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Super Ninja Steel Episode 14 Spoilers

Power Rangers’ international spoilers have returned, as countries outside the United States have begun to blow the doors open on all of Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel’s second half episodes.

Today, France aired Episode 14 of Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel on Canal J, a French TV station which airs blocks of children’s programming.

France is currently scheduled to air new episodes every weekday. As always, international airing patterns tend to be much more fluid, so the schedule is subject to change at any moment.

The United States will air new episodes of Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel every Saturday at 12pm ET on Nickelodeon.

Below, fans can find spoilers from Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel’s 14th episode, courtesy of French fan Sungel:

Episode 14 – Sheriff Skyfire
Airdate: September 22
Madame Odius calls on Sheriff Skyfire to arrest the Power Rangers.


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Blammo steps up as Madame Odius’ newest contestant. Sheriff Skyfire, from outer space, arrives to arrest him, but Madame Odius convinces Sheriff Skyfire that the Power Rangers are bad guys – guilty of stealing her Ninja Nexus Prism.

Sheriff Skyfire sets out on a mission to arrest the Power Rangers.

At school, a new security guard named Clint gives Hayley detention for trying to bring her dog into school. Victor and Monty love the new authority on campus, and want to become security guards as well. Clint promotes them both to agent deputies – giving them permission to confiscate things from other students.

Sheriff Skyfire manages to find the Power Rangers, and both sides fight until Brody saves an older lady who’s almost hit in battle. This allows Sheriff Skyfire to see that the Power Rangers are good after all, and Madame Odius lied to him.

Meanwhile, Blammo hides a bomb inside a trash can at the Rangers’ school.

In detention, Hayley is asked to clean up the school’s trash, but Clint has already taken the trash to a waste collection site. Realizing that Blammo’s bomb is there and Clint is in danger, the Rangers head there to save Clint and defuse the bomb by throwing it in a hole.

The Rangers fight Blammo, and Brody defeats him using Sheriff Skyfire’s sword.

Blammo is Gigantified, and the Rangers win.

Sheriff Skyfire congratulates the Rangers and leaves without revealing his identity. He leaves to “answer to his superiors”, also not revealing who his superiors are.

With all the recent drama, Clint becomes frustrated and contemplates quitting his job, but the Rangers convince him to stay. Meanwhile, Victor and Monty confiscate a strange scientific substance from a student, as the episode ends with the duo becoming purple and fat from the substance.

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    1. Something from the Sentai show, cheap skate saban decided to us this, instead of a alien ranger/ninja storm/ ninja steel cross over

  1. I love all the people complaining stupidly. Its easier to create a new character who can be acted then anyone, than to do a crossover which would require getting old actors, whom they may not be able to get back for various reasons (yes Saban is cheap, but there can be a multitude of reasons towards why the actors couldn’t come back)

  2. Is Yoshi Sudaruso’s cameo from the Ninninger episode here? I figured you’d say something but I just wanted to ask.

  3. Even when hasbro takes over how are we even sure they will do better? They might end up being just the same as Saban brands or they even do worse. No matter which direction it goes there will definitely still be flaws and complaints on beast morphers

  4. Space Sheriff Skyfire! I saw it on the series Jiraiya. I watch all episodes but I haven’t watched yet. So I watch Ninninger. I saw the Global Ninja Jiraiya has arrived. Because he’s a Ninja Sheriff or Space Sheriff like all 3 Sheriffs. Gavan, Sharivan and Shaider! It’s Ninja Sheriff Skyfire or Space Sheriff Skyfire or Starfire?

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