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Super Ninja Steel Episode 13 Spoilers

Power Rangers’ international spoilers have returned, as countries outside the United States have begun to blow the doors open on all of Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel’s second half episodes.

Today, France aired Episode 13 of Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel on Canal J, a French TV station which airs blocks of children’s programming.

France is currently scheduled to air new episodes every weekday. As always, international airing patterns tend to be much more fluid, so the schedule is subject to change at any moment.

The United States will air new episodes of Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel every Saturday at 12pm ET on Nickelodeon.

Below, fans can find spoilers from Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel’s 13th episode, courtesy of French fan Sungel:

Episode 13 – Prepare To Fail
Airdate: September 15
Sarah gets overconfident about a test while Madame Odius summons one of her strongest monsters, Brax.


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Tynamon, a new general, takes the stage aboard the Galaxy Warriors ship. He introduces Brax, his strongest warrior.

Badonna quickly falls in love with Brax, but teases that she knows a dirty secret about Tynamon.

Back on Earth, math test results are being given out and Sarah receives an A+. She complains that the test was too easy, and decides she won’t study for the next one, assuming it will be just as easy.

Victor and Monty also decide they don’t want to study, so Monty devises a plan to avoid the test completely: eat so many beans that cause him to fart, forcing the school to evacuate.

Brax attacks the city, but doesn’t put up much of a fight. He’s too weak.

Back at Mick’s base, a brand new Superstar Saber is being worked on by Sarah, but she doesn’t finish working on it just yet.

The next school test arrives and Monty begins his plan to fart. However this time, the class comes prepared with gas masks for everyone. Victor and Monty are forced to leave the class, and break the door on their way out.

This second test proves to be much harder though, and Sarah gets an F as a result of not studying. Miss Finch teaches Sarah an important lesson: that you must always be prepared for what life throws at you next.

With this in mind, Sarah decides to get ahead of the game and finish the Superstar Saber before the next attack. Right on cue, Brax attacks the city again.

This time though, Brax is much stronger. He reveals that he faked his previous defeat, and isn’t nearly as weak as he made himself appear. But the Rangers have a surprise of their own – Sarah’s Superstar Saber, which she uses to defeat Brax.

Brax is Gigantified with 4 Skullgators, and the Rangers defeat the Skullgators after Brax retreats.

The episode ends with Sarah realizing the important lesson she learned, while Victor and Monty work on fixing the door they broke. But Monty gets hungry, eats more beans, and his farts break the door once again.

16 thoughts on “Super Ninja Steel Episode 13 Spoilers

  1. Being too confident is never good. Just because you did well on one thing doesn’t make you an expert, you always have to continue practicing to be prepared for anything

  2. Wait… So in Japan, Brax and Badonna were related… and now they made them in love with each other?? That’s one screwed up way to manipulate stock footage. But I kind of hate how in Japan they didn’t see Brax being super powerful coming so they actually went through defeat. Meanwhile here, the Rangers win with no struggle, AGAIN.
    Also farts.

  3. Nickelodeon just tries to steer the show more towards little kids who like comedy instead of teens and adults who like seriousness. I am a adult who like seriousness and comedy and the show blends them nicely in my opinion. To those who complain what does the show need more of? Seriousness, drama, horror, suspense? Power rangers can’t give you everything you want it to be and we need to accept it sometimes

    1. @Anonymous So quality doesn’t matter then, fine. Let’s all be complacent and accept garbage as entertainment, lol. I would never let my kids watch a show that insults their intelligence.

      1. You have the right to hate the show and you don’t need to watch it or let your kids watch it. I’m mainly saying everyone should see that the show can’t be 100% perfect and everyone should respect each other’s opinion

  4. What if Levi wants the new super ninja steel sword that sarah made it. But why did levi use this new superstar sword that transform this gold ranger into a new superstar gold ranger?

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