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Super Ninja Steel Episode 16 Spoilers

Power Rangers’ international spoilers have returned, as countries outside the United States have begun to blow the doors open on all of Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel’s second half episodes.

Today, France aired Episode 16 of Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel on Canal J, a French TV station which airs blocks of children’s programming.

France is currently scheduled to air new episodes every weekday. As always, international airing patterns tend to be much more fluid, so the schedule is subject to change at any moment.

The United States will air new episodes of Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel every Saturday at 12pm ET on Nickelodeon.

Below, fans can find spoilers from Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel’s 16th episode, courtesy of French fan Sungel:

Episode 16 – Car Trouble
Airdate: October 6
The Rangers must combat a new monster who steals electricity from cars to charge the city.


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Voltipede is the newest contestant aboard the Galaxy Warriors ship. He descends on Summer Cover, where he steals electricity and causes power failures to cars all across town.

One of Voltipede’s electrical beams manages to strike Victor, powering him up and giving him electric super powers.

With people scrambling to fix their cars, Calvin rushes to the rescue to help a stranded woman. However, he’s soon intercepted by a mechanic named Joe who’s impressed with Calvin’s skills. Joe offers Calvin a job, and Calvin accepts. However, in accepting this new mechanic position, Calvin drops out of school.

Throughout his new job, Calvin begins to notice that all the issues people bring into the shop are tied to an electricity shortage. He soon discovers why when Voltipede attacks. The Rangers fight Voltipede with their Lion Zord, but it’s struck down by one of the monster’s beams, causing it to crash.

Calvin knows he must repair the Lion Zord, and after some struggles, he’s able to do so with Mick’s help.

In the meantime, a secret agent from Sweden comes to visit Victor after hearing about his super powers. He wants to hire Victor for a secret project.

Voltipede returns for one more attack, and the Rangers attempt to use the Fusion Star, but it’s stolen by Tynamon. The Rangers are still able to defeat Voltipede as Calvin uses the Lion Armor.

Voltipede is Gigantified, and the Rangers win.

With the monster gone, Victor loses his super powers, and is fired by the secret agent. Calvin also realizes how important it is to study, and decides to give up his job to return to school.

Meanwhile, Tynamon gives the Fusion Star to Madame Odius.

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      1. I wish Shout Factory would stop releasing Super Sentai DVDs. And start releasing Blu-Ray sets of Power Rangers. I would pay top dollar for those. Hasbro can and should stop Shout Factory from putting out Sentai DVDs in America.

        1. What in tarnation is your issue with Super Sentai being released when its intent is to help avid fans compare it to Power Rangers without the need of WiFi?

    1. Bro, I completely agree. Power Rangers’ idea might be taken from Super Sentai, but Power Rangers definitely is better!!

      1. have you guys seen any sentai? more importantly, have you seen lupinranger vs patoranger? That series isn’t even over and it’s still better than ninja steel. I like them both but comparing the two current ones, the sentai is better.

        1. Actually i have to agree i have watched a few sentai and power rangers are usually better but lupinranger vs patoranger is so far the best ive seen and i hate to say it blows ninja steel out the water!!

          1. Shut up. On another note, does anyone want to see Toqger be adapted as the next Power Rangers after Beast Morphers is over. I want it. Even though I don’t like the megazord at all. And Toqger’s story is really weird to say the least.

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