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Super Ninja Steel Comes To Netflix

The first eight episodes of Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel are now on Netflix!

As of today, fans can check out the season’s initial eight episodes from the iconic franchise’s 25th season streaming to Netflix users worldwide.

Netflix subscribers can already watch the entire season of Power Rangers Ninja Steel, which aired on Nickelodeon in 2017 – featuring the introduction of a brand new team and the arrival of the mysterious Gold Ranger. Now they can join Summer Cove’s heroes into their second season, currently airing on Nickelodeon.

The newest episodes of Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel added to Netflix include:

01. Echoes Of Evil
02. Moment Of Truth
03. Tough Love
04. Making Waves
05. Game Plan
06. Attack Of The Galactic Ninjas
07. The Need For Speed
08. Caught Red Handed

The newest additions do not include the special 25th anniversary episode which featured the return of legendary Rangers, ‘Dimensions In Danger’.

The season’s remaining episodes are expected to be added to Netflix in early 2019, following the completion of the show’s run on Nickelodeon.

In Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel, the heroic teens find themselves face-to-face with an old enemy when they discover Madame Odius is still alive and more determined than ever to steal the Ninja Nexus Prism and revive its powers for her nefarious purposes. Now it’s up to the Rangers, and some unexpected help from new friends, to use the power of teamwork to protect the Prism, defeat Odius and save the world!

Starring Will Shewfelt, Chrysti Ane, Nico Greetham, Zoe Robins, Peter Sudarso, and Jordi Webber, Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel airs every Saturday at 12pm ET on Nickelodeon.

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  1. I’m gonna get alot of hate for this, But I’m gonna say it again. I want the actors who play Victor and Monty dead. I want them to die. I wanna see them murdered. Wanna know why, cause they f****d up Ninja Steel for me. The show would have been so much bettter if it wasn’t for those 2 idiots.

  2. It isn’t the actor‘s fault why NS is bad, they are given what has been written.

    They are good actors and saying “I want them dead” is too far and is a bad reflection on yourself.

    Blame Nickelodeon for the 2-season split, blame Saban for stupid characters like Victor & Monty, blame Chip for losing his groove.

    1. I do blame Chip Lynn the most. Once a great writer, now he can’t write a decent story worth a s**t. Shame. Cause before Ninja steel the only season I truly hate with a passion is Operation Overdrive. Now I’ve added Ninja Steel and Super Ninja Steel to that short list. Everything else I love. Even though I believe that MMPR is totally overrated.

    2. Sorry for saying I want to see Victor and Monty to die in real life. I just freaking hate their characters with a passion. And they are what ruined Ninja Steel for me. Also the ranger cast isn’t great either. Only ranger on the show I like is Levi. I thought it was a unique idea for a country western musician as a Power Ranger.

    1. Actually to be honest, Super Megaforce was the most embarrassing season (especially Mr. Tzachor the Traitor – who’s always been a real selfish jerk by wasting his own money on Gokai suits and arsenal and even mechas and even those embarrassing unseen older sentai suits, the embarrassing Gokai counterparts, and some girl stealers including Jason Smith and Cameron Jebo).

      And I agree. To me, only Megaforce Seasing 1 (especially when it should’ve had 25 episodes instead of 22) was 40 times better than Season 2 and Ninja Steel.

      1. I see your point. Frist thing Hasbro needs to do is fire Chip Lynn. I had this scary thought last night that Beast Morphers may turn out to be reallly bad cause its still Chip Lynn as Executive Producer.

          1. Yeah I agree. I knew that from when Dino Supercharge was airing with all those bad filler episodes. And that god awful final episode.

              1. No No. Its really really terrible. It made no sense at all and it was complete garbage. I was expecting a really epic battle between the rangers and Sledge. I really love the 3 part final episode of Time Force especially that final battle between the rangers and Ransik. Why can’t we get something like that again.

          2. They are bad. After all they did write the final episode of Dino Supercharge. But lets not forget that Chip Lynn approves every story they write

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