Sentai has been revealed – Kishiryu Sentai Ryuusouger!

The season will bring the franchise back to a dinosaur theme, with five core heroes:

•Red Ranger
•Blue Ranger
•Pink Ranger (Female)
•Green Ranger
•Black Ranger

This will mark Toei’s first return to a dinosaur theme since Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger, which became adapted as Power Rangers Dino Charge overseas by Saban Brands.

The team of Rangers will follow the same color scheme as Kyoryuger, and the second season not to feature a Yellow Ranger on its core team. Additional Ranger colors could include a Yellow Ranger, but have yet to be revealed.

Each Ranger suit features a silver arm, with a black and white colored torso.

The Zords/Mecha will be based on the following dinosaurs:

•Red Ranger – Tyrannosaurus Rex
•Blue Ranger – Triceratops
•Pink Ranger – Ankylosaurus
•Green Ranger – Sabertooth Tiger
•Black Ranger – Stegosaurus

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Should Ryuusouger be adapted overseas into a season of Power Rangers, it would likely have to wait until 2021 – should Hasbro decide to adapt it at all.

Its likely competition will be Uchuu Sentai Kyuranger (space theme) and Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger vs. Keisatsu Sentai Patranger (cops/robbers theme).

Ryuusouger will premiere in Japan in February 2019.

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  1. Hasbro could adapt that sentai series into Power Rangers here in America but it could be way different than Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Power Rangers Dino Thunder and Power Rangers Dino Charge guys

  2. Most of us thought Kyuranger would be the 2019 power ranger series but they did go busters instead. How do we know in 2021 they won’t adapt the train themed sentai into power rangers. I’m just saying Hasbro surprised us once they may do it again

      1. As long as it’s still on Nickelodeon Super seasons will likely stay. So we got until 2022. But what’s weird is that Nickelodeo only has 3 seasons until the contract is up, so it would be weird to have 2 seasons of Beast Morphers and one new season.

  3. You have got to be kidding me! Dinosaur themed again?!?!?! Right down to the same similar suit design and color Scheme as Kyoryuger?!?! My god, and we just went through Dino Charge 2 years ago! I was hoping for Midevial theme similar to our Ameri-toku series, Mystic Knights. Hell, I would have gone for them Re-hashing Magiranger, but Dinosaurs AGAIN?!?!?! I hope Hasbro doesnt adapt this after Beast Morphers, hopefully they do either Kyuuranger, Zyohouger, or Lupin/Pat next.

        1. Wrong! Konchuu Sentai Spider-Ranger! The Next Sentai of 2020 & Coming Soon in 2021! 45th Anniversary of The Super Sentai Series! Turbo Sentai Go-Racer!

    1. From what I have heard is that Kishiryu Sentai Ryuusouger gonna still have some midevial theme elements in the term of midevial dinosaur. If you look at the collectible gimmick, the ryusouls you can see the dinosaurs head turn into a knight figures style.

      A brief story outline for the new series is also available:

      “Before… There were knights who fought their archenemy ‘Druidon” using the powers of ancient dinosaurs. They were called Ryusouger. They rode their partner dinosaurs, the Kishiryu, and the days of their fierce fight using the Ryusouls that house their souls unraveled.
      Now, in a peaceful world, the tremendous power of the Kishiryu has been sleeping, sealed away, but Druidon’s return draws near and the time to awaken is close… Now the curtain of a never before seen Super Sentai is cut down!”- (“Tokunation”).
      Maybe it will have dragons elements later on in the series after the 6th ranger have appear. Don’t give up your hope.

    2. Yeah, I’d prefer something along the lines of Mystic Knights as well. Have their theme be a mixture of Knight armor and a midevil creature, instead of a mixture of knights and dinosaurs. And I would welcome a Magiranger redo. Magiranger wasn’t good, it was a major letdown, but given proper writing and the magic theme would work.

  4. Gods sake, Just when I thought Toei was being original, we get another dinosaur season, it’s just Kyoryuger 2.0, why can’t we at least get a season without a Blue Ranger, so stupid

  5. If they have to keep doing dinosaurs can they just make the red rangers dinosaur anything but a T Rex all other colors switched dinosaurs except the red one

  6. How about a cowboy theme for example

    Seiyo Sentai Gajiinger
    (Western Squadron Outriders)

    Or another car theme….

    Sutanto Sentai Sōdaiger
    (Stunt Squadron)

  7. Fans: I want a Knight and Dragon season

    Toei: Well, Dinosaurs are dragons, what about a dinosaur season?

    Fans: No, we did that 5 years ago.

    Toei: Who cares! Dinosaurs!

