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Soul Of The Dragon Introduces New Power Ranger

A brand new Power Ranger has arrived in BOOM! Studios’ Power Rangers: Soul of the Dragon!

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The graphic novel released by BOOM! Studios sees Tommy Oliver set upon a journey to find his son, JJ, an S.P.D. cadet. Written by Kyle Higgins, Tommy’s adventure leads to the birth of a brand new Power Ranger that will leave readers buzzing! Fans can scroll down to read at their own risk.

The official description for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Soul of the Dragon can be found below.

As a young adult, Tommy Oliver set upon a journey that would inspire hundreds of Power Rangers that would come afterwards, thwarting evils like Empress Rita Repulsa, Lord Zedd, and King Mondo of the Machine Empire. Now, Tommy’s retired with Katherine and leaves protecting the world to Space Patrol Delta–including his son, JJ. But when Jake disappears, presumed dead after an undercover mission goes wrong, Tommy will call on all his training, his friends, and maybe even some of his enemies as he sets out on one last mission: find his son and bring him home. From writer Kyle Higgins (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Nightwing) acomes the final story for history’s mightiest Power Ranger.

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In Power Rangers: Soul of the DragonTommy Oliver’s son, JJ Oliver, starts the story as a cadet at S.P.D. (Space Patrol Delta, an interplanetary police force). However, by the end of the issue, JJ is promoted to a Power Ranger – the S.P.D. Green Ranger.

Previously worn by Bridge Carson, who now serves as the S.P.D. Red Ranger, JJ joins his father as a superhero, and the latest Green Ranger in the family legacy.

To make things more interesting, JJ concludes the story by morphing into action as the S.P.D. Green Ranger – with a twist. The final panel of the book sees the S.P.D. Green Ranger donning the Mighty Morphin Green Ranger’s iconic Dragon Shield (seen below).

The legacy is complete. Tommy Oliver has passed is infamous Dragon Shield onto his son, JJ Oliver.

For fans, this will be the first time the Dragon Shield can be seen on a Power Ranger suit outside Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. This also furthers the mythology of Power Rangers S.P.D. to new lengths. Commander Cruger now sits atop S.P.D. after Commander Birdie’s retirement, and Sky Tate has taken Cruger’s spot as base commander. Filling the void at Red Ranger is Bridge Carson, with JJ Oliver now taking the helm at Green Ranger.

It is presumed that Syd Drew and Z Delgado remain as the team’s Pink and Yellow Rangers respectively.

Fans can pick up Power Rangers: Soul of the Dragon to see more of JJ, and the S.P.D. Green Ranger.

Click here to order Power Rangers: Soul of the Dragon!

Power Rangers: Soul of the Dragon is in stores now.

22 thoughts on “Soul Of The Dragon Introduces New Power Ranger

    1. Are Tommy and Katherine even married at this point?! Because, I don’t see a wedding ring on either Timmy or Katherine’s ring fingers in “Dimensions in Danger”

      1. Yes they are married idiot reason why they didn’t wear the ring because they don’t want the monsters to destroy them

    1. we don’t really know when did lina became green. It could’ve been before A squad existed or maybe she was green for awhile but then b squad came and decided to give bridge her morpher cause comander cruger was there in the episode as commander of spd and not as supreme commander so it most likely was before the spd events

  1. Wrong Green ranger to adapt! Good concept but Wrong. ADAPT MIDONINGER ALREADY! SO I CAN WATCH BEAST MORPHERS IN PEACE!!!!

  2. But Hyperforce introduced a character named Lina as the new S.P.D green… maybe she was promoted to Blue… or maybe she retired or has a new position…? I don’t know but i’ll just guess she is Blue now

  3. For those who wonder about Lina Song from Hyperforce, there is a female blue S.P.D. ranger so maybe the new team consist of:

    Bridge-S.P.D. Red Ranger
    Lina-S.P.D. Blue Ranger
    JJ-S.P.D. Green “Drangon” Ranger
    Z-S.P.D. Yellow Ranger
    Sydney-S.P.D. Pink Ranger

    Is sad that Z and Sydney aren’t promoted yet, I mean it’s been like 10 years

    1. That’s just B team. They could have reinstated a A team with better morph powers. Syd could be the Red of that team. After 10 years They must have added another Ranger Team

  4. I awalys thought Z would go to Nova since she was like a big sister to Sam in omega and he said before going back see in 7 or was that ten years? Poor Sad will always get stuck in Pink .

  5. Can you writers respectfully write and make a beautiful heartwarming PR comic book love story about Troy Burrows (Spanish-American Model, Andrew Gray) and his only true love interest Emma Goodall (Asian-American Model, Christina Masterson), please? It’ll somehow make me happy.

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