    Fans: EVERYONE CARES! But what did we expect, here is the 4th dinosaur season (within less than a decade. I don’t mind the theme of the show, but it’s just getting repetitive)

  8. I just want my Kyuranger Power Rangers season after Beast Morphers is over, after Kyuranger Hasbro can adapt this if they choose too. I don’t think a sentai with 2 teams of rangers would work in america.

  9. I love both power rangers and super sentai. I have a suggestion for a series; have a series with dragons. Also during the series have a group of evil rangers through out the series. That would be a interesting series.

  10. Dinosaurs are getting old. How about another series like time force/timeranger where the power rangers had rivals(sliver guardians) that try to save the day in their place only they just get in the way. That was one of my favorite things about time force

  11. Uh o your research more. IN super sentai this is not the second series without a yellow ranger. This would be the 4th.

  12. To be honest I am disappointed in this. We just had Kyoryuger not that long ago. At first I only heard about the knights theme so I was thinking that maybe they were going to do something new like something of the medieval ages but nope. Dinosaurs. Again. It’s too soon to be repeating this. Why Toei? Why?

  13. According from power rangers fanon. Konchuu Sentai Spider-Ranger is 44th super sentai series & Turbo Sentai Go-Racer is 45th series in a row! You know that?

  14. Hmm. If Hasbro chooses to adapt this into Power Rangers, it should be interesting, considering that each era of PR has had a dinosaur-themed team:

    Pre-Disney Saban: MMPR
    Disney: Dino Thunder
    Post-Disney Saban: Dino (Super) Charge
    Hasbro: Whatever they might call this one.

  15. Dinosaurs? Again? Why? I’m all for fantasy again, but they couldn’t do it with another theme. Like it couldn’t be all Dragon themed, I assued it was with a name lke Ryusouger. Or anything else fantasy related like say witches?

    I hated Kyoryuger but putting that aside, we just had a dino team 5 years ago. And ofcourse Hasbro will adapt it, as dino toys sells in the PR community.

  16. This is too repetitive we just did a dinosaur one recently but as long as the red ranger has an archenemy in this series like red buster and enter that was kind of fun.

  17. I think that the dragons was a great idea I mean we have a dinosaur power rangers and sentai series and now we’re getting another dinosaur one that’s just repeating too much.

  18. I was thinking of the future PR title, based on the new sentai season – Ryuusouger, calling it “PR JURASSIC KNIGHT”. What do you think, Willis James?

        1. Actually, somebody already came up with the title “Power Rangers Jurassic Knight”, that would sound right. What do you think, Willis James?

  19. i like it a new team of power rangers come with a dragon and dinosaur theme they should call it power rangers dino force will be the next power rangers after beast morphers two seasons with new morphers and weapons and megazords to fight evil save the world is power rangers dino force rangers forever

  20. After the Ryuusouger, I want TOEI to make a second ANGEL theme since Goseiger (which it will be the 10th anniversary from 2010 to 2020), with possibly the title Rokusei Sentai Epicranger. What do you think?

    1. Isso não seria uma má ideia.
      Mas ainda me pergunto: por que dinossauros de novo e não super heróis ou anjos ou dragões? Seria realmente incrível

      1. Maybe a sequel to Goseiger. In fact, on either rangerboard or photobucket, I’ve found other Goseiger aka Megaforce Rangers suits, weapons and Zords drawings that they never used before. So, Willis James, if you find and look for it on the website, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

  21. Sentai and PR fans, think about it. Go-Onger aka RPM had an Animal & Vehicle hybrid. And now, Ryuusouger aka possible future PR title – Jurassic Knight has got Dinosaur & Knight hybrid. I just figured that out.

  22. First of all! I’m a Sentai & PR Fan! Second. I made this fanon like the new sentai series. The 43rd Series & 44th Super Sentai. Kishiryu Sentai Ryuusouger & Next Year’s 2020 Super Sentai Series. Rokusei Sentai Epicranger 45th Anniversary of New Super Sentai! But in 2021! I call it! The 46th Super Sentai Series! The new sentai has revealed. I call it! Zekitou Sentai Beetleranger!

  23. I think it would be cool in the first episode if the red ranger was already a knight and was fighting the enemy after being re-opend from 30 thousand years ago. So then the red ranger fights again and just as the enemy is about to take him to their leader red finds a way to escape and, his mentor tells him that he needs to get the ancestors of the original people who fought in the war with the red ranger. To me i think that would sound kindof cool.

  24. I’ve got something to confess. One of the new real images I looked at, is the one with the T-Rex with the new Red Ranger. To be fully honest at heart – that doesn’t look like a T-Rex, it looks more like the Spinosaurus (which we first saw in Dino Supercharge). What do any of you think, to be really honest?

